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    I use this setup:
    [pump] [canner] [canner]

    + you need 2 liquid ejector upgrade, first one go to the pump, second to the middle canner

    pump drain water from infinite water source and eject it to middle canner
    middle canner uses water and cf powder to "cook" cf fluid and ejects it to the right canner
    right canner used to actually put cf to sprayer and/or backpack

    you optionally can make a buffer tank between middle and right canner to have some storage of cf.

    Lefty, EverRunes, should be fixed now.

    Version 0.10.3e
    - build under Minecraft 1.6.4, Forge, IC2 2.0.301
    - fix for recipes, now they should be shown in NEI
    - some code optimizations
    - added config value to adjust network scan speed (server side)

    Expression used to calculate scan speed:

    = ScanRateBase + ScanRateA * (ScanRateB ^ count_of_overclocker_upgrades)

    Default values set to:

        D:ScanRateA=100.0 (increased from 2 to 100 relative to previous version)
        D:ScanRateB=1.3 (reduced from x2 to +30% relative to previous version)

    ScanRateHardLimit will be applied after calculation of this expression.

    Is there still conduction loss with the track? Normal IC2 cables don't

    I don't know, I leave them as is. Player probably disable conduction losses at the core, so I guess they should be ignored. I however still recommend to place transformers as relay between segments, it may balance memory/cpu usage. Maybe I should add some kind of "capacitor" rails for that purpose? They however will be directed. Or I may not do this, so you will need to build some technically looking construction.

    This might be a point of collaboration, if you're interested.

    Well, I currently plan to "extract" from a stone/gravel (+rock materials from other mods), by the following scheme that I gathered from several internet sources, there however still a lot of question marks, that means I don't know what that material means or device exactly do. Or maybe I completely misunderstand something and it need to be done in different way. This is actually the only help I currently need.

    Recently found that chainsaw is not suitable for shaving sheeps any more (didn't test it without GregTech), so maybe made an electric shaver for that purpose?

    Shocker is hand device that does not cause a lot of damage, but will "knockback" and cast a "slowness" for 5 seconds on entity, enough to retreat and pickup a BFG9000 from a nearby chest. Perfect for fighting maniacs in the dungeons. )

    Updated, finally. ))

    - Build under Minecraft 1.6.4, IC2 2.0.370, Forge
    - Disabled slopes for Maglev Cover;
    - Added renderer for Maglev Cover so it render as full plate;
    - Temporary(?) disabled explosions/overcurrent effects for rails;
    ^ To match IC2 EnergyNet, yes)
    - Small changes to recipes because of Refined Iron Ingot is gone;
    ^ Electric version of tracks now crafted from usual ones with cable, there is now no direct recipe to craft them, until you have RailCraft;
    ^ Maglev magnets now crafted with coils;
    ^ Recipes with RailCraft remain unchanged
    - Sparks now spawns by sending packets to clients, so they can be not synchronized with actual event;
    ^ I've broke my brain making it work in 1.6.4, so I hope it is relatively small bug

    There is no "Rare Earth Extraction Facility" as I promised, it is kinda hard to make it alone, so don't expect it near future until someone will want to help.

    It look like LostCoder is still around...i hope he didnt forget about this amazing mod.

    Nope, I'm a bit busy. Currently working on "Rare Earth Extractor" that SpwnX suggested, I just recently got idea on how to do it in concept, and currently mostly tonemap textures: 17 rare earth materials x 6 items per material + 1 storage block = 119 textures in total, huh.

    yeah so I have no crafting recipes? :X is it just me? (I'm using greg recipes)

    It doesn't shown in NEI but it exists, side effect of mmm... anti-cheating(?) system that I added. It basically transfers config file from server when you connection to it and applies it until you disconnect, I currently don't see the way to explicitly switch recipe other way, maybe will write plugin for NEI. Currently you gonna use first post as a hint.

    single meter by meter block store 1000 units of liquid.

    your logical IRL canister shoud be LARGER then meter by meter, soo you just CANT submerge it into meter by meter water source, it simply wont fit that space.

    this is reason why words "logical" and "IRL" cannot be used for minecraft, NEVER.


    there is no logic.

    try to fill canister IRL without siphon.

    1. You can fill it with water if lake/pool is deep enough - simply put it under water. IRL you cannot fill it with lava, however if you wish to... liquid block holds just a 1000mb, so about control... to fill it simply right click on liquid block and to unfill hold shift and right click, like usual block placing.
    2. IRL tanks/machines usually have a valves, pipes or something that can be used to load/unload liquids.
    3. IC2 have a canning machine, so filling operation can be bound to it, unfilling is trivial.
    4. You may imagine that there is hopper or pipe that comes with can. )

    Why should they nerf the only way to (manually) move liquids around with IC²?
    Its fine the way it is

    Well, I don't know. I suggest :Fuel: primarily for completeness, it seems logical to me, and with behavior I described it is not as hard to implement, maybe it is even possible to override current implementation and keep backward compatibility,that's all, just a small detail.

    Since new IC2 have an "Universal Fluid Cell", maybe add an "Universal Fluid :Fuel:"?
    Behavior: unstackable, one :Fuel: may contain up to 8000mb of fluid, uses the same static texture.

    Yes, just return the right value in demandedEnergyUnits(). That is currently the only workaround.

    Yes. If look from other side, e.g. from zero, it is possible to demand energy only when buffer is empty, so it will work like GregTech machines, but there is still should be some buffered energy, so I think keeping half of buffer is enough + some 3-colored charge bar will look nice.