• when we are at rant about next version. what the hell did you with nuclear reactor? if I tested it correctly it seems like now it have 5 times lower output than before.

    I hope they are at least cheaper.
    But they're gonna implement some HUGE reactors with Steam, and I hope those will be a lot more powerful. However, they'll be more expensive and room consuming I think ^^.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Point being though yea you only have to cook it up once but you use triple the iron in the process.

    The generator costs exactly the same amount of iron as before, 1 ingot = 1 plate. 5 plates for the iron furnace, 3 more for the generator itself. Most of the changes just move vanilla crafting/smelting steps to the metal former.

    If you are worried about the energy requirements of the metal former, you probably got one too early. The hammer doesn't use any energy and crafts instantly.

  • Yes there are multiple ways make them but the new "normal" recipes now are not balanced at all for the output you get,speed if it a machine, and you also have to fuel it in some cases.