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    Greg Please Look!
    With the configs in the following manner:
    The iridium plate is impossible to craft. Also, 2 people have posted on your Gt thread that they have duplicated the error with the configs in the manner stated above. I don't want to be demanding, but this is a game breaking bug that I am fairly sure you didn't intend on happening. You mod is amazing and I am only trying to help out.


    But it's not an error. Just install mistaqur's NEI plugins, and you can see that you have to crat the iridium alloy ingot in a railcraft rolling machine.

    If you can read, the config file I have has the requirement for rolling machine disabled. Also I the NEI plugins (though overly outdated) on my minecraft. I even tried to do the recipe in a cheat world with the rolling machiene and nothing happened.

    For some reason, I still cannot craftthe iridium plate. I have the hard iridium plate config off and the rolling machine requirement for advanced alloys off. In NEI, it says the ONLY was to create an ingot it to put an iridium alloy ingot into an implosion compressor, but NEI says that there is no way to create it. Kinda a huge problem, and I rather not have to cheat every time I need an iridium plate

    Remember that nomatter which config option you choose, with GregTech in you still require a diamond <dust> in the centre of the Plate recipe as opposed to just a Diamond. Or are you using NEI and having no recipe show up at all?

    In NEI, it says there is no recipe to craft iridium plates at all. When I try to craft it (with the diamond dust and iridium ingots) it produces nothing

    Off topic, Greg please add a config to disable the need for ingot plate (ie so that stuff like the advanced alloy can use bars instead of plates)

    even more off topic, can someone direct me to a config file for Te ores that simulate the style of ic2 and gregtech

    I have installed the newest update, and I am shocked and outraged with the new recipe changes. This arguably makes the Advanced Solar Panel, a item made usually in small amounts in the early game, into a ridiculously expensive item requiring UU-Matter and Iridium! I can see it being more balanced on multi-player maps, but it makes just about any other method of power generation more cost-effective. I can see this change being placed into the hard-mode recipe list, but in the default mode, I do not see it as fair. I beg of you, please, if nothing else, allow us to reassign the old recipe in the configuration, because as-is, I'll be finding other ways to make power on my server.

    +1, just about sums up my opinion of the new change

    For normal work you are need install it both in client and server sides.

    Quoted from "TonyMoney"

    Huge update, still no silktouch tool ....

    Sorry, no silk touch, because silk touch is in GregTech adddon.

    I believe the point of asking for silktouch vajra is that the options provided by gregtech (rock cutter) are extreamly slow and annoying. Since Greg has repeatedly denied adding someway to make it faster, people asked for the vajra addition of silktouch.

    Greg, the uu matter recipe for gold produces 2 gold dust, in vanilly ic2, it produces 2 gold ore, ore enough for 4 gold bars. You said yourself that this wasn't a balance issue, just a mistake that hasn't been fixed, but since you fixed it for iron, I figure I should remind you of the gold

    Greg, the digital chests are nice, but I have a bit of a grievance

    With the old quantum chest, a logistics pipe system would be able to recognize all of the items in the inventory
    With the new digital chest, the logistics pipe only recognizes up to one stack, and then thinks the inventory is full and there is no more items in the inventory (when there is more that on stack)

    By the way, for both the old and the new, the chest is connected to the logistic system via a chassis mark 2 with a provider module (unchanged), and an item sink module (with sand targeted, not default rout)

    If you re-implemented the gui for the quantum chest, I believe that it would fix the problem

    There is already a speed option for the blast furnace. Greg told me in a PM that he won't add the option to change the grinder speed. It really is balanced and if it took like 800 EU, it would be OP.
    There should be configs for all other machines.
    I also suggested a Super Transformer with 10kk EU storage and adjustable EU/t and EU/p output. Guess what, he didn't not deny it. Seewhatididther?

    No, no
    I don't want a config option, I meant something similar to overclocking the machines

    Greg, a few requests/ suggestions:
    -fix more of the pulverizer recipes (the recipes for the silk touch ores such as redstone give you 8 in a pulverizer, 10 in a macerator)
    -changeable public and private idsu frequencies
    -make an additional storage block the uesu - the ultimate storage unit. It can function with the idsu's frequency and wireless transfer. It has the aesu adjustabiliy, and can choose how many packets per tic it can emit (different that the voltage change of the aesu)
    -gregtech bee breeding machine
    -transformer upgrades for gregtech machines ?
    - internal storage indicator (like vanilla ic2 machines)?
    -redstone and nickolite storage blocks (erhem, supposed to replace tube stuff, erhem)
    -config to disable the need for multi-block structures ?
    - ability to speed up gregtech machines ( I know that it was denied for specific machines, I am only asking for all of the machines that haven't been denies, such as the blastfurnace ect)

    Just a quick suggestion/question. Since your mod changes the uu matter recipes for an ( ironically reasonable for once) balance issue so that you cannot make copper ore nor tin ore and instead the dusts directly from uu. Interestingly, gold and iron ore are make-able from uu. For the sake of patterns/making things the same, shouldn't uu matter make iron and gold dust directly and not ore?

    To agree with above posts, the double re-battery recipe needs a change. The sulfuric acid cell requires a distillation tower, which in turn requires 2 sets of 4 advanced machine blocks. That chrome is very expensive, and would probably be considered mid to late game, at which battery(s) would be fairly useless. The sulfur dust recipe was just fine as it was. please re-implement the old recipe or add two new recipes to the chemical reactor so that we can make sulfuric acid.

    Spent some time reverse engineering addon's code. I've been working on modes for this Addon for some time and sent code to Sentimel, but he didn't answer.

    Just created an nbt int "mode" which equals zero by default (in createNbt method in his addon)
    When onItemUse() method is called, the Mode +1 (it better should be done via enum, hope Sentimel will correct this) and has some changes in speed (and mineable blocks), enchants (that was Problem, to remove enchantment when mode is changed, nbt is to be removed and restored without enchanting data), and other cool stuff. It's pretty stable mode changing algorithm, hope it will be applied (a few helper classes is needed for nbt especially).
    Three items implemented: Slow mode, Silk touch mode, Normal mode.
    Hope he will answer.

    you are amazing and a god. PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS SeNtiMeL!!!

    I know this has been suggested many times before, but please add modes to the vajra. Some of my suggestions:
    Passive/always active wrench mode
    Passive/always active hoe mode
    Silk touch mode
    selective mining (will only mine certain materials or not others, can be specified in a gui)
    slower mining mode ( you can decide how fast it mines blocks, so that in certain modes, it mines as fast as a wooden pick, stone, iron, ect so that you can use it for house decor without destroying the entire house)

    I am having a previous error. The Mffs tool works fine until it change it to the id coder. It refuses to code a card and won't switch to another tool using shift click. I think it may be a mod conflict. Please help, because this entirely breaks the security part of the force fields for me

    Mods I have:
    Durability 101
    rei mini-map
    additional pipes
    advanced machines
    advanced power management
    chicken chunks
    code chicken core
    computer craft
    ender storage
    extra bees
    gravity gun
    gregtech (with major config changes)
    ic2 nuke control
    immibis core
    inventory tweaks
    logistic pipes
    advanced solar panels
    gravity suite
    thermal expansion
    wireless redstone (chicken boens addition)