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    So...I´m thinking of starting a youtube channel....and this is my first ever minecraft youtube video:

    It´s vanilla but I do want to eventually do it with mods...IC2 being my favorite mod....thought i´d post about it here.
    Now I do know some of you have channels and are making videos so I´m also looking for advice...what to use in terms of recording software and tips on editing...wich in this video is 0 editing...took like 3 shots and just settled with the 3´rd.
    Also what do you think? was that enjoyable...was it worth the 4 minutes of watching?

    Well...think about it...there's so many of they're prolly made in china...and that means they have at least 20% polyester...and they're always flying through the're full of static...:P
    This is the second time I'm going off topic in 30 minutes...we need to stop.
    not good.
    not good.
    fun but not good.

    Over the past few weeks althought I don't have the time to play I have been reading this thread every now and then...and I find it funny that everyone is concerned about ThaumCrafts upsides and how it will unbalance the server in that direction.
    Now I assume, Kirara being what it is, and you guys being what you are (tech people that is), not many of you have played with ThaumCraft on a server before and on a long term basis.
    I have had the unfortunate experience of playing on a server that had the mod so...I'm here to worry about Thaumcraft unbalancing the server in the other way :D
    There will be flux.
    People will fuck up.
    There will be taint (taint will spread, take over bases towns or railways)
    There will be more monsters, and new mobs...mobs that can't be defeated with a sword or any of the weapons you have to actively combat the taint at a flux level.
    There will be rain. Lots and lots of rain. (And I've heard so many people say: "No, we won't let that happen")
    And the worst part: Silverwood thought iridium ore was rare?...think again. (unless you give them away or find a way of rationing them to will have a massive worldfile size)
    The worst problem with this mod is the hype its goodies get...everyone wants the goodies and forgets about the bad parts and the work that will have to be put in to actively combat taint on the no one does it.
    From my experience, this mod is like's really fun the first couple of weeks then it gets real ugly real fast and you end up resetting the world.
    On the other side of the coin...while on the subject of shortcuts...check out the pech and their trades...not sure what they offer but they do trade so better check that for shortcuts.

    Another thing that I wanted to point out:
    Enchantments...You're considering adding thaumcraft. The mod even adds more of them.
    It's like: You can't have beer...but you can have vodka. Well if we can have vodka...might as well have some beer...what's the worse that can happen?.. 8)
    And just for the record: I voted No in the poll...I don't want thaumcraft...I can live with / work around it...but it's not something that i desire.
    My personal opinion about the mod is that it's best played alone...maybe with NEI and a minimap mod...just because it adds everything from better smelting to better tools to ore doubling to flight...just everything. On it's's one of the best mods there is.
    And on it's's one of the most balanced mods there is...the brilliant thing being that it's balanced differently:
    most mods: you put in get the goodies
    thaumcraft: you get the put in work to keep them
    I can tell you one thing for sure: It will be very interesting to see how this will work out...
    I hope no one takes offence in being called "tech people" and that this post sparks conversation in the other direction, and about how thaumcraft is balanced differently and how that will interacts with the existing mods on the server.

    you are all taking stone dust for granted...why?
    Let's take a whole different approach:
    What does stone dust add to the game? It makes 1 recipe a tiny bit more realistic.
    What if we just drop stone dust?...let the ore washers make materials that are already in the game and just change the CF powder recipe.
    Cf powder could use gravel instead of stone dust in the recipe.
    what would be lost? one tiny bit of realism
    what would be gained? one tiny bit of functionality
    NOW....I know nothing about geology...but I'm sure there's someone on this forum who does...and with his help we can decide which ore makes what.
    Here's a first draft of what stone dust gets replaced with as ore washer output:
    iron and silver makes gravel
    copper and tin makes sand
    gold and lead makes clay
    and uranium makes flint
    Again...i know nothing about geology and what hardness and composition real ores have....but I'm sure someone can help us figure it out so that it's realistic.
    How would this be more functional than stone dust?
    Well...for one....takes away one item ID....and for two....saves you a "building mats run" every now and then.
    That's my take on stone dust.

    It's still broken...It gets really annoying having to break replace the cables every time i load the world...just causing an update doesn't work need to actually break the floor, break the cables and replace the cables.
    now using 523 hotfix2 and ic2 2.0.238

    So it's better now with the 523 hot no longer disconnects on leaving and coming back but it still disconnects both visually and functionally upon reloading the world (exiting to main menu...).
    running ic2 232 and adv machines 523 downloaded earlier today ( i redownloaded it...thought maybe i was too fast to download when you posted the hotfix)....also did the same on ic2 226 yesterday.

    I'm afraid I'm back with some more bad news.
    Now the machines are broken the other way around....upon unloading/reloading the relog and even just teleporting away then back even though I have a chunkloader loading the area they are in, the machines disconnect from the cable ( even visually ) and stop taking power from the e net....lose speed and shut down.
    here's some screens:

    Using IC2 2.0.226 and Advanced machines 1.6.4 build 523 downloaded half an hour ago or so.
    Note: breaking and replacing the cables fixes them temporarily.

    Do you think anyone would get mad at you if you added a second version of the induction furnace....maybe inductive furnace
    The only thing it would have extra from the normal furnace would be upgrade slots for transformer upgrades ....again....for better consistency.
    And what about the new machines ....any plans with those?.....or maybe wait until the IC2 devs actually release a version....because right now everything is subject to change.

    Ok I'm back with some more feedback:
    I've managed to port my world after all to 1.6.4 and all i've lost in the process were ( optifine, neiplugins, gravisuit and adv solars but i'm sure i'll get them back) manny manny mods seem to work with 1.6.4 even though it is not specified yet in their respective websites (except optifine wich although it has a version for 1.6.4 out was broken by forge 885+)
    On the subject of your addon though....the bug with the machines always drawing power seems to be great! :thumbup:
    Hope it stays fixxed after a bit of loading unloading of chunks... :P
    Any thoughts on making the recipes consistent / similar again?
    Here's an even more consistent recipe a bit more pricey though that gives up on the traditional materials ( obsidian, E cell and iron )
    Advanced machineX :
    motor //// adv case //// motor
    adv circuit / machineX / adv circuit
    motor //// adv case //// motor

    Ejector is working exactly as advertised.

    Version 5.2.3
    ditched refined Iron Dust since refined Iron no longer exists
    additive macerating can still produce bronze dust and hydrated coal dust
    added new additive recipes: 1 Nether Quartz Ore + 1 Sand = 2 Quartz; 1 Netherrack + 1 Redstone = 2 Glowstone Dust

    ok... first of all....holly shit!!!....that was super fast...well done
    I would like to input some feedback on the changes though:
    the recipes....I have a better ( i think ) suggestion for the recipes:
    I think you broke the consistency of the recipes by making the compressor require 3 basic machines....but i do like the idea of motors.
    Here's what I have in mind:
    first of all the motors make lots of sense....because the T2 machines basicly do the same work but faster extra horsepower make sense.Also additional circuitry makes sense to control the extra motors and to allow the redstone control.
    second I would suggest keeping the recipes consistent....even though we will break from the pattern of the induction furnace. coils...the motors already have coils so why extra coils?
    fourth...more resistant cases for the extra vibrations/pressure
    Here's the actual recipes I'm thinking off....even with traditional materials
    iron plate / adv circuit / iron plate
    adv alloy / macerator / adv alloy
    motor /// adv case /// motor
    E cell /// adv circuit /// E cell
    adv alloy / extractor / adv alloy
    motor /// adv case /// motor
    obsidian / adv circuit / obsidian
    adv alloy / compressor / adv alloy
    motor /// adv case /// motor
    About the new aditive maceration recipes
    The quartz one....I have nothing to say...I just mine my quartz with fortune III anyways so i get 3.2 quartz from one ore in the long run...and quartz is so abbundant that it is really irelevant.
    but redstone to glowstone....there might be a problem there....because both redstone and glowstone can be made with UU....u might be fucking up the balance of uu recipes....i don't know how the uu recipes have changed now and what the balance between redstone/glowstone is in terms of UU cost but I assume it's not 1 redstone+ 1 very abundant material like nettherrack to 2 glowstone....I think you should take the UU values into account and adjust acordingly.
    Besides that...all I can say is that I am just blown away by how fast you responded with 2 updates....kudos to you.
    If only I could port my 1.6.2 world to 1.6.4 ( only half the mods have updated so far ).

    bug 1: macerator still requires refined iron...refined iron was just removed for good in build :
    (Sep 20, 2013 6:39:54 PM)

    Fixed old Items being still visible in NEI.

    gregoriustech /

    so now with no real way of getting refined iron , not even cheating it in ...there's no real way of getting the rotary macerator...except cheating it in that this is a very minor bug...bug none the less.
    bug 2: after unloading and reloading the chunks machines are in, the machines always draw high power...I haven't really tested this with all values so i don't know if they draw 16 eu/t or 7777777 eu/t but my setup keeps the CESU empty even when machines are idling (64eu/t in and 12eu/t out in theory)...wich originaly when i first built it worked perfectly fine,:
    1 MV solar powering:
    a small ME network using 8 eu/t
    1 CESU powering :
    1 idle metal former (+T)
    +1 speed maintaining induction furnace
    +1 speed maintaining centrifuge extractor(+T)
    +1 speed maintaining rotary macerator(+T)
    +1 speed maintaining singularity compressor(+T) +T=transformer upgrade
    But interestingly enough the machines keep their speed and function's just that they use all the power even when idling so the CESU is always empty.
    And the Suggestion: please remake the recipe for the centrifuge is way too painfull ( time wise ) can mine enough obsidian, copper and iron to make 10 of the other tier 2 machines while those 7 water cells electrolize.

    Using IC2 2.0.216 and addon AdvancedMachines_1.6.2_experimental

    RTG seems to be a no brainer ATM....16 eu/t OP.
    I've only today started playing on a 1.6 instance so haven't had time to play around with MOX fuel but from what I read on the forums It makes Plutonium even easier to get.
    Regardless I am willing to sacrifice the efficiency of Uranium usage for the long term passive gain of RTG.
    SO....I need a reactor that burns through Uranium as fast as possible to get that Plutonium.
    Here's what i came up with so far:
    Shameless grid for 27 uranium per cycle: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…ulil2kw5pcrw1qjbqpa28qgw0

    Feel free to make it better, explain how to use MOX fuel or even a reactor design for a MOX reactor to come in between this one and the RTGs.

    This is just in the name of science.
    I find this suggestions absolutely useless in the context of IC2.....because just like epic lulz said....there are equivalent solutions already in the mod.
    But just for fun here's my 2 cents on the subject of fuses and fuse boxes in IC2:
    First of all I am a bit disapointed, I was under the impression that most people on this forum have a good understanding of RL physics and electronics
    To answer the question: "what burns a fuse? current or voltage?" INVALID QUESTION
    There's this thing called Ohm's law that sits at the very basis of electronics and it goes like this:
    I=V/R < = > current = voltage / resistance
    So because the resistance of a fuse is static ( that is actually a very good definition for a fuse, a cable that has just the right resistance so that when current exceeds a certain limit the cable burns out and interrupts the circuit) you can not increase the current on a fuse without increasing the voltage, and viceversa.
    Strictly speaking we say that current burns out a fuse (and also measure fuse ratings in Amps), although that is valid it does not mean that we can't say that voltage burns out a is just a convention that we use because it makes more sense later on when you get deeper than fuses, it is probably also the reason why so many of you are confused about it.
    Now with that information we can move on:
    There are 2 types of fuses in real life:
    -burnable fuses: these are the ones that you guys posted pictures about, they are dirt cheap ( 20 cents) because they are dirt simple
    -magnetic fuses: basically a simple circuit where the wire wraps around a feromagnetic core forming a coil (electromagnet) and then goes through a switch that is controlled by that when the current exceeds a certain limit the coil activates and deconnects the switch breaking the circuit.

    both are very simple and serve the same purpose but one is one time use(burnable fuse) and the other is reusable(magnetic fuse also known in english as circuit breaker).
    Now let's apply all this to IC2....not because we need too, but because we can:
    So if you have a bank of LV machines wired with copper cable and you apply 33 eu/p all the cable up to the first machines would burn out and the first machine in line will explode ( with GT that means chain explosion and big crater)
    So a fuse block would be useful to put before the cable line to prevent all this.
    I would suggest something simmilar to real life....2 types of fuses.....burnable and and expensive
    burnable ones: they all dissapear when burned out make an explosion sound but no explosion dmg to not cause the GT chain that we all hate.
    -LV fuse: burns out at packets over 32 eu/p, recipe:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    Where rubber log = glass pane , ingot = respective uninsulated cable
    -MV fuse: burns out at packets over 128 eu/p, recipe:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    :Refined Iron: :Uranium Ingot: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    where uranium ingot is for gold uninsulated cable
    -HV fuse : burns out at packets over 512 eu/p, recipe:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    That's it for the burnable ones.....simple and cheap but one time use.

    Now for the magnetic ones because i see some of you have an itch for expensive recipes (It's GT messing with your head.... :P )
    These can't be placed in the world they can only be placed in the fusebox block ( the recipe you guys came up with is pretty good ), so you place the fuse box in the line and in the fusebox you can place any of the 3 fuses ( 4 with GT ), when it burns out instead of dissapearing it just changes skin and makes a sound to let you know that it burned out ( activated )
    Let's get to the fun part: repices
    LV circuit breaker
    :LV-Transformer: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :LV-Transformer:
    where carbon chunk= carbon plate, ic2 credit = appropiate tier coil from GT(cupronickel coil for instance) and ingots apporpiate insulated cables.
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Uranium Ingot: :Refined Iron: :Uranium Ingot:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :HV-Transformer: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Glass Fibre: :Refined Iron: :Glass Fibre:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :HV-Transformer:
    :Nuke TNT: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk:
    :Tin Ingot: :Refined Iron: :Tin Ingot:
    :Coal Chunk: :Industrial Credit: :Nuke TNT:
    where nuke= supercondesator and tin= iridium insulated cable
    Note: the cables are insulated because they wrap around the refined iron in the middle to form the feromagnetic coil.
    When one burns out you just take it out and place it in again after fixing the power supply packet size.

    [/RL electrical engineer]

    So i thought of electric horse armor....then of an electric horse....then bam...genius struck:

    So after a long day I've come home and I think i have this thought through.
    Initially I was thinking of ways to somehow integrate the idea of horses into IC2 after reading a post where someone was asking for builds for 1.6.2
    So the hoverboard came to mind....a classic piece of Sci-fi / electronic / futuristic gadgetry :</a>
    How it would work?
    Just like a horse except for the taming/breeding get on it and you ride at a faster speed than sprinting.
    I am thinking of a single item that you craft and place in the world kinda like a boat and then when you right click it you get in and control it like you would control a horse.
    Crafting Recipe
    I have not thought of a good crafting recipe for it yet so feel free to provide ideas...keep in mind it needs to be as cheap and easy to get as horses so nothing crazy. the cost should be something like a jetpack or maybe even cheaper.
    Lets define 2 values (they are defined already but i don't know their values)
    Horse max speed and min speed that the vanilla horses have.
    -The Hoverboard will have a speed ranging from horse min speed to 1.2 horse max speed.
    -Unlike a horse It does not have hp nor can it have armor because it does not take damage.
    -It has a charge that it can maybe show in the GUI instead of the horses HP. 30-40k would be a good start.( 10 lightnings instead of 10 hearts)
    -It has a basic consumption per block travelled.....i think 1 eu /block would be a good start because of the way you will increase the speed.
    Right click = get on , SHIFT+right click = open GUI , wrench it = turns back into item form
    You would recharge it by turning it back into item form and placing it into the appropiate storage block.
    Sounds pretty booring so far right?'s the good part:
    You upgrade it by using the existing upgrade system:
    It's GUI would be just 3 slots that you can place upgrades in .....the upgrades would:
    -overclockers: increase speed and consumption by 2 factors.
    -energy storage upgrades: increase energy capacity by 10k
    -transformer: lowers base consumption by a factor( to compensate a bit for the exponential increase that the clockers produce) and also allows it to be charged in a the next tier storage unit ( max 2 transformers)
    The maximum number of clockers and energy storage upgrades it can take need to be figured out by people who are better than me at maths so...please go ahead provide ideas if you want.
    The ideal would be to lose range as you gain speed so a plain one has 40k blocks range while one that is fully upgraded has only 20-25k blocks range on a full charge.....keep in min plain has 40k EU while fully upgraded prolly 680k EU.
    Other nice things:
    Everything I've written here can just as well made into a Hover-Bike ( Cabal and Stars Wars fans know what i'm talking about)....maybe even something like just crafting the hoverboard by itself and it turns into a hoverbike and viceversa so you can choose whatever skin you like.
    Also being able to paint it with painters would be Awesome.

    Moving on to addons:
    Parking it on top of a charge pad and it charges while it's parked.
    Parking it near a Charge-O-Mat same deal.

    I fully support the idea of a GT subforum. It's a pain to try and find anything GT related that isn't on the incomplete(hint hint Greg) wiki.

    To give my two cents to this:
    personally i think the biggest prob behind giving an addon a subforum is probably the asking for subforums by other addoncreators afterwards.
    (*cough* and such a situation would be for admins reaaaaaalllly anoying lol *cough*)

    You wouldn't need to make a subforum for all the other addons just because all the other addons are not as discussed as GT.
    You could get away with just 6 subforums for starters:
    Force field addons*
    Power converting addons*
    Advanced machines addons*
    Alternative generators addons*
    Misc addons
    *Sadly it seems devs are lacking creativity and multiple versions of these types of addons are being developed.