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    Wraith: I shall...
    *Gets ambushed by a squad of pop-up ads*
    I quickly spin around and wade into close combat, my Teslastaff slicing spambot heads and bodies off, A spambot equipped with a nanosaber jumped out, I dive rolled and released 10000 Eu's into it's chest. Suddenly, the air grew heavy and visibility lowered. A voice spoke right into my mind, advertising everything from a kitchen sink to orange juice. Then, it was over. Some sort of telepathic disruptor? If anything, it broke our telepathic link. I can no longer see wasmic.

    Thats the reason I included a Config to turn Recycling of Cobble-Releated Stuff OFF.

    AND BUILDCRAFT!?! SERIOUSLY!?! My Creative Workshop has the same Machine with 24 Cobble-Recyclers and a Production Line soley based on GregTech and IC² alone!

    This is intended for survival. Honestly, (No offense) without EE2, your transport systems are expensive as hell.
    I would prefer redpower block breakers honestly, but with all the mods I'm using redpower does NOT want to work.
    Oh, and I found a way to get around that setting and make the machine MORE efficent.

    Simply put, It uses 2 automatic cobblestone generators to produce scrap by piping it into recyclers, which then are pumped into an automatic crafting table that makes scrapboxes, and then to a scrapboxinator which produces items. These are then piped into an array of iron chests (Optional) This is the IC2 equivalent to an EMC power flower, requiring only power for the electrical engines and possibly new uranium cells for the MK1 reactor powering this. I had it running all night and it generated 5 diamonds. Also, an option is to make a diamond pipe sort all of the wooden tools out and drop them into a lava pool. This IS an AFK setup, so for you that think it is cheaty, do not use it.

    ++The Phoenix Probably has some spare EMP emitters in one of the deep R&D bunkers. The ship is 5km long, so I will use a intra-ship teleporter to search. Then we can overclock them using some human overclocker upgrades.++

    ++Wait a quandrisecond... It appears that I am detecting a... massive anomaly aboard the destroyed hive ship. We may have to investigate.++
    wasmic: ++I have suits of alblakian hazmat armor. That should block radiation from any messed up biotech experiments.++
    Wraith:I have a new weapon... A advanced Tesla-staff. I had intended it for destroying any infected MK1 Warp spiders, but it is still good enough to wipe a crowd of spambots off of the noosphere.
    I have activated teleporter No.172 to send us directly to the cargo bay of the hive ship. Be prepared.++
    Teleporting in...

    I have located your biometric signature. Teleporting... Now.
    ++Wasmic has appeared in the bridge.++
    EnderWraithGuard: Do you have the necessary implants for telepathic speech?
    wasmic: The ice blaze gave me the withered voice, a power I can use for that.
    ***Why am I here exactly?***
    ++I need a human point of view for this battle, prior species of spambots, Their weaponry, and when they first appeared. It is possible that they may adapt quickly enough for an immunity to appear.
    Also, I need a human in Tac Logis so that we may code a self-replicating computer virus that only affects spambots.
    It is very possible that one human may be controlling the spambots. I have but 20,000 soldiers, and this ship has room for 100,000. Maybe, a type of missile can be made that replicates the trick that was done with a GregTech lapotronic energy orb.++

    Greenhill command. I have found a way to defeat almost all spambots on the planet. All we need to do is get them stuck in a loop and consume all of their own electrical energy. I need the human GregoriusT on the command link now so we can cooperate and code a virus that loops the spambots. Scientist Hive has found a bee that can inject pure data into the spambots. If done properly, we could release a swarm of these bees containing the virus into the largest spambot strongpoints. Also, send the human wasmic through teleporter frequency (CODED BY 4096 BIT ENCRYPTION.)
    I have landed the Phoenix De Astra at coordinates (CODED BY 4096 BIT ENCRYPTION) We should be able to use ComputerCraft Computers to write the code. Wasmic, I need a human eye for the battlefield. Scientist Hive is working on the bees and I need fresh input and tactical plans for the battle against the spambots.

    I am here. It seems that the spambots that attacked the Phoenix De Astra were of a new variety I am calling " links" They have the ability to cloak as a harmless life-form, but when they get near a primitive computer, they infect it with a virus. NOTED: They do not seem to be able to cloak as the crew of the Phoenix De Astra, nor any of my advanced battle robots. Also, they seem to be completely mute.

    ++I have located a crash site.++
    ++The ship seems to be partially organic, though the interior resembles an Astrios class GregCruiser. Listed for further study.++
    ++This ship appears to be a biomass harvester ship, possibly breeding weapon-bees.++
    ++The crash site is nearly flat. A possible landing spot?++
    Wait... I can detect multiple life forms, but they are neither humans nor my race.
    ~Engage scanners~
    Astarioun! That is scientist HiveTyrant! He used to be human though! Listed for further study.
    Scientist! Activate your teleporter! Your luggage carrier creature is a link!

    Thank you Everhill. I have launched a teleporter beacon and I have already sent the first wraithlords down, along with 200 soul-fire Combat Drones and 50 of my wraithguard. Do you have an idea of where I could land the Phoenix De Astra?

    ++The human named wasmic has reported... Mobile kitchens? This should be rather... interesting.++

    ++Any data on where I can land? The ship's infinity circuit needs a rest.++

    ++Hmmm... It appears that I may have to land somewhere. It is a problem finding a spot for a 5 kilometer long ship to land though...++
    ++Sending transmission to everhill military base... Overriding transmission blockers...
    Do you need reinforcement? All I need is your teleporter codes and I will began deploying soulfire robots.

    Dropping into lower atmosphere...
    Domes depressurized. Allowing natural air to flow in.
    It is confirmed that sector 57-F, as requested by the human army, is wiped off the face of the universe.
    ++It is interesting how one reverts to such primitive methods of communication++
    ++logged for further study++
    ++Sending transmission to human starship designated as Arcturias class... Overriding transmission blockers...++
    Transmission log
    ++Hello human. I am Althidicroun. I have studied all of my star charts and I know that if I do not take action the spambots will overrun glorious Thelcontir with their advertisments.
    I have brought but one phoenix-class battle-cruiser, but it is quite sufficient to wipe every lifeform off this planet. I am offering my army of glorious soldiers to fight them.
    However, remember this. I fight not for you, but against the spambots.++
    Transmission end.

    Crash on entry:

    Releasing fighter screen and launching drop pods at minecraftia, coordinates X.2254-Z.112 X.117-Z.1339

    Human soldiers are doing battle with spambots at the area known as "Evenhill military base." I do believe that a carefully formatted computer virus could destroy a large amount of bots. I will began to use these human, but rather advanced "gregtech supercomputers" to write the code.

    ++Launching Vortex torpedoes at sector 57-f...++
    ++Launch confirmed++