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    When trying to dismantle a few machines in my old base, to move them to a new one, I encountered issues with wrenching machines to retrieve them. Some of them were turned to machine blocks, and all of that stuff in them was wasted. And with GregTech, it seems to ''boost'' that loss chance very high, making it nearly impossible to move to a new base without making all of the machines again.
    So, I have an idea. I think that there should be a config file option for machine wrench loss (enabled, true or false) and an option for the loss chance value (only applies if machine wrench loss = true). This would solve the issue for many, and server owners can customize it to give players more freedom for moving machines with a low loss rate, or to make it more complex and require players to be careful with machines and have a high loss rate.
    Any support?

    As suggested by above, and use the *lossless mode*, or you can use the gravitool (from gravisuit add-on), it always have lossless mode enabled.

    Well, i used the FTB ultimate pack (which includes gregtech) and got a full bronze armor (and thus maxed out armor bar) waay before i got my first diamond, (half the set from a chest, but still legit...) so it still needs a proper rebalance.

    If you think that the bronze armor is very OP, then you perhaps also find that RP2 gems (substitute of diamond for tool) are very OP, and hell why there's no config to disable or reduce their spawn rate.

    hm, assuming that you don't use GT, with the current ASP: you need 9 uum (2 for the sunnarium, 7 for iridium). so you need 166,666*9 = 1499994 eu for 1 ASP; assuming 20 tps, say effective eu/t = 4 eu/t (1 eu at night, 8 eu at day, and sometimes you have rain) so you need....

    1499994 eu / (80 eu/sec) / 3600 (sec/hours) = 5.2 hours. after that 5.2 hours, that 8 eu/t is free for you, you can move it anywhere you want without even thinking about re-fueling them.

    and then for the second one assuming you already get the free energy from the first ASP: 1499994/ (160 eu/sec) / 3600 = 2.6 hours.
    ... after the 10th; 1499994/800 eu/sec/3600 = 31 minutes.

    If you are using GT default mode, I'm certain that you won't use this mod for main power system, more like a battery that you can carry everywhere (for GT automation perhaps)

    I think the mod was not even made so you can get free eu very easily (you can do that with over-engineered windmills, geo gen, nuclear reactor, power converter+ boiler, etc), it's more like a compact power system.

    Are you whining because of the latest change in Advanced solar panel recipe? If so then before the change was made, why didn't you whine about USP and HSP? they need iridium to make. and ofc you didn't.. because you could spam ASP like crazy.

    The previous ASP didn't need any iridium, that's why the recipe was imbalance and 8 ASP was MUCH MOAR cheaper than 1 HSP, if the recipe was not changed, people would rather spam making ASP then HSP, you only need 64 to get 512 eu/t, 640 for 5120 which is enough to get stacks of uum even in GT default mode, I'd probably only make USP if I wanted that ultimate solar helmet. Some guys from mindcrack could make dozens of USP because of the exploit of platinum from rich slag, if there was no any exploit like that, they would need to go IC2 nuclear reactor or other.

    If you are whining about GT 16,666,666 eu/uum; you can always change your config, or just enable the mass fabricator for your 166k eu/uum, I'm pretty sure you can get stacks of uum in a couple of days with only draining the nether or any decent nuclear reactor.

    I think the mod was not made so you could get easy eu.

    So, the people who use Gregtech like the more expensive panel, because they like more expensive things, as they're too patient mining. The people who think industrial craft is balanced enough as it is like the cheaper panel. Definitely needs to be a config option.

    Nope, previous ASP recipe was very cheap whether you were in a modpack without GT or with GT. Compare it to compact solar and you will know. Now it's fine but still pretty cheap in modpack without GT (since uum is very cheap there).

    That seems Impossible ^^ Even my CASUC needed 5-10 min to give me enough UUM ^^
    Edit: sorry for doubleposting, I haven't think about it :/

    30 minutes? That is impossible, even with mystcraft dense ore + creative cheat the mystcraft notebook. With GT on and you start from scratch, It should be around 2-3 days.
    1 day to find the end portal, 1-2 days to get sheldonite ores and start getting quantums.

    EDIT: Maybe we should ask "What is the fastest time anyone here has gotten a fully automatic GT Fusion Reactor system?"