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    Get the LATEST forge, not the Recommended one. Fixed it for me :). minecraftforge-universal-

    Sounds good ;). Glad you liked it! I figured showing the recipes was ok because of how prevalent nei is these days, but I'll hold the video for a couple days if you like. No problemo.

    I'll also add annotations about the hazmat and balancing.

    I actually visited the 3x3 water source at one point prior to filming that episode, and found the water source completely intact, but the combustion engines were low on water. Why? No idea.

    I've never had a problem with 3x3 when the chunk stays loaded. Its why i'm going biofuel now :). Biofuel = no explosions.

    Ok, working on the new vid :) just need a few pieces of info:

    Whats the recipe for the cropmatron/Weedex/Iron scaffold? (See below on craftguide NPE)

    Cropmtron seems pretty straight forward -- give it items and power, and i guess it automatically takes care of your crops, should i place it in the center of a field? Whats the range? Any details otherwise? Also, whats the EU consumption?
    Weedex -- Does it reduce or elminiate the chance of weeds, and how long does it last?
    Iron Scaffolds -- whats their purpose?

    Craftguide is still NPE'ing with IC2 in 1.90

    I think i've gotten everything sorted -- for the most part :).

    Looks like i can plant coffee beans directly, but not hops. Guessing theres a hops seed packet (which I'll just mention in the video). -- These were hops i obtained from TMI.

    Also -- cold coffee can be cooked into 'Dark' coffee, but then you can cook 'Dark Coffee' again into dark coffee, not sure if thats a bit of a bug.

    You can also drink cold coffee, which seems to have the same effects as Dark coffee. Is there a difference?

    Also -- Recipe book (Risugamis) has 40 pages of 'blank' recipes where IC2 items should be shown, and CraftGuide sends me straight to "Saving Chunks" when I try to open it. Not sure if thats IC2 related or not, but the saving chunks doesn't happen if i remove IC2.jar from my mods folder.