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    Step 0) Watch me? I don't get it.
    Step 1) Douche bag.
    Step 2) Go to Step 1.

    I really want you to implement some stuff I thought would be useful and you're plainly being a douche bag and it's starting to get moderately annoying.
    So I will ask you nicely to stop.

    EDIT: I got too much aluminum now, what do I do?

    make MFE for each of your 128 eu/tmachines using Lithium Battery instead of Energy Crystal; use alumuinum instead of tin and refined iron in metal mixed ingot and electronic circuits..

    I'd love a config setting to turn off ore dict on superconductors from gravisuite since they are much cheaper then yours.

    I think they are about the same lvl, the one from gravisuit needs 4 iridium plates to make 3 superconductors; while the one from GregTech needs 2 iridium plates, 4 tungstens, 4 lap crystals to make 4 superconductors.. I even think that this is the first time I see Greg's Recipe is less expensive than other mod..

    pls make advance solar panels a bit more expansive and moserators too. diamonds in moserators posible to replace with new recipe "diamond drill" crafting whit diamonds and still.

    nerf advance solar panels whit a half output eu/t

    I think you can turn on the expensive recipe at the config of advanced solar panel (which will require you uranium).. and again the output can be changed in the config...

    "Enable hard recipes"=true

    He's talking about the matter fabricator, even with the newest version the redstone + matterfabricator doesn't work..

    EDIT: you can always use a splitter cable to shut off the matter fabricator though..

    Eh, you might be able to get away with it, the loss is only 0.5 EU/block, and it rounds down. As long as you don't have loss in the other cables leading up to the machines, it should work and allow you to power just one of the machines at a time.

    the best way is to have different storage units for different machines since you can stop the storage unit from emitting eu if redstone signal is applied..
    EDIT: nvm..I didn't read it properly..

    Will I lose energy if I first convert the 32768 eu/t output from fusion reactor with single redstone torched supercondensator (convert to packet) and connect that supercondensator to some superconductor wires to 16 HV Transformers and then to Glass Fibres to my Storage unit/Matter Fabricator?

    From the link you provided about bauxite..

    This form of rock consists mostly of the minerals gibbsite Al(OH)3, boehmite γ-AlO(OH), and diaspore α-AlO(OH), in a mixture with the two iron oxides goethite and hematite, the clay mineral kaolinite, and small amounts of anatase TiO2.

    EDIT: about the manganese dust, I think he just added it because the mineral has manganese in it.. probably will add a use later..suggestion: Aluminium Alloy (Al+ Zinc/Mn/Mg/Cu/Si/Ti/Fe/Cr) for a better electric jetpack that have more Eu storage...

    I can only think of multiple 64x64 quarries in a mystcraft age; Iridium is a pain.. as of now.. platinum is nearly impossible :D
    EDIT: I forgot that you can get tiny pile of platinum from scrapbox (0.12%)

    EDIT2: need around.. 240000 amount of blocks to be recycled to get at least 1 platinum dust (around one 64x64x64 Quarry)
    one 64x64x64 gives you around 3 Iridiums; and we need 8 Iridiums to make a matterfabricator (4 for Energy Flow Circuit, 4 for Lapotronic Energy Orb), so... 3 full quarries will do?

    Btw, maybe we can wait for the asteoid... hopefully it will help lessen the pain to get Iridium for matterfabricator :P

    ah shouldn't have double posts but here we go...

    He did implement a lot of things being suggested by people... But you know, you won't implement everything just some of them..

    If he's not listening to criticism he wouldn't make that Industrial Blast Furnace (because some people complain steel is hard to obtain), Jack Hammer(the same, because some people complain mining drill is hard to make) and continue with all the expensive recipes..

    Skip the tekkit part..

    As the author of the mod, of course he has his ideal of how he wants to direct this mod.. The recent complains I knew were about the Diamond dust, Iridium and Chrome (from myself).. but then yeah.. after doing some researches actually the recipes that use Chrome are quite balance(the fusion reactor is meant to be hard to obtain)... and I still agree that Iridium is a pain to get, but you can quarry the entire thing in a mystcraft age... will take time but you will get it eventually.. He responded to this diamond dust thingie by introducing a Industrial Grinder to turn diamond ore into at least a diamond and several tp diamond dusts..

    Addon for addon is quite correct because GregTech also use Railcraft stuff which I remember is an add-on of Buildcraft (but that's not fixed as in you can still play GregTech without Railcraft installed, but it will decrease the fun)..

    guys I do not know what to do ... is there a way to solve problem I am or not? clearly tell me please .. I've tried to do what you told me but also with the earlier versions of the NEI does not work ...

    Something I'm sure you can do: Upgrade to 1.4.5, IC2 1.109 and download the latest GregTech; and use that NEI with CCC as suggested..