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    Scratch that about not checking, cause some circumstances changed like they should've changed in first place and now it is working fine. Sry about inconvenience on my end.

    After some tests, the cinnabar dust+empty cells process is always prioritized if you don't have any cells and cinnabar dusts inside it before you start the cinnabar process..

    If you have empty cells inside it and put cinnabar dust later, the cinnabar dust will be ignored and all empty cells will be converted to hydrogen cells.

    Or if you have an on-going hydrogen process and put a cinnabar/empty cells into the electrolyzer before it finishes, the cinnabar will be ignored as well..

    Lead is just too hard to macerate with a Mortar.

    martsrzx: The Water you piped into the ELECTROLYZER is being used for a Recipe. Just dont pipe it into the ELECTROLYZER, if you dont want to ELECTROLYZE Water.

    Lead has a mohs scale of 1.5 (with iron: 4.5 and diamond is the hardest with 10 mohs scale).. just admit it that it's a bug hehe..

    @Electrolyzer that's because of the water you pumped into the electrolyzer, idk since which ver. but it appears that electrolyzing water is prioritized before some recipes...

    It seems that gregtech is disrupting the railcraft fonction to replace IC2 refined iron (in machine recipes) with steel.
    It worked with an older version of gregtech, does it prevent other mods from modifying IC2 recipes now?

    It's a bug if I'd tell you.. Refined iron is MUCH easier to get than steel.. I'd stop using any mod that make me use steel to craft machine block..

    EDIT: or are you talking about the capability of using refined iron in railcraft machines?.. it's a bug..

    The idea is that you must make sure that you will have enough energy before doing anything.. not that bad just put MFE for each of those 128 eu/t machines.. btw for every process you can check the energy required in NEI, bases on this you can judge if you will have enough energy or not.. also.. splitter cable to stop infinite power loss..

    Man, I've been lurking these forums without creating an account since solar panels used coppers wires instead of circuits and finally something motivated me enough to make an account.

    So I'm playing the mindcrack mod pack, mainly for compatibilities sake, and I decided I wanted to make a diamond drill. So I go about tracking down the resources, including thinking I'm being sneaky, grabbing some of those desert flowers for the blaze powder. I smelt my steel and get everything together, and I go to make it only to find out... you've mixed it up again :P. As I look at the way to create Titanium for the diamond drill, I see it's made through UU-Matter. So then I look up the matter fabricator, only to find it's made with a highly advanced machine block...which is made with Titanium.

    I've been racking my brain, and NEI, trying to figure this out and can't for the life of me. Can anybody here help me out? Thanks in advance :)

    Get Bauxite in plain biomes, macerate/ grind it for Bauxite dusts, put Bauxite dusts into Ind. Electrolyzer to get tiny pile of titanium dusts, 4 tp of titanium = 1 titanium dust, then make yourself suitable industrial blast furnace to smelt the titanium.

    Yes, my statement still valid; before RP2 was release; you could only craft IC2/GregTech metal blocks with GregTech default on; After the release, he changed his choice of metal block from IC2 to RP2 one, because only RP2 can be changed to microblocks.

    Ah, nugget.. well.. that's a better legit way to do it without wasting eu..

    Ok that's a mess. You can't make RP2 microblock with IC2 metal block that's why Greg override his ingots and blocks to RP2 one if RP2 is installed.

    If you convert all your ingots (tin/silver) to RP2 one (with lexicon) you should be able to craft all storage block without problem. If you want to do the legit way you can macerate it all and smelt it to give you RP2 ingots..

    Yes, you can only use GregTech choice of metal ingots to do the compression to storage block..that's intended and I still don't understand why he did this implementation.. IMO, we should be able to use other mod ingots to craft storage block, maybe unify the storage block to RP2 one..

    This is why I hate the storage block requirement, now it gets even more complex with RP2 coming with its own bloc and of course FTB with its TE ores..

    EDIT: I have no problem crafting all storage blocks the vanilla way if all configs are changed..

    Hey greg I went to update and grabbed the download... it appears the updated file isn't updated yet because it would be showing a larger file to place over the old file with if it was :p

    That one should be 2.73c, you can see that now you have 0.09% chance to get tiny pile of chrome from scrapbox.. but who knows.. maybe he's forgetting something...

    Have you considered nerfing platinum amount you can get from Sheldonite ore..or at least make a config so that I can lower the amount of platinum from 1 Sheldonite ore.. btw, will be there any other use of manganese dusts?

    and... Nano Saber expensive recipe ?