Tutorial: Install IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, EquivalentExchange all together

  • I like watching what you're doing very much, I even like watching how people start out in a new world, even though I don't like starting over myself. I started a series on my own and you're way ahead of me technologically, so I learn a lot of things I haven't seen before in IC2 specifically, helping me to plan ahead ;)

    I'm sure someone said this before but it would be really nice if you could improve the volume of your voice in your recordings and reduce the static :)

    I can also recommend downloading the "quiter sounds" package from the official release thread of IC2, it helped me a lot to balance out the volume of my voice and background music against the sound effects. At first I thought it doesn't use the volume settings of Minecraft, but it turned out that the sound effects are just really loud.

    Keep it up!

    "All errors should be fixed, as much of the code was rewritten."

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    Thanks Zarrab -- Yea, I think I've been able to improve my voice a little in the later episodes, but you'll have to let me know :). Several people have mentioned it.

    If all else fails, I might get a new Mic.

    Thanks for the comments though, I'm glad your enjoying the LP!

  • I was just looking for my post... I have no idea why it ended up here instead of in the LP thread at http://forum.industrial-craft.…?page=Thread&threadID=823 ... uh, not the slightest clue. I certainly didn't intent to post here heh, I must have been very tired or distracted. Maybe a Moderator can move it? :S

    "All errors should be fixed, as much of the code was rewritten."

  • any chance that you wil make a video about the installation of Minecraft Forge (IC², BC2) and Survivalism ? :(
    I have installed about 20 Mods but this Mod edit the gs.class (minecraft forge too)