[SOLVED] IC2 API - Add Recipe crash

  • Greetings fellow earthlings,

    So I am in a little bit of a pickle. I am trying to add a new recipe to the macerator. Simple enough right?

    Looking though code and examples I have managed to extract this super simple line of code

    Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(InputItemStackHere, OutputItemStackHere)

    Before using this code I could not place my InputItemStack into the top slot of the macerator. After, I can. Expect with a 'little' problem:

    Is there something I am missing from my code? Or is this a bug?

    So ya. Thats 'bout it.

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  • Hello, I am developing a small mod that adds some useful recipes in minecraft, but I do not know how we report the second parameter of macerator.addRecipe(new ic2.api.recipe.RecipeInputItemStack(new ItemStack(1,1,0)), ???, new ItemStack(13,1,0));, which is the type NBTTagCompound.

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