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    Are you sure you can trust GRichard? He could've poisoned your Computer with that little "Mod", which could be a serious Virus.

    Until someone can prove otherwise its safe, richyG has proven IC2 can't be trusted.

    I'm pretty sure he already knows who GRichard is on the SA Forums. They don't tolerate attacks against other members on that site (unless its purely 'for humor'), and losing your account on there is the same as losing as sizable monetary investment as they have plenty of subscription fees within their organization...

    You mean 10 bucks to join?

    Then the solution is simple. Don't use that folder.
    Better yet, don't use a modpack launcher at all. While I'll grant Magic Launcher and the like are useful, all you really need is a backup of minecraft.jar, a text editor, an archiving tool that can open minecraft.jar and a little patience to be willing to change your ID's and/or mods to the settings of whatever server you're logging into are. Then you avoid the issue entirely.
    Granted, that causes problems when trying to distribute modpacks, but I see that as a minor inconvenience I can put up with. By running with only the default launcher and those things above, I have the freedom to run whatever mods I want, at whatever versions I want, with whatever config I want. I'm not restrained to whatever Minecraft the launcher uses (Such as for example the long time Technic was stuck at 1.2.5), I'm not restrained to someone else's idea of what the best combination of mods are, I can up or downgrade both Minecraft and the mods as I please - in short, I find things better without a custom launcher.

    I just use Magic for the convenience of it - and I don't suffer from the problem you do.

    This is the problem with modders you really only have two option either the slowpoke vacation fund aka FTB or do stuff manually and hope that both you and yours fixed all the item ids the same way in order to play together. But this will also happen with minecraft.exe

    Right, but that's because it *is* the technic launcher you're using. And if Technic had done the right thing, there would have been no need for the code in Railcraft, and we would not all be arguing this point.Thus, Technic's people are still to blame. I stand by my point.

    No they are not because this also happens with multimc and ftb the problem is with railcraft, railcraft does not target technic or its launcher it only targets stuff launching from the pluspluslauncher folder. You can test this yourself grab the latest railcraft and launch your minecraft from pluspluslauncher.

    And yet, if they had done the right thing, it would be removed and not happen any more. A simple thing. Why is it so hard for Technic's people to do, hm?

    Read my post I am not using anything technic except the launcher, if you launch railcraft 6.15 from the pluspluslauncher folder from anything you will get this error this also include FTB and multimc.

    Lol, they tell Covert to learn English, because he moreless accidently mispelled "Tekkit Lite", by saying "Technic Lite". XD

    Seriously, why cant the People of Technic/Tekkit just ASK FOR PERMISSION or FOLLOW THE MODPACK REDISTRIBUTION POLICIES to get the Mods? Its a small thing they could do, before that happens...

    I am using the Technic Beta launcher to distribute my mod pack since it has the increased permgen option we need to get our pack to run, so no its not Technic doing this its end users and CJ is attacking anything launching from a pluspluslauncher directory this would also happened to FTB if they had railcraft 6.15.

    [but seriously, this was the funniest thing I have heard all day and I wonder if it was intended to be serious]

    It wasn't, but I will say this about adfly its the worst thing to happen to the minecraft community and any mods or modpack that uses it needs to get slaped with DMCA from mojang.

    Well America is really the only country that matters but even if that wasn't the case why harm any end user at all? No one is making any money from this so why put DRM in a mod? If its about respect why can't people understand that some can respect a mod enough to put it in a pack but the maker be a a total ass and doesn't get any? Most modders really aren't worth dealing with. Now I am going to quote something from our forums that I think adds to the discussion


    Lets give a real game example. I love Borderlands 2, however I think that Randy Pitchford is a massive jackass after he was making threats over twitter about punishing players who found an exploit because of shitty coding (early Golden Key issue. Golden keys were a limited item to be given out through codes that can be used to open a chest with leveled loot. The way they stored the amount of keys a player was in a clearly marked writable text file in your account folder).

    So by removing that line of code your pack maker has violated the DMCA.

    And if you want to see REAL DRM see the new always online SimCity.

    If RichyG ever wants to serve them papers I think they would accept their day in court.

    I did see the arguement it was pretty good. Players have more rights than modders and players should always come first and no one should put DRM into their mods when the base game doesn't have DRM.

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    Thank you for your input but mods don't really hold copyright even if copyright was acquired on a mod fair use would apply to mod packs. The following case establishes why a mod pack falls under fair
    Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. v. Nintendo of America, Inc. 964 F.2d 965 (9th Cir. 1992).

    When Nintendo pursued Game Genie for allowing players to
    customize Nintendo games by editing code, the appellate court held that
    “a party who distributes a copyrighted work cannot dictate how that work
    is to be enjoyed. Consumers may use a Game Genie to enhance a
    Nintendo Game cartridge’s audiovisual display in such a way as to make
    the experience more enjoyable.”

    This is a fun ruling for two reasons: 1) The owning party cannot
    dictate how a work is enjoyed, as declared by the courts. 2) Mod packs
    are certainly designed to make the experience of playing modded
    Minecraft "more enjoyable" — and are thus fair use.

    To stop using their mods? I believe you're going extreme here. Who the hell would make a mod so that nobody could use it?

    What they did is that they did not want certain modpacks whom they anticipated would redistribute their mods without permission to do so through coding. And his profile states that it is perfectly okay for users of the T***** pack to make modifications to GregTech to do so, but not the authors of the modpack themselves to implement such modifications into the version of GregTech supplied by T*****.

    But tekkit never put gregtech in their pack only some server ops did so it was hurtin the players not the mod pack makers.