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    NEI only shows how to obtain a certain block/item, doesn't show what you can do out of it, like CG does. If not for this, I would totally agree.

    You can either press R for recipe and U for use OR you can switch to recipe mode; find the item in NEI and "Right Click" to find the Use and "Left Click" to find the Recipe of the item, oh and pressing E @ recipe window returns you to the inventory window..

    Not really, I think I can achieve better total eu/t with Geothermal Generators + Magma Crucible (from Thermal Expansion) + NetherRack( BC Quarry) and the fact that you can pump lava directly from nether(1 bucket lava = 20k total in geothermal generator).. So maybe you can buff Oil to like 20k or above?

    Ofc I am a bit agressive, qse I see a bug which costed me a lot of time to recover from. filling MFE with 16eut isnt quick
    It could be best to for all machines to have eternal buffer for 1 operation and make a rule for them not to start operation if buffer isnt full completely. without it all machines are hilarious energy eaters for nothing

    And I also found this bug in SSP, at which my Ind. Blast Furnace, Ind. Electrolyzer and Ind. Grinder (not the Ind. Centrifuge though) texture turned into advanced machine block after I left my base loaded by World Anchors(railcraft) when I travelled far away or to other mystcraft age and came back to the base.
    and the texture will return to normal if I open the GUI..

    How about sugar cane + centrifuge + cell = Ethanol Cells (better than biofuel) [C2H5OH]
    Sugarcane is largely used in brazil to produce ethanol.

    I'm just curious, why do you want to have more cells that produce EU, are those methane and hydrogens not enough? and maybe 1 Ethanol Cell + 1 Oil Cells-> 2 Biofuel Cells ?

    EDITED: hmm, 1 Et-OH + 3 Fuel -> 4 BioEtFuel (has the same total energy production with Fuel) is probably more appropriate but then...

    Forgive me if I'm repeating something someone's already said but reading through 20 + pages of a thread isn't a fun prospect... :wacko:
    Got a industrial grinder set up, grinding ores down fine an all until they stacks get halfway done and the process grinds to a halt and stutters. It takes in another dust and water cell and the progress bar then just flickers near the beginning and doesn't move, it keeps flickering like it wants to move but doesn't. basically I lose 1 dust each/ore and a water cell and am forced to break the block to reset it. It's rather annoying seeing how a lot of the stuff to make more advanced stuff is made inside this machine. It seems to happen when the player closes the GUI and reopens it to check the progress.

    Now I might be a bit behind and it could have been fixed already I just want confirmation since I just updated it and was wondering if something is amiss.

    I think the flickering is the indication that you don't have enough energy (constant 128 eu/t) flowing to the said controller box..

    Btw, can anyone please enlighten me on how to use the industrial blast furnace? (Yes I've built it as suggested by the GUI), I tried putting iron and charcoal into it but nothing happen..

    EDIT: nvm, found it.. I didn't check the other steel ingot in NEI..

    Update your NEI to the newest version..

    The screenshot of Industrial Grinder (water+reinforced chasing in the middle, std machine chasing at top and bottom and Industrial Grinder blocks side centered..)

    btw, I found something weird about this autarchic gold gates/diamond gates/pulsating chipset/advanced circuit, you need pulsating chipset to make autarchic gates right? so why they are at the same tier?

    how can i change ID ? i dont whant use another modpack)

    Since Greg is updating the mod nearly everyday you might not want to change his block ids and just go to computercraft's config and change their block id to different numbers. Sorry, I didn't see that 1.3.2..

    Hmm, just go to computercraft config and change the block IDs..

    I am using this atm

    # The Block ID for Computers
    # The Block ID for all Peripherals

    for CCturtle:

    # The Block ID for turtles
    # The Block ID for upgraded turtles

    If you want to know your unused block IDs you can go to NEI option and dump unused Block ID which will be saved @ your minecraft folder..

    But that's only because the addon is set up in such a way that gaining access to iridium gives you access to all of the mod's tech. I really hate to be this blunt about it, but it's poor design. UU-Matter could be broken up into varieties, or tiers. I'm not talking about getting the stuff earlier, I'm talking about balancing the mod so that you receive your 'upgrades' in a staggered fashion, just like most of the major tech mods already do. Finding copper on the surface doesn't obsolete everything in vanilla Minecraft.

    Actually after you get the said MatterFabricator from quarry/strip mining, you then realize that by default (if you don't want to change the rate) it's 100 times more expensive than the original (or 16.667 millions EU per UUM with the compulsory scraps), so you still need a pretty long time to make a fusion reactor or any other powerful devices..unless of course if you make lots of geothermal generators and pump the lava from nether..

    Have you tried the Interdimensional Storageunit(IDSU)? If you build more than one they share EU wirelessly with each other.

    Yes I know about the IDSU, but I was thinking of something cheaper, as we all know that by the time you can build 2 or more IDSU you already have everything and there's no point of building it anymore, maybe something that have a comparable price with quantum suit and you need to use the same frequency to connect them wirelessly

    Btw, I can see that you are a bit frustrated hehe..You can make 48 redstone dust using 4 UUM will need 576 *64 * (4 / 48 ) = 48 full stacks of UUM well... that's a hell lot of build one.. even more than the IDSU !!

    Hmm, Ruby is used as substitute of Diamond in Energy Crystal Recipe, and bauxite can be processed in Industrial Centrifuge to produce something (don't remember what it is).. You can get Chrome by processing 9 ruby dust in Industrial Centrifuge, you also get 6 ruby dust from processing 64 redstone dust in that centrifuge; and I don't know how to convert Ruby Dust back to Ruby so don't macerate it unless you need to..