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    Only problem with manually editing ID's is things like RedPower 2 and IC2....upwards of a hundred ID's in EACH that conflict...and ID resolver DOES force the new mod to change ID's my problem with Zeldo's mod was he kept changing the damned name....that and using important IC2 ID's....that and I don't have the time to sit with about 6 config files open and checking back and forth to make sure one ID isn't used in the 4 conflicting mods. Millenaire is one of many ID's...

    It all works now, I think BTW was seriously fucking up some of my IC2 stuff, since it DOES edit base classes...

    Hmm, trying to figure out how to get a ModLoader list, but I am using EE, BC, IC2, RP2pr2b, your mod, adv solar panels, that wall forcefield thing from these forums, rei's minimap, id resolver, millenaire, wireless redstone, wireless remote, recipe book, TMI, treecapitator, multitools*removing this one*, koda's clay soldiers.\

    Also, both your machines and the induction furnace seem to drain power while building up speed/heat, and using them to smelt or whatnot drains the power completely, and it will only build back up is if I turn off the redstone powering them, my induction furnace worked fine until I installed this mod of awesome win, so I don't think it is anything to do with IC2

    Then I believe there is a very evil bug, because I cannot, EVER keep even 1 of your machines running on a dedicated 128 EU/t line from an MFE that is completely full from energy crystals....and I have the latest IC2 and 2.1 of your mod. The machines also refuse to allow anything past them on the power line to receive any power.....sorry if I sound annoyed, it's just after having so many damned worlds corrupted by Additional Buildcraft Pipes, *the mod creator seems to like using ID's used by IC/BTW and ID Resolver seems to LOVE to re-id the entire mod, thus killing all chunks his Chunk Loader pipes are in....* I am more than a little pissed that I can't seem to use on of the machines I love so much.

    Hmm, I seem to be having problems keeping even one of these machines power, it is on it's own circuit, being fed directly from a fully charge MFE. It seems if you have a switch active on it for it to keep the speed up, it drains power from the machine, and refuses to recharge from the MFE. Also, it seems I cannot place more than 1 macerator or compressor on a line, they do not get power. I am sure this is a bug since a direct 128 eu/t line should be able to power more than one machine. Using glass cables as well, so no power loss.

    Same guy here, just thought I should add that I get this error with all of the IC2 Addons minus the BTW one. What am I missing that includes that BlockMultiID class?