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    Fuel should produce more EU than 196,000.
    As pointed out in the other generator thread... Oil & Fuel are non-renewable and finite when compared to making biomass/biofuel via trees, saplings, cactus basically anything 'green'.

    There are only so many Oil blocks in a spawn... and to get more, you have to wander around looking for more. It's not something you can happily create an infinite supply of in your base. It's also not like lava where there is basically an infinite supply of in the nether that you can portal into your base in a large number of ways.

    Plus when you consider Fuel... again based upon the limited resource of Oil, plus it does take some EU/MJ however you want to do it to convert it from Oil into Fuel. Fuel output must be significantly higher than Oil output when taking into account the EU/MJ required to convert it plus the time required to convert it... otherwise why even bother doing the conversion at all?

    You need 125,000 EU to do the buildcraft fuel to IC2 fuel thingy. You only need 100? to make Buildcraft fuel into IC2 fuel. :Fuel:

    Quick (NOT) Suggestion:

    We should be able to customize nukes by rightclicking on them with an omnitool. This should open a nukeGUI that has a few (around 18) slots in it. By placing certain cells in it, we could add to it's capabilities. By adding helium-3 cells, the blast radius should decrease by 5 for each cell added. For tritium cells, The blast radius should grow by 5 per cell. By adding plutonium cells, the radiation damage should grow larger but the blast would grow smaller, and uranium cells would decrease the radiation damage and increase the blast radius. The GUI should not be able to open when the nuke is lit.

    Not joining the creators of technicpack/tekkit have broken alot of copyright laws (only get the mods permission of atleast 3 mods out of 20 or so mods and this is the rule of a modpack YOU MUST ALWAYS GET THE PERRMISSION OF ALL THE MOD AUTHORS BEFORE YOU REDISTRIBUTE THERE MODS IN A MODPACK WITHOUT IT YOU GET CHARGED WITH PIRACY)

    They just got all of the permissions :S

    Rather kind of the spambots to gather together like that. It was as good a time as any, so with a roar that shook the earth, Phoenix De Astra activated it's primary engines and headed towards the site of the battle. 5000 metres of iridium shielding and titanium hung over the battlefield, dropping thousands of laser bursts into the spambots. I sent almost 100 MFSU's worth of energy into teleporting every single soldier, human or [DATA EXPUNGED] Aboard. Then, I launched the fighter screen. For an hour, the area over the battlefield was crisscrossed with lasers, contrails, and smoke as spambots and voidfighters dueled. A hose-crimping machine shaped cruiser drew alongside our power generation decks, and I blasted it away with a thought through my psi-implant.

    *Downloads the memories and saves them to my armor computer*
    I injected the memories in, and he woke up, shaking his head and muttering. Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from outside. It sounded like... war engines.
    Wraith: De Althicroun! They mean to blow this ship wide open!
    Hive: Let me stand... I know the way...
    Wasmic: It's the only chance we've got! RUN!
    The iridium reinforced stone deckplates were rattling, but holding fast-so I let Hive stand. He ran off, shouting "This way!" as the first war engine crashed through the wall. It was a siege-tank mounted with a combatlaser and a terrifying hose-crimping machine on the front. I released a sustained burst of fire on explosive at it, and followed wasmic out the door. The corridor was thin, and I saw my chance. I grabbed a canister of human Balkonian dynamite and hurled it, with all of my armors strength, at the siege tank. There was a massive explosion, and the lower laboratory was blown star-high, ripping a hole in the bottom. I could see daylight below the wreck. Without thinking, I jumped as the Hive Ship's CASUC reactor's ice supply ran out, and it was blown to pieces.
    Wraith: If anything, the spambots aren't seeing that transmitter anytime soon.

    Armor AI: Tac Logis standard procedure states tha-
    *Armor AI muted*
    ++I see something... It looks like a giant tank filled with some kind of greenish fluid.++
    Wasmic: ++It's glowing. Maybe it is radioactive.++
    ++It must be responsible for the insanely high levels of radioactivity. My wraithguard suit is protecting me from it.++
    Wasmic: ++I doubt that anyone could have survived... Wait... what was that!++
    *A massive shadow rears up, and when it steps into the light,I see that it is the hideously mutated form of scientist Hive. I prepare my advanced combatlaser and teslastaff, and wasmic fires a head at it, knocking it sideways.*
    ++DO NOT kill him! We need him alive so I may find out what he was doing!++
    I slam my teslastaff into his main nerve center, felling him like a silverwood tree with timber mod while pulling a nanoextractor from my main void storage pocket.
    I pivoted, and slammed the syringe into his head, extracting all of his thoughts but leaving him alive. Slowly, the nanobots did their work, shrinking flesh growths, devouring bones and plates that had spontaneously decided to form, and returning his form to normal.
    Wasmic: I feel something... AGHHHH!
    My brain was immediately flooded with advertisements. Some advertising more kitchenware, and even a gregtech ad. It appears that Hive was not broadcasting for the spambots. But then...
    What is?

    Did you understand what I meanted ? What you're suggesting is already in an addon, because DeFence add barbed wires ... and it works about like what you suggested: cactus effect + web effect.

    I don't like modding mods and addons in general. I only use them because they are in FTB along with IC2. I don't use regular launcher anymore.

    This plant can be used in both PvP or as a mob defense. Along with the seedbag it drops, when you right click it to harvest, it drops razor wire blocks. These blocks are transparent and can be moved through, but do damage like a cactus. They do not destroy items.
    The appearance of this crop suggests a kind of iron rose, with rusty metal thorns. It does damage when stepped on.

    Plant profile:

    Razorweed- Tier III

    -Plant with fast growth speed but very low resistance.

    -Looks like a group of roses with rusty metal thorns and silver weeds on the base.

    -Metal, Damaging, Weed

    -Does damage to entities nearby, 1 health per 10 ticks.
    -Drops razor wire, which can be moved through, but deals damage like a cactus does. Can be placed on any surface and has the appearance of a barbed wire fence in real life.

    -Has a slightly better chance of appearing if a rose or blackthorn is involved.
    This has benefit of a mob defense, and a tool in PvP trench warfare.

    I passed a bank of tanks filled with water and dead bees, and felt a sliver of a voice touch my mind. It sounded like the human wasmic. I replied, stating my location. Then I sat down and waited. Suddenly, a massive slab of reinforced stone dropped from the ceiling, blocking off the route I came from. The stone was so heavy, even a wraithlord-equipped soldier could not pick it up. The only way left was forward, and I felt the presence grow in my mind. I had reestablished communications! I activated my cybernetic implants and sent a quick message.
    ++I am in a wing full of shattered glass and broken personal safes. I believe this is where scientist Hive stored his weapon-bees.++
    Wasmic: ***I will head in that direction, but the main access hallway to the Experimental wing is blocked.***
    ++That may have been the shockwave of a link falling to the ground. Try to find another access point. Can you wither through a wall?++
    Wasmic: **Possibly.***