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    I know that, but well... it is not really reasonable to install a mod just to get easier iridium. I actually don't want it easier, just different. Finding iridium involves some luck, which I dislike, I rather prefer hard work. I would actually like it to make the Nuclear-Reactor more useful, so a possibility would be to use depleted stuff or certain breeded cells to build a massfab.

    Oh... and I just noticed something that might be fun: GregsBees :P

    I like the idea of Iridium-bee :D maybe 1% chance of mutation from industrial and imperial bee lol, and to make it harder, the pure bred queen bee doesn't produce any princess/drone..

    Currently I know of two mods that at one point have had the code to either break the game or player's world when they detect the use of technic/tekkit (GT and forestry). Problem with both of them has been they fail to detect if user has installed it manually or was it added by modpack authors (impossible to do anyway). Also both of them have made it impossible to use the mod even if you use a whole different minecraft folder if it happens to be in a path that contains technic or tekkit in it's name.

    So yeah, breaking stuff for end-users just for having another modpack installed is evil.

    hmm.. I know that forestry will wreck your save game but IIRC, GregTech won't do anything to the savegame right? you are only blocked to play minecraft if there's tekkit..

    I can't find any first hand information for this question so if someone can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

    Is gregtech coded specifically to be incompatible with technic/tekkit or was it an accident?

    I think so, see what I found in the original post..

    This Mod can not be used in conjunction with Tekkit, until Kakermix asks me PERSONALLY for permission. And to be honest, he will not ask before, and since "after" (like he always does) is not possible, it wont get added to it. But dont worry, the FTB-Pack is much better, than Tekkit.

    guys ... please help me to solve problem I am!
    I really want to play with this Addon!
    At least tell me if I can or I can not D:

    There's one thing you can do.. Uninstall all mods, save the configs somewhere.. , start from fresh minecraft.jar ver. 1.4.2, IC2 108, GregTech, Forge 354, and NEI (don't install ID resolver), see if there's any problem, if an error still occur I still have GregTech 2.08b if you want to try it; if there's no error occur, then add your mod one by one to see where's the problem..

    This is an old bug, update NEI to latest 1.4.2 version will fix it..

    Well, this is the only mod left for my 1.4.2 LP (Eloraam's not gonna update RP2 for 1.4.2, and ThaumCraft 3 isn't even public), Guess I'll have to wait till 1.4.5 (atleast I'll have Xycraft then) to do my LP, or use non-slow grinder recycling

    MV Solar Array + Cobble [~640 Stacks 'ill do] + [ :Recycler: + :Advanced Machine: + :Macerator: ] + Mass Fab = :Matter:... ITS SCIENCE

    well, as the author don't release update for open beta version, I guess you have to wait until a long time before the official IC2 for 1.4.5 is out and then this mod will be updated during that time :)

    Hi, is there any plan to make a machine that can convert diamond dust back to diamond? If there's none I think it's better to turn off the diamondOreMaceration by default since some people might just macerate it and later find out that they can only use diamond dust for some of GregTech recipes.. (because @ earlier version, you could convert diamond dust to diamond by smelting it, but not anymore)

    Suggestion: maybe make it so that you can convert diamond dust to diamond @ tier 2 or tier 3 Ind. blast furnace or new Ind. Compressor that use high temperature high pressure environment (to make it more realistic)?