• I recently wanted to play some Mine4Dead and downloaded all the old goodies for modloader etc. There is just one problem, the Mine4Dead link is broken therefor I request that someone either mirrors it or Alblaka reuploads it himself. ^^

  • God, this is old. Like, the dusty definition of oldness itself.
    As the compiled files are entirely useless by now (outdated by long), I suppose you wanted to check the source files?
    I'm not sure whether they can still be of use by now, keep in mind the whole mod was written for... I don't even remember which version it was...
    Anyways, help yourself, I have attached the source files to this post.

  • I'm quite sure it was beta 1.7.3 or beta 1.6.6. I think they are available through the MultiMC launcher.

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