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    windmill farm - 24 mills, 40-80 EU/sec
    looks nice and techy on top of the mountain :D
    advanced solars are no big diffrence to TMIing laps imho, too OP

    Except you can MODIFY THEIR OUTPUT....and are pretty damned expensive, not to mention time consuming to make....don't like 11/1? CHANGE IT! Don't just be an arrogant ass and compare them to giving yourself lappys....

    Shindou: Just released v0.51, which can just be dropped into the mods folder. I did code a thermonuclear missile, but there's no way to craft it until I add tritium and helium-3. (Hack one into the game to see just how overpowered it is - the metadata is 13)

    daedroug: Laying blocks to produce the proper toroidal and poloidal fields in a fusion reactor is an interesting idea, but unfortunately the subtleties of real-life plasma confinement are impossible to capture in a world of cubes. Besides, coming up with a Minecraft-ized version of Maxwell's equations (with space quantized in one-block increments!), then adjusting the behavior of plasmas in response to this, would be an interesting intellectual exercise but would lay waste to your CPU and be difficult for players without physics experience to use. Same goes for turbine design - the fission reactor block can be assumed to have an internal turbine, so there's no reason the fusion block has to be any different. (Also, multi-block structures are beastly difficult to code because you have to take into account every stupid thing the player can do to mess up your code)

    Wall shielding is an idea I considered when implementing the fusion reactor, maybe with periodic replacements of plasma-facing components, but in the end there's just no room in the GUI for it. I rejected neutron exposure issues for the same reason - implementing radiation effects on the player and other entities would be a lot of work for little gain. As much as I enjoy realistic physics, this is a game and some serious simplifications need to be made.

    Oh, believe me, I did:P It was GLORIOUS! And I too would like the realistic-ish physics, but I do see how they could make most people's brains melt....wasn't sure if you wanted the TN named in the thread or not, thanks for the ML support:D

    Err, could you please make it so you don't have to edit the main jar file...I don't think it's that complicated to add the modloader hooks, is it? Ahh, yeah, after doing my math a bit more, these end up quite a bit more expensive than glass cables, good. Since 64 coal, 8 flint and 1 obsidian = 1 diamond, and this is 32 coal a piece. Which comes out to 6 diamonds for the same amount of cable. Excellent.

    Hmm, not quite understanding how to use the rangefinder along with the rockets, do you just have to remember what the rangefinder says, or can you store a value in the rangefinder and load it into the rocket?

    EDIT: Nvm, figured it out, but now I found a missile that doesn't have a crafting recipe....? Is this a secret missile?Starts with a T, has a damage value that separates it from the others.

    This looks pretty cool, albeit very confusing. I think that the only thing in this add-on that IC2 needs is the superconductor wire. (having no energy loss would be great) Although I think if it going to have no energy loss (which would change the face of IC servers forever) it should be a lot more expensive.

    I agree, 32 coal, half a gold ore and a redstone are a little too cheap for them, maybe make them use a diamond, or better yet, diamond dust. Epic mod though, this is so going into my game:D

    Thanks, for now I just disconnected all my damned solars....making energy generation....interesting, especially since I am using IC energy to power my quarries, them puppies gobble energy like MC gobbles ram:P

    If adv.solars is smt "actually worth building" and windmills arent then you should comsider using TMI for geting inventorys full of charged laps

    Huh? I think he is referring to the absolute uselessness of windmills and watermills, if you don't sit there and babysit them, they produce at most, 0.25 EU/t....windmills need to be so far away from anything else they are not feasible.

    Hey guys, I can't reliably duplicate this issue, but it causes that lovely saving chunks crash quite often for me.

    EDIT: And now, after replacing the MFSU's with MFEs, still crashed, then I removed the solar panels all together, and I get this...

    Basically, it seems the EnergyNet function is uber borked....unless there is some serious residual junk from 1.15 to 1.23....

    I am having somewhat the same error, here is my log.

    I am also using 1.23.

    has anyone heard of the zippinus :?: :?:
    1:15 to 1:23 is the change in the API quite manageable
    If I knew that he is no longer present would create a patch

    IC2 1.15 use ic2.api.IWrenchableBlock
    IC2 1.23 use ic2.api.IWrenchable

    if zippinus use the API update take max 60 Minutes to 1.23

    I always say better to seek forgiveness than permission....only those truly stuck up would care if you helped the community in a temporary fashion, the same community they are supposedly making mods for. Aka, if he whines, he isn't really in it for the community, but more for personal gratification of others using his work and looking up to him. Not saying that's true, just a simple observation of the modding 'community' as a whole that I have seen.