industrial circuit breaker & fuse

  • Have fuse idea when I blow up my machines for the first time in IC2. Also have a crossover box idea, which may serve as fuse box as well, e.g. cables inside it work as cables, and fuses as fuses, so mod developer may create some fuse items, and this will not require additional blocks and/or renderers for it. :)

  • A cool lever would be nice. Especially with an animation of the lever being forced into the ON position, and a few "electrical sparks" where the "current jumps through the air" before the lever makes contact with the contacts. Although it would do nothing but emit a redstone signal, it would be awesome and industrial-like.
    For fuses/breaker boxes, I remember one time when I was wiring my Nuclear Reactor to my Base, and I forgot that the Voltage out of the MFSU was 512 EU/p (MFSU connected to the reactor as a sort of ''buffer''), so I put a gold-cable in an open spot where I had a cable, outside my Factory, but I used it elsewhere and there was a gap, and power was needed, and it burned out. You could do something similar, for a simple test of the voltage - use Glass Fibre cable for everything, and put a Copper wire in an open spot, and if the wire explodes, the voltage is too high for direct connection to the machine(s).
    Or just organize your cables better - SpaghettiWire is unacceptable for advanced Industry, as it causes problems and isn't very industrial-like.

  • 2 Refined iron plates, 6 glass panes, 1 Tungsten ingot for the wire
    Refined plateÑ :Advanced Machine:
    Glass PaneÑ :Glass Fibre:
    TungstenÑ :Uranium Ingot:
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:
    :Advanced Machine: :Uranium Ingot: :Advanced Machine:
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:

    Cheap but the tungsten means you can´t get it early game, perhaps crafted in the assembler with a tungsten and 2 refined iron, but takes a hell of amount of time.
    Then to change the voltage at which it burns out, use a soldering iron on it. To "unburn" it place a tungsten back in it then use the soldering iron again. Antimony looks like a pain in the ass to get.

  • This is just in the name of science.
    I find this suggestions absolutely useless in the context of IC2.....because just like epic lulz said....there are equivalent solutions already in the mod.
    But just for fun here's my 2 cents on the subject of fuses and fuse boxes in IC2:
    First of all I am a bit disapointed, I was under the impression that most people on this forum have a good understanding of RL physics and electronics
    To answer the question: "what burns a fuse? current or voltage?" INVALID QUESTION
    There's this thing called Ohm's law that sits at the very basis of electronics and it goes like this:
    I=V/R < = > current = voltage / resistance
    So because the resistance of a fuse is static ( that is actually a very good definition for a fuse, a cable that has just the right resistance so that when current exceeds a certain limit the cable burns out and interrupts the circuit) you can not increase the current on a fuse without increasing the voltage, and viceversa.
    Strictly speaking we say that current burns out a fuse (and also measure fuse ratings in Amps), although that is valid it does not mean that we can't say that voltage burns out a is just a convention that we use because it makes more sense later on when you get deeper than fuses, it is probably also the reason why so many of you are confused about it.
    Now with that information we can move on:
    There are 2 types of fuses in real life:
    -burnable fuses: these are the ones that you guys posted pictures about, they are dirt cheap ( 20 cents) because they are dirt simple
    -magnetic fuses: basically a simple circuit where the wire wraps around a feromagnetic core forming a coil (electromagnet) and then goes through a switch that is controlled by that when the current exceeds a certain limit the coil activates and deconnects the switch breaking the circuit.

    both are very simple and serve the same purpose but one is one time use(burnable fuse) and the other is reusable(magnetic fuse also known in english as circuit breaker).
    Now let's apply all this to IC2....not because we need too, but because we can:
    So if you have a bank of LV machines wired with copper cable and you apply 33 eu/p all the cable up to the first machines would burn out and the first machine in line will explode ( with GT that means chain explosion and big crater)
    So a fuse block would be useful to put before the cable line to prevent all this.
    I would suggest something simmilar to real life....2 types of fuses.....burnable and and expensive
    burnable ones: they all dissapear when burned out make an explosion sound but no explosion dmg to not cause the GT chain that we all hate.
    -LV fuse: burns out at packets over 32 eu/p, recipe:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    Where rubber log = glass pane , ingot = respective uninsulated cable
    -MV fuse: burns out at packets over 128 eu/p, recipe:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    :Refined Iron: :Uranium Ingot: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    where uranium ingot is for gold uninsulated cable
    -HV fuse : burns out at packets over 512 eu/p, recipe:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    That's it for the burnable ones.....simple and cheap but one time use.

    Now for the magnetic ones because i see some of you have an itch for expensive recipes (It's GT messing with your head.... :P )
    These can't be placed in the world they can only be placed in the fusebox block ( the recipe you guys came up with is pretty good ), so you place the fuse box in the line and in the fusebox you can place any of the 3 fuses ( 4 with GT ), when it burns out instead of dissapearing it just changes skin and makes a sound to let you know that it burned out ( activated )
    Let's get to the fun part: repices
    LV circuit breaker
    :LV-Transformer: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :LV-Transformer:
    where carbon chunk= carbon plate, ic2 credit = appropiate tier coil from GT(cupronickel coil for instance) and ingots apporpiate insulated cables.
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Uranium Ingot: :Refined Iron: :Uranium Ingot:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :HV-Transformer: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Glass Fibre: :Refined Iron: :Glass Fibre:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :HV-Transformer:
    :Nuke TNT: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Tin Ingot: :Refined Iron: :Tin Ingot:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :Nuke TNT:
    where nuke= supercondesator and tin= iridium insulated cable
    Note: the cables are insulated because they wrap around the refined iron in the middle to form the feromagnetic coil.
    When one burns out you just take it out and place it in again after fixing the power supply packet size.

    [/RL electrical engineer]

    mcmz4e aka MaryuZ aka 2.muCh.Pride

  • Fun how a "just good looking feature" came with GT recipes ... Cool looking + in the name of science = IC2, not GregTech! Everyone would need such a ... no wait, nobody would actually need that xD. I mean really, an expensive thingy just to save your machinery ? Just don't be a noob ^^.

    @Theguythatseemstolikephysic,atleastelectrixity: if you want real electricity laws, you'd better play RP2 lol, IC2 made it more simple for less lag. But wait, it won't be updated a day ^^.
    However, somewhere I'd like to see actual physic would be Nuclear Reactors ... as a start, we could get rid off the efficiency increase with heat for breeders ...

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D