[Suggestion] More Types and Uses of Alcohol

  • So we've got beer (wheat and/or hops) and rum (sugarcane). What other crops could we make drinks out of? We've got potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, and melons. Potatoes certainly could be used to make vodka. The others might be used to make some sort of wine.

    But we've got all this alcohol, and doesn't it work well as a fuel? How about we can empty a booze barrel into a cell instead of a mug, run it through an extractor (still), and use the ethanol cells to fill fuel cans?

    What else could we use to make ethanol? How about plantballs? They could break down and ferment in a booze barrel too, giving more extractable fuel. Of course, you wouldn't be able to drink it without killing yourself... Or maybe you could macerate a log, throw in the wood chips, and get wood alcohol.

    The overall idea is that the net energy yield for the same ingredients would be higher with this method than with the traditional biofuel method due to the time investment in the fermentation.

  • +1.
    This would be awesome, and very useful.

  • You have my curiosity piqued, I want to see this in action.

    Although you could drink the ethanol if you dilute it...

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  • Maybe there could even be a way to put Alcoholic substances in potions, and toss them at mobs/players to induce the effects of that alcoholic substance on whatever is in the splash range.
    And, what if we could put Alcohol in buckets, dump it on the ground, and light it on fire? That would be fun, and a great tool for dealing with unwanted invaders (just dump alcohol around the gate of your fortress, and light it on fire wile dispensing waves of arrows into the mess)

  • Well the problem with drinking the stuff from the plantballs is because wood alcohol is methanol, which is horribly toxic but a perfectly useable fuel. The way I figured it is that the alcohol made from foodstuffs could be taken out with either mugs (to drink) or cells (to extract and use as fuel), but the stuff made from inedible plant matter would only be removable via cell, since you can't drink it.

    Makes me wish there was corn in Minecraft. Maybe someone could make a cropcard for it, and then we can have whiskey!

    Oh, and I saw somebody else suggest in another thread using apples to make cider. Don't see why not.

  • Sounds neat. Tough saplings are too easy to obtain (you get flooded in the stuff after long), so i guess the plantball to fuel ratio should be low enough for it not to be OP, but high enough to be usefull.

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