(Non-specific) More things that need to be powered

  • I know this is rather vague, but I think that in the future there should be more things that NEED to be powered than things that GENERATE it. Now, I know there's quantum suits, matter generators, mining lasers, and miners, but in singleplayer that doesn't really encourage me to work to generate enough energy to power a city. All I have to do is charge up a few Lapotron crystals and boom, I'm done. With that said, I think that there should be additions that encourage players to create more power generators that could help them in the future, for instance a tunnelling laser, defense turrets, or vehicles.

  • While crude, this is true. However, there are several of these items in the to-do list and a part of the fun in IC2 is the generators. And if you have greg tech, given the huge increase on power consumption for the mass fab, it becomes necessary to have a big power grid. Also, if you build a city in SP it is basically useless, but if in MP you take on yourself to provide power to everybody, you will need a HUGE facility, if the server is big enough.

    Once managed one in a server... till a nuclear meltdown hit our nuke storage (dont ask me why that was there :/ )

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