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    Nice one yet again pwned, I miss the old BC-IC crossover that was for IC 1.23 or something, I used those as wireless energy, was nice, teleport pipes, hooked up to that converter hooked up to an mfsu. Was lossy and expensive, but necessary, this will replace that system:D

    I hope zipp comes back and sees what you have done with his mod. Considering you took this mod without permission and completely changed the function, you technically stole his work instead of updating a mod to work with a new version of IC. You are now the new poster child of why many talented coders do not mod. Congratulations, you replace FC in being a douche.

    cpw, almost all of us would prefer to have choices, use the crazy fast and power hungry upgraded basics, or use the faster than base and slightly more power hungry with multiple input/outputs. I for one used both when they both worked fine. Main workshop, upgraded, sorting and auto crafting room, advanced. Sure, upgrading the machines would be nice, but the crazy amount of nerfing required to 'balance' it is just not worth it is it? You avoided the mod because you didn't want to update it how the community who USES IT wants it, and didn't want the headache. So you understand where all the anger comes from. Basically, it's like this, the community wants one thing, you and atomic want something else, something that infuriates the community and makes you look like a dictator. Which is better, making 2 versions of the mod like everyone is suggesting, thus pleasing all types, those who want the advanced machines, and those who want the newer type of machines. Or simply telling us all to effectively shut the fuck up and take it how you give it? How did that work out for Marglyph of TMI? Or FlowerChild of BTW? Two names that generally cause intense rage from the community.

    It all comes down to priorities, is your ego/right to be 'right' more important than satisfying the requests of a community, the same people the mod was initially created to please? I'm not trying to be an ass when I say this, but it needs to be said. Grow the fuck up and learn to compromise. That goes to EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD!!!

    Yeowch, that is a crazy nasty speed for something as expensive as an advanced machine...I agree, while I do like the idea of putting upgrades in advanced machines, that ability is not worth the completely useless speed. These machines DO NOT need to be 'balanced' with their basic counterparts. Back when people loved these machines, they cost a shitload more, used a TON more power, and provided equivalent increases in productivity. Now that they can have upgrades, somehow people think they need to be slowed down so they are 'balanced' the balancing is the cost in creation and base energy cost, which should either stay that way and remove upgrade functionality, or just ramp up EXACTLY like basic machines with upgrades. Because the upgrades don't get more or less expensive depending on which machine they are in, the recipe stays the same, so why should they do such vastly different things? Oh, and low voltage is just insulting as the base voltage for these machines. Think about it, you use the old machine, and an advanced machine, plus whatever else for the upgrade, yet they are forced to low voltage? What's the point? Making transformers useful? They already are, no need to artificially increase the cost.

    Yeah, I have the exact same bug as well. Anyone successfully using this mod?

    That invisible chest sounds interesting, but like a major headache to code and the inevitable 'why can no find my chest' "bugs".......

    And on the TMI side, I am not having a single bit of trouble with TMI and your mod, it is something else wrong with that guys game.

    I think it's because TMI is trying to render the item while my mod has a special rendering engine...
    I don't think it could be fixed by myself unless i remove the whole chest animation and make it into a solid block.
    It has to do with the coding of TMI...

    Sorry, let's hope the dev of TMI could do something in the future to prevent this.

    HA! That won't happen, he has said many times he cares not for compatibility with ANYTHING. I reccomend trying the TMI Patch posted here. It works great for redpower2 items, since they all use such high damage values.

    1. How the gentle caress do you 'fail' at a sandbox game? I mean, really?
    2. Also like, since it'll give me a reason to take iron chests in the beginning..
    3. Why?

    But seriously, how do you fail at a sandbox game?

    He fails at MC by saying in a world he has played for TWO WEEKS he hasn't found 8 diamonds....I find more than that in my first's all about where to look. The GUI thing probably so it looks a little nicer:D

    Thank you sir, now I have another reason to stock up on diamonds.

    Edit: Now that I think of it, most people may just make gold chests, I'm not sure another 27 slots justifies the use of 8 diamonds, 4ish may be more reasonable.

    Personally I like expensive items, so I don't mind paying 8... but that's just me. Maybe others will add their input on this subject.

    Oh yeah, 27 slots is so worth all the diamonds, think about it, 27 more STACKS of anything....oh yes, thank you lish for balancing that recipe.

    Might I recommend you change the recipe for the diamond chest to at least a diamond block required? Ideally diamond blocks on the upper part, diamonds on the lower part. These things are a bit too large for only a single diamond used and some glass. Nice mod though.

    Now now no need for name calling people. Settle this like mature adults or ignore each other.

    I am not going to take such a condescending remark from an unregistered lightly, especially one who didn't even bother to read 6 or so posts back to see the port. And I'll thank you to not attempt to correct me or moderate my statements.

    there is no excuse for not looking at version number this release is for 1.15 wich did not use the ID. the release after 1.15 got the construction foam in with id 221 but yet if you use this mod with 1.23 the id clash will be the last of your problem. if you get the adv solar in your world you can kiss it goodbye. So please next time gather all information require before comment like those.

    You are truly stupid are you not? CPW PORTED THIS MOD TO 1.23!