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    My thoughts are simply this: saplings & leaves especially have a lot of biomass, I.E. they have enough volume to be usable. Flowers wouldn't normally have enough unless you had hundreds.

    There is no such thing as "molten diamond". It's liquid carbon at best and you need a ton of tricks to get it from liquid to solid diamond. At best just get a bunch of useless graphite.

    Actually there is, it just takes something like 100 atmospheres of pressure & 8,500-ish degrees F.

    I would say that Mojang wants to keep a slightly updated stable version, while making the next version. And some of the updating is for minor bugfixing. Too minor for a snapshot, but too major to be ignored.

    I see nothing major against this, very useful to newer players. May take the back seat to IC2 experimental for the time being if the devs decide that this is a worthwhile idea to utilize however.

    Another circuit breaker thread. Admittedly, making a new thread is probably better than semi-necroposting.

    The last time, this really didn't get anywhere, as it couldn't be properly balanced to many people... At least, that's what I got from the thread.

    Also, when I don't have RP2 installed, I tend to feed my machines spare redstone via the battery slot. TBMs & quarries gather me about 15 times as much redstone as I ever use...

    Also, for a temporary base, batpacks are a very useful thing...

    Anyone that doesnt want to have their huge wooden castle not to be burned. Either accidentally (thunderstorms, "leaking" fires, lava, whatever) or intentionally (griefers and fire-related mobs, like blaze).

    Who knew that smoke alarms had americium :3 , imagine, you suddenly find one of these, it is broken, leaking and notice the nuclear radiation symbol...

    I am proud to say that I knew that already... And knowing how it actually works.

    But I know have a question: How would it work in Minecraft? Would it detect fire underneath it within a certain radius, or would it just check a certain radius of nn-solid, clear blocks? And would if have an internal reservoir? Or just storage for filled cells?

    I'm interested. I would use it, but I have a question...

    Could I link multiple Batbox/MFE/MFSU carts together? (Same type only of course, as otherwise it would be a tad ridiculous...) Or would I have to un-link & re-link to another cart when the first is drained?

    It's more expensive than most of the machines it "saves."

    edit: well maybe not with GT?

    By the time you could readily make a box & fuses, you should have enough machines to justify the resource costs...

    The situation I'd use this in is when hooking into the main line of my house, and then sending it to my machine bank, as I use Glass fiber as early as possible, so the wire burning away isn't a reasonable possibility, and thus I want my machines surge-protected basically, so that I don't have to worry as much when I hook an(other) extra nuclear reactor to my grid. So that I don't have to spend the next maybe 15 minutes to check every area of my grid to make sure all my machines & wires can handle the max packet size that will be sent down the wires. Reactors are boring if the same layout is made multiple times, try to go bigger, better, and more dangerous each time.

    Fuses don't need to be expensive, real ones are just a thin wire in glass. If the current (or voltage I forget which) is to large the wire inside the fuse melts.

    True, but for something that useful, shouldn't there be some resource costs? (Although admittedly 1/4 a tin ingot, 4 redstone, 2 refined iron, a piece of the appropriate cable, 14 rubber, & 6 copper isn't that much...)

    Hmm... Now that I think about it, there should also be a 'Blown fuse' item, but what should be done with it? Recycler fodder? Reclamation of some parts? I don't know...

    Why not have a fuse-box block, based on the cable model (Perhaps based off of 4x 3x insulated HV cable.) with a 2 pixel wide strip showing what fuse is installed? The fuse box is obviously not damaged by a higher current than the fuse can handle, but an entity nearby has a very high slight chance to be electrocuted based on the voltage passing through it at the moment the fuse blows. Two added features: When the fuse blows, the fuse box emits a redstone signal; and the fuse box can be painted like any other cabling can be, and the same rules apply. The only cabling rule that cannot apply is that it cannot be covered in construction foam, for self-evident reasons.

    By default, with no fuse, no power flows. This only makes sense though, right?

    Crafting the fuse box could entail: (Coal dust showing where carbon plates would be. And a mixed metal ingot in place of advanced alloy.)

    :Rubber: :Coal Dust: :Rubber:
    :Refined Iron: :Metal Block: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber: :Coal Dust: :Rubber:

    Fuses would be crafted like so: (The glass fiber cable can be replaced with any other appropriate wire. Same rules as those Epic Lulz suggested.)

    :Rubber: :Electronic Circuit:
    :Empty Cell: :Glass Fibre:
    :Rubber: :Electronic Circuit:

    The circuits are there to: 1. Prevent excessive current from passing through the line if such a situation occurs, and 2. Emit a redstone signal when the fuse blows.

    Obviously this is of limited use when dealing with ULV & LV power gens, but can be tantamount if using Gregtech voltages or wherever you're questioning if you've stepped down the voltage correctly... Usefulness is directly influenced by voltage used & how much is hooked to that specific power line.

    A circuit breaker-fuse box hybrid could also be created by crafting together a fuse box, a splitter cable, and a lever would make a fuse box with a GUI, both with a fuse slot & an indicator of whether or not to allow power to flow, possibly with an evil scientist-esque lever. (The normal fuse box would just be right-clicked with a fuse to put it in or remove it.)

    Provided that Greg would maintain his current direction with config files & so on, I can't see modpacks abandoning IC2. Even if the users complain due to not knowing how to edit a config file. Or just plain and simple not knowing what a config file is... But I digress.

    This is meant to be a spirtiual successor to the wand of fire I take it? I'm interested... Provided it has the same sort of animation/particle effect & sound. I have a large number of trees that must go, and a large oil-field to ignite, and I want to do it in style. More so than being in a boat while carrying a few lily pads & netherrack as well as some fire charges or flint & steels, that is. Or just carrying a stack of fire charges in the forest's case.

    Mass-produce/vat-breed the grunts, with players doing whatever takes more brains than is required to fill an eggcup. I can't see an AI handling a plane that well... Although it might be hilarious to watch ("Herpdy derp how i take off? ... WHEE!" *Crash* *KABOOM!*). A jeep or truck? Maybe. But that would probably require setting pre-planned paths for them to simply follow like a mouse in a maze... At which point, they could easily be replaced with a rail line for supplies & soldiers, just a touch cheaper for longer distances.

    What about conscripting from villages? Make those free-loading Testificates useful to the non-traders amongst us, aside from being pieces of iron farms...

    Viper, you may be onto something...

    What about crafting something like this:

    MinecraftZombie MinecraftZombie MinecraftZombie

    MinecraftZombie :Compressed Plantball: MinecraftZombie

    MinecraftZombie MinecraftZombie MinecraftZombie

    Resulting in 4 bio-clumps. Each bio-clump must be dried out, and then macerated to become fertilizer. So in all in all, you'd need 4* saplings , or 8 cacti, or 8 sugarcane, along with 8 rotten flesh, and some electricity, and you have 4 fertilizer.

    *(Well, effectively 4, but actually 8, with one plantball to spare... So I'm calling it 4.)