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    Frankly, I think the quantum chest is completely useless. I can imagine no circumstance where I would want to spend that much to have a massive storage for anything. The interdimensional barrels from factorization are plenty for any purpose. I think they could be more useful if they were able to store items that are normally unstackable, as long as their damage value/metadata are the same. speaking of useless items, the rockcutter is pretty useless now as well. especially with the new enchanted books. It is much easier and cheaper to just use an enchanted diamond pickaxe, which also does not have the disadvantage of being as slow as a wooden pick. Considering how late in the tech tree it is now as opposed to when it was first implemented, I think it needs to have its speed boosted to at least that of the standard mining drill.

    Nope I still use quantum chest to contain the bazillion amount of oak woods from 3 forestry farms, the upgraded barrel is simply not enough.. and I agree with rockcutter it's pretty useless compared to silktouch gemstone/diamond pickaxe...

    EDIT, BUG: At the latest ver, both Electric and Advanced Translocator are broken, they can only extract the first slot..

    I thought IRL you made H2 from burning coal/wood or got it from natural gas, if you get H2 from water electrolysis and get the energy back from fuel cell (which is the reverse reaction of water electrolysis) I don't know if you will get any net energy.. basically fuel cell is semi-black fuel lol..

    Should be something like Wood-> Charcoal ->CH4 + H2 + etc -> H2+ Compressed Air -> Energy ??

    There's something wrong in the eu requirement for methane.. you need 128000 to make 5 methane cells, 93000 to make 4 hydrogen cells, and 1000 to make one carbon cell..

    So each methane cell is worth (45000*5 - 128000-93000-1000)/5 = 600 eu.. OMG..

    EDIT: I know that 128000 is from approximate of 25000 * 5, but then..

    Anyone having issues with the Tiny Dusts not showing in NEI?

    Also We found nasty dupe bug with the auto crafting table. It was pretty much duping MFSU's with the logi pipes. Might be logi at fault or GT or both, I'm not sure but I just disabled it and removed the block.

    Tiny dusts were hidden since a while ago.. was requested by someone..

    @Quarry-tiny piles, which dust?

    Blast Furnace Iron dust into Iron bars is possible. You would play the entire game with say hunting down chests and killing tons of zombies and setting up large and I mean large NPC villages and farm the iron golems and such.

    But then again Greg like his gameplay easy :P

    Nope, he's a hardcore player.. he changed his stacksize to 16..

    You died in the end? Pumpkin Helm on makes it so Enderman can't see you. Also wearing the fuel based jetpack or switching to it for higher up asteroids work. Also using ender pearls and creating a ender farm and using them to throw them from 185 to your peak also works very well when farming sheldonite.

    Nah, I don't use pumpkin helmet, don't really like it..

    And then make an expensive GregTech advanced jetpack with a much higher height limit, all with a config option defaulted to false EDIT: or true, this is GregTech after all, thus satisfying Kane, the rest of the people, and making Iridium rarer in the process if the config is turned on.

    IIRC the height limit is 256, so jetpack (height limit 244) should be enough..I suggest this because the damn endermen killed me when I was using that jetpack through height 185 to farm sheldonite ore...

    EDIT: of course with default as false, since this is only for players like Kane.. lol

    So I'm confused with the extrabiomes. I found on the wiki that bauxite spawns in forest and plains biomes, and I'm currently mining under a shrubland biome from extrabiomes. It's very frustrating as I can't seem to find any bauxite to work with. Should I just do all my mining in a mystcraft world that has specific biomes set up?

    FYI, the bauxite at extrabiomes plains/forest sub-biome (if there's any) should be added specifically by Greg himself, maybe he hasn't added bauxite world gen into some XB biomes, and I'm 100% sure you will find bauxite in vanilla forest/plains (mystcraft age is a good idea)..