Suggestion: Thermometer tool

  • In IC^2 there's at least 2 machines that i know of that have the value of heat and their operation depends on heat. Nuclear reactors may explode at high heat and both reactors and induction furnace smelt/breed uranium faster at high heat.
    i think there needs to be a tool to measure the temperature of these two machines.

    Thermometer Recipe:
    _ I _
    _ E _
    _ * _
    I - refined iron
    * - redstone dust
    E - electronic circuit
    _ - nothing

    Suggestion 2 - have an indicator of heat in GUI of these machines, which would make more sense because having a separate tool just to use with 2 machines would be a little pointless.

  • AFAIK, there's some plans for a controller that will measure heat and allow you to set actions based on preset heat levels. I'd imagine that'll have a built-in GUI interface as well.

  • You have the same idea as me.
    Reactor realy need something for showing the temperature. I create addon for this idea. [AddOn v1.0] Thermometer
    And induction furnace has heat indicator in gui. On left side is text: "Heat: xx%"

    P.S. Sorry for my english.