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    Whenever I try to NEI the interdimensionalstorageunit I crash.
    Minecraft has crashed!

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 30aef85b --------
    Generated 11/23/12 9:45 PM

    - Minecraft Version: 1.4.2
    - Operating System: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1
    - Java Version: 1.7.0_07, Oracle Corporation
    - Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
    - Memory: 88120360 bytes (84 MB) / 452014080 bytes (431 MB) up to 1037959168 bytes (989 MB)
    - JVM Flags: 2 total; -Xms128M -Xmx1024M
    - AABB Pool Size: 15936 (892416 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 1572 (88032 bytes; 0 MB) used

    - Is Modded: Definitely; 'forge,fml'
    - Type: Client
    - Texture Pack: Default
    - Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
    - Vec3 Pool Size: 1307 (73192 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 155 (8680 bytes; 0 MB) used

    - Retry Entities: 0 total; []

    at tv.c(SourceFile:84)
    at bag.a(
    at bag.b(
    at atq.a(
    at atq.a(
    at ayt.b(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J(
    at Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT b0a483a6 ---------
    I am using these mods:
    IndustrialCraft 2:1.108.71-lf

    AdvancedMachines(IC2 Advanced Machines Addon:4.4b)

    AdvancedSolarPanel(Advanced Solar Panels:3.2.0)



    MoCreatures(DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod:4.1.2)


    ExtraBees(Extra Bees:1.4)



    Forestry(Forestry for Minecraft:


    GraviSuite(Gravitation Suite:1.4)

    GregsLighting(Greg's Lighting:1.6.2)

    IC2NuclearControl(Nuclear Control:1.4.1)



    IronChest(Iron Chest:

    LogisticsPipes|Main(Logistics Pipes:0.6.0.pre2)

    ModularForceFieldSystem(Modular ForceField System V2:


    ObsidiPlates(Obsidian Pressure Plates:1.0.0)

    PamCombinedMod(Pam's Combined Mod:1.0)




    StevesCarts(Steve's Carts:2.0.0.a20)



    TwilightForest(The Twilight Forest:1.12.2)



    Section 509 of U.S.A. Copyright law states that:§
    506 · Criminal offenses6
    (a) Criminal Infringement.—
    (1) In general.—Any person who willfully infringes a copyright shall be
    punished as provided under section 2319 of title 18, if the infringement was
    (A) for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain;
    (B) by the reproduction or distribution, including by electronic means,
    during any 180-day period, of 1 or more copies or phonorecords of 1 or
    more copyrighted works, which have a total retail value of more than
    $1,000; or
    (C) by the distribution of a work being prepared for commercial distribution,
    by making it available on a computer network accessible to members
    of the public, if such person knew or should have known that the work
    was intended for commercial distribution.
    (2) Evidence.—For purposes of this subsection, evidence of reproduction
    or distribution of a copyrighted work, by itself, shall not be sufficient to
    establish willful infringement of a copyright.
    (3) Definition.—In this subsection, the term “work being prepared for
    commercial distribution” means—
    (A) a computer program, a musical work, a motion picture or other
    audiovisual work, or a sound recording, if, at the time of unauthorized
    (i) the copyright owner has a reasonable expectation of commercial
    distribution; and
    (ii) the copies or phonorecords of the work have not been commercially
    distributed; or
    (B) a motion picture, if, at the time of unauthorized distribution, the
    I do not believe that minecraft mods are distributed for commercial purposes.

    Hello. I am here. I have set a course for Minecraftia. (ZZttTTTTTTTT) I truly hate using human transmission systems. My frequencies are (Enclosed by 4096 bit encryption) 14000 through 20^10.
    I expect a transmission of teleporter coordinates so I may begin launching voidfighters.

    ERROR, CRITICAL: Spambot-like beings are decloaking in the electrikal modulation room
    ERROR, MODERATE: Severe energy spikes traced to webway portal alignment crystals
    ERROR, MODERATE: Emergency warp spider pods deployed
    --------Tertiary solar sail offline---------
    --------Mass fabricators shutting down---------
    --------Initiating emergency boosters---------

    cause tekkit is made for noobs that dont no how to search on google or youtube on ``how to install a specific mod`` and ``configure``

    Oh no! I love spending HOURS of my time configuring mods! What is this 1 click installation! I hate doing things easily, so I'm going to go start a massive shitstorm about how tekkit sucks!
    BTW: tekkit is epic. It contains IC2 so I can't see why you are complaining.

    I would like it IF it comes with a buff of what can pollute. For 2 reasons:
    1- Green gen are already OP if you use it during a VERY long time. I'm not against using 10-20 Solar Pannels to power machines (even if I think using Geogen is smarter at the beggining ^^), but using 100-2000 Solar Pannels to Power MassFabs ... that become annoying. So adding a pollution would make generator even worst because it would reinforce the "finite" aspects of those one. And as generator that could pollute are actually UP (I think about Generator, without Scaffold Glitch and without Adv Gen/ Gregtech addons :D), they would become totally useless.
    2- Generally, players (and I also) dislike when something is nerfed. So it would need being nerfed (pollution) and buffed (Output, cost, energy value of fuels) at the same time.

    I guess something like pollution could be implemented if something that makes generator very useful also is implemented, i.e. way of using fuel without wasting ressources (I mean using Coal in generator is quite stupid because you could also use Coal to get Carbon Plate/Carbon Dust). Alblaka already said that he will maybe implement a Gas-block later (and device for pumping it (and I hope device for refining, allowing higher energy profit), I guess it could go with Pollution.

    Just made Geogens less OP.

    IC2 is a tech mod. It may be unrealistic. However, where does all of the byproducts of machine use go? Are they sent into the dimension of cake? Are they warped into chili cheese fries? Energy CANNOT be destroyed! That is why I am suggesting Pollution!

    PART 1. SMOKE:
    The standard coal-powered generator is the most basic of the 6 power generators. It burns coal with out producing smoke. My basic suggestion for this is smoke. Smoke is released into the air when coal is burned in generators. 5 smoke particles are produced every minute a generator is constantly on. !hen smoke builds up and is released into the sky, the sky starts changing color. After 1000 particles worth of smoke release, the sky begins to turn slightly gray in the chunk you are in. After 10000 particles worth of smoke release, clouds become gray, and the sky is a lot more ominous. After 100000 particles are released, acid rain begins to fall. Acid rain is yellowish, and turns leaf blocks the color of desert leaves when hit. These leaves will no longer drop saplings. Eventually, the acid rain will began to start breaking leaf blocks. Finally, after 1 million particles are released, all plants except for cactus will refuse to grow. It should be noted that releasing smoke inside of a confined space will cause a fog effect inside of that space that builds up over time. Eventually, that fog will cause suffocation damage. This also applies to furnaces, and iron furnaces. However, because smoke is flammable too, generators have 5% more fuel efficiency

    To prevent this smoke spam, smoke can be placed into a new item called an AIR TANK. An air tank is a block, that when placed on top of a generator, absorbs up to 95% of the smoke particles released by it.When it fills up with 100 particles, you must connect it to a compressor via a new block called a VENTILATION TUBE. This block transports any smoke it is fed from a air tank directly to a compressor.
    An entire air tank's worth of smoke is worth 1 coal dust in the compressor. How this works, is that the air tanks has a block inside of it. In the air tank's GUI, you can see a gauge fill up. When this gauge is full, the block is coded to release particles into the tube. When the particles reach the destination, they turn into a SMOKE BLOCK. This block is unobtainable and when placed, releases 100 smoke particles into the air. Then, a piece of coal dust appears in the compressor.

    Lava be hot. That is the first rule of minecraft. But WHY don't geothermal generators have ANY drawbacks? I have 326 of them in my base powering mass fabs and they don't do anything but make power. My suggestion for this is heat. Heat in geothermal generators can build up over time. After approximately an hour of being fed lava without any breaks, the geothermal generator begins to produce smoke at a much higher rate then a generator. After it is overheating for a long time, it WILL explode with the force of a creeper explosion. The generator explodes with a huge blast of smoke, almost 100 particles.
    More to come.