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    Not entirely sure how much of a bitch its going to be. Since you say "Throw" you must use a entity to make it move and sink, and you can't make entities to be moving lights. However theres the touch the ground condition... If there is a method to make a entity become a block when it touches another block it may be not so evil to do...

    hey, guess what, there already is an entity that becomes a block... falling sand.

    well regarding result of volume 2 there might be something like waste, something what doesn't mix or stuff so we only have 2 bronze dust, also maybe bronze dust is heavier or bigger (disregarding to sprite size aspect) so volume may still be 4 but only 2 usable bronze dusts. Your idea requires a new ore/item chrome but do we want a new item for only 1 recipe, it is like tungsten in RP it is useless, you want to keep it and throw into pit of lava in 1 thought.

    tungsten was added for use in future not-yet-implemented technologies. she didn't want people having to restart their maps just for one new ore, so she added the ore and will make it useful later.

    That's not a flaw, that's a feature. Scrap is scrap, doesn't matter what is the source of the scrap. Scrap.

    yes, but I thought that since it takes lots of cobble for a little scrap, it was meant to be taking the trace valuables out and discarding the rest. since diamond is far richer in valuable material, it should produce more.

    I think everyone has overlooked one large flaw with recyclers. they do not take into account the value of the item being recycled. if you recycle diamonds you get the same amount of scrap as with cobblestone. it doesn't need to be OP, I would just like the reassurance that if buildcraft decides to send something down the wrong pipe, it won't be a total waste.