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    News: 1.7.2 is out of the question. There will only be two 1.7.10 modpacks. One with Gregtech and the other without gregtech. They will vary with mods used also. I choose these mods out of potential and possibility of neat structures. There will be a last one standing in 1.8 when a few mods come out.
    More info as I go..

    Sawmill Idea is interesting... you mean like the BTW Sawmill where you place the block and then it slabs it, or like the TE where it makes wood chips and planks, just IC2 though?

    Edit: Got my answer, I would think that's Tier 2 in industry, and should be powered like so of a mechanical Watermill. So similar to BTW's Mechanical aspect. Just with more technical advancements. Only thing is though too, would there be a tier 3 where it's electric?

    I say go for Technic. Their bad history has been cleared up since the old days, I don't think even Forestry has that weird bee thing anymore, and I'm fairly sure that they need permission to put mods in the pack. I've actually been thinking of making a similar pack, and I'd be glad to help (as soon as I get back from vacation :P)

    AT Launcher actually. Better group of people.

    There was an add-on for Ic2 that did make Coal-Fuel a liquid and usable for better fuel. I used it. Unfortunately he never updated it and in fact, removed the 1.4.7 builds of the mod add-on. It was called viliml's BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft crossover. I called it Refinolution, since most of the recipes required a refinery to make some of the fuels. He never changed the name.

    ps. Even though he removed the mod downloads I still got the files. I planned on updating that add-on, but I haven't learned all the stuff to know in order to code and even understand Java's language.

    Good point.

    "Hmm.. I guess using the Nuclear reactor to heat up my coffee wasn't a bad idea..."

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is actually Kurt, couldn't guess, right? I am usually on most if not all forums as 1ronAXE36 or BandiKurt36.
    I turned 17 back in June, and live in Tucson, Arizona, United States.
    I've been with the Minecraft community since late 2010 playing Alpha 1.2.6. I'm more of a Fallout gamer (played all of them so far, still do in different approaches usually with good Karma). When I'm not playing games I'm usually developing something, making music, or doing work.

    More on Minecraft:
    When I played Minecraft the first few updates of Beta I never knew mods existed for the game for a few updates, then I figured out later in 1.6 Beta there was some cool mods at the time. The Aether, Risugami's mods, Mo' Creatures, Flan's Mods and IndustrialCraft. I was a Head-Administrator for quite a few servers; JAC Gaming, The Legion Gaming, NukeCraft, and Ion Gaming. I stopped working with most of the servers with my own reasons. Now what I do is occasionally show up on the small GregTech hardmode server, surviving on Singleplayer with IC2 and a couple other mods, make suggestions, and socialize on Teamspeak. I plan on making a small server, but never got to it.

    That's all I have to share really. Have fun IndustrialCrafters!

    Actually our mods aren't crammed. We have the amount of mods that we have to allow players to chose what they want to do, not be forced to do the same thing over and over. Everything has been balanced and we provide a challenge with a series of plugins and mods. If you don't like something just ignore it.

    If I could correct you there, but I'm not seeing the concept of this pack, and that I said nothing about doing the same thing over and over, even though this is somewhat I'm seeing here. I'm saying do something that hasn't been done before. My continuation version of survival island was a unique start because the last time a survival island was ever made was back in beta 1.6/7(2011), plus some of the mods I used were never focused on because anyone who streaming it wasn't going deep within those mods. I see about 10 packs that are very alike from one and another. The main difference is it's under different logos. Even look on the Technic Platform website. I have here, 4 great examples of what I'm talking about; Lapito's Galacticraft Modpack and Yogscast Moonquest pack. One's similar to yours are Treeit, and the Era do Futuro pack. They all have almost the same mods and have not a challenge but a hard time to load. I think yours and the Treeit pack are the only ones with permissions to even use the majority of the mods in the pack. I hope at least.

    Okay, so far the Dark Factory Edition and the Standard are currently being worked on, which is the good news. The bad news is I'll be going on vacation from 16th to the 29th of July, so when I get back. Hopefully the map will be done before August 14th, just to give myself a fair amount of time to get it done. :S I have school again so I had to move the date ETA from August 8th to the 14th. Sorry guys. I promise the wait will be worth it.

    Stay classy Industrial Crafters!