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    Nerf geothermals. They are pretty much the only greengen left unnerfed and are SUPER powerful if you have a redpower volcano nearby. How about they require some tungsten instead of the refined iron in the bottom corners? I am asking this because an array of only 64 geothermals (I have 326) can easily outpace even a nuclear reactor. :Geothermal Generator:

    I have located the portal to the chaos realm. The coordinates are ***@#^#&^%!^%^&,#$@~%@&@&*** send your equivalent of a battlefleet. My reconstructed 3rd battlefleet will head through the portal as soon as you arrive.
    VerveiGuard: We have spambots on the bridge!
    Wraith: *Grabs PULSAR rifle* Hold them back! *Shoots an incoming spambot in the head, disintegrating half of it's body* Activate virus-bees and Mini ReCaptcha EMPs!
    VerveiGuard: Activating! *Massive flash throughout the bridge* They're gone!
    Wraith: Excellent! Get T10a out of that teleporter room now!
    VerveiGuard: *Leads him to command dias*
    Wraith: Excellent. What do you propose we do now...?

    It seems that Endermen are helping too. That is rather odd. They normally would attack the humans. Logged for further study.
    I have perfected the strain of virus-bees. I shall equip every one of my soldiers with a backpack full of them.
    The rest of the battlefleets are here and will reinforce Sinnaj63 and GregoriusT's soldiers. I have a dimensional drive on my ships,
    so they should find the world barrier trivial to cross. It seems that one of the chaos-worshipping heretics are controlling the spambotiverse.
    They shouldn't be prepared for a webway strike.

    ***Attempting to access GregTech ship***
    ***Operation successful***
    Supreme Commander Al'yrith: This is the Verveidan battlefleets' overall commander. I would like to add 153 ships, my whole force, to this battle group.
    My forces are composed of many different ships and can make an excellent contribution. Once, my 3rd battlefleet (Sadly destroyed) of 43 ships destroyed 894 spambot ships over Nuevri Delta.

    Personally, I think that tekkit servers. (Rant incoming) It's called TECHNIC. Not TEKKIT if you INSIST on calling it tekkit just remember that the launcher is called TECHNIC launcher. Not the tekkit launcher.) Should be allowed in the server sub-forum because they contain Ic2 too, so technically they are ic2 servers.

    Receiving Transmission...
    Transmission Received:
    Commander Yltimer: 1st battlefleet in position.
    Commander Virtyui: 2cd battlefleet jumping on your command.
    Commander Ciryus: 4th battlefleet is ready.
    Supreme Commander Al'yrith: All fleets jump towards Earth. 1st battlefleet, spearhead formation. Use RED matter torpedoes to destroy any spambot ships.
    Virtyui, take reserve role. Make sure no spambots can flank us. Ciryus, Prepare bombardment cannons. I see incoming spambot controlled capital ships.
    Commander Ciryus: Firing.
    A shock wave tore through space as the hundred guns of the 4th Verveidan battlefleet opened fire, tearing metal from spambot hulls with mass drivers and breaking shields with phased torpedoes.
    12 spambot ships were destroyed instantly, turned into so much scrap by the awesome force of the 4th heavy battlefleet.

    ***Initiate transmission recievers***
    ***Breaking encryption...***
    ***Transmission begin***
    ++Begin log++
    ++I have been stranded here for many days now and spambots are hunting for me++
    ++I do not know what happened to the rest of the Senate of Verveide, but I fear that I am the last one alive.++
    ++I have created this log for any other Senator or fleet commander out there so they may know what happened.++
    ++Verveide is destroyed, the Starhaven has disappeared. The spambots arrived through the ships of the 3rd battlefleet, carried in data form.++
    ++My name is Althyri Re'lietyh. I was once the captain of the Star of Glory.++
    ++DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT attempt to return to either Starhaven or the homeworld.++
    ++The outer colonies are all we have left.++
    ++My last command was to send every remaining Verveidian ship to Earth, to fight the spambots there.++
    ++I can hear them coming. CENTRUS out.++
    ***Transmission end.***

    Fuel should produce more EU than 196,000.
    As pointed out in the other generator thread... Oil & Fuel are non-renewable and finite when compared to making biomass/biofuel via trees, saplings, cactus basically anything 'green'.

    There are only so many Oil blocks in a spawn... and to get more, you have to wander around looking for more. It's not something you can happily create an infinite supply of in your base. It's also not like lava where there is basically an infinite supply of in the nether that you can portal into your base in a large number of ways.

    Plus when you consider Fuel... again based upon the limited resource of Oil, plus it does take some EU/MJ however you want to do it to convert it from Oil into Fuel. Fuel output must be significantly higher than Oil output when taking into account the EU/MJ required to convert it plus the time required to convert it... otherwise why even bother doing the conversion at all?

    You need 125,000 EU to do the buildcraft fuel to IC2 fuel thingy. You only need 100? to make Buildcraft fuel into IC2 fuel. :Fuel:

    Quick (NOT) Suggestion:

    We should be able to customize nukes by rightclicking on them with an omnitool. This should open a nukeGUI that has a few (around 18) slots in it. By placing certain cells in it, we could add to it's capabilities. By adding helium-3 cells, the blast radius should decrease by 5 for each cell added. For tritium cells, The blast radius should grow by 5 per cell. By adding plutonium cells, the radiation damage should grow larger but the blast would grow smaller, and uranium cells would decrease the radiation damage and increase the blast radius. The GUI should not be able to open when the nuke is lit.

    Not joining the creators of technicpack/tekkit have broken alot of copyright laws (only get the mods permission of atleast 3 mods out of 20 or so mods and this is the rule of a modpack YOU MUST ALWAYS GET THE PERRMISSION OF ALL THE MOD AUTHORS BEFORE YOU REDISTRIBUTE THERE MODS IN A MODPACK WITHOUT IT YOU GET CHARGED WITH PIRACY)

    They just got all of the permissions :S

    Rather kind of the spambots to gather together like that. It was as good a time as any, so with a roar that shook the earth, Phoenix De Astra activated it's primary engines and headed towards the site of the battle. 5000 metres of iridium shielding and titanium hung over the battlefield, dropping thousands of laser bursts into the spambots. I sent almost 100 MFSU's worth of energy into teleporting every single soldier, human or [DATA EXPUNGED] Aboard. Then, I launched the fighter screen. For an hour, the area over the battlefield was crisscrossed with lasers, contrails, and smoke as spambots and voidfighters dueled. A hose-crimping machine shaped cruiser drew alongside our power generation decks, and I blasted it away with a thought through my psi-implant.