[1.5.2] IC2 Storage Units & Rubber Trees

  • My MFSU/MFE/Batbox do not charge at all. Slapped a generator with coal on a MFSU inc reative to test even further..nope. Also..no rubber trees being created in worldgen.

  • Rubber trees are most commonly found near swamp. Outside swamps, they basically do not exist.

    If you're in a swamp, check if the config for rubber tree gen is turned off.

  • The latest IC2 is borkened, and unstable; Even less stable than the unstable dev-builds before it, of which some are mostly stable. Downgrade to build #1.115.348 or a similar one, for best results.
    Also, welcome to the forumns.

  • Why are you rolling back all the way to 348? I'm running 379 and not experiencing those problems. (380 had a problem with the mass fab so I didnt go any further)

  • I think its something to do with Mekanism and IC2. Though it works fine in SSP. Just this is a server and it doesnt work.

    I may be picky since with Mekanism the MFSU is obsolete since we can use energy cubes instead.