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    I don't think there's much doubt that EU has been supplanted by RF, because it's simplicity appealed to the mainstream...but there was still a core underground following loyal to IC2 in it's original manifestation. The majority had already ditched IC2 in favour of TE, EnderIO, and the why defile the legacy of IC2 and alienate the few that still enjoyed it as it was?

    Obviously, I speak only for myself, but I don't see myself ever using an RF IC2, and tbh you shouldn't have ported it if you were going to go in this direction. I'll echo what the others have said....thank god for Reika and Greg.


    Ok, some questions/advice regarding the Large Steam Turbine multiblock.

    I have a titanium boiler feeding steam into a quantum tank (buffer), which is adjacent to the input hatch of the turbine. I have an EV pump cover on the quantum tank exporting steam to the turbine. Now, I know the boiler produces 32000 L/s, but all the turbine blades have different values for optimal steam flow.

    In the old version of GT5, you could feed the turbine 1600 mb/t and it would produce 1000 Eu/t with the carbon blades (iirc), with no blade damage. So now that these different blade materials have different optimal steam flow. do I assume correctly that as long as you can produce the steam required for the blade for optimal flow, then that's all it will request from the quantum tank per tick?

    For example, the steel turbine (normal size) has an optimal steam flow of 12000 L/s (600 mb/t = 300 EU/t...right?)...Will my EV pump push out 40960 L/s, wasting the excess steam or will the turbine only allow for 12000 L/s to come through? I could switch to a HV pump, but that drops throughput to below 12000 L/s.

    I would recommend making a distillation tower if you have HV stuff and that much oil. You get all byproducts in less time for less energy (higher net gain). What's more is nitro diesel becomes feasible which is an absurd increase in energy.

    Yea, I've been working on getting all the stainless steel i need for the past couple days, so that was my next step. But I was right in assuming that EU requirements are multiplied by 4 each tier (with operational speed doubled each time)? It's been a while since I last played GT, and I'm a bit rusty.

    Also, the large multiblock turbines are still good, right?

    I'm at the point of making HV machines. I have steel tank full of oil, and figure i'd use it for some power. I have the following set-up:

    Advanced Distillery (HV) > Advanced Fluid Canner (HV) > Turbo Diesel Generator (70% eff) > HV Battery Buffer

    The plan was to kick-start the distillery and canner with my MV buffer (with transformer)...and then let the HV buffer take over. I assumed I'd get a surplus of power, but I guess not. Is that expected?

    The distillery shows 8mb oil > 8mb fuel requires 256 EU. So i need 125 cycles for 1 bucket/cell = 32k EU

    The canner requires 16 EU to can 1000mb into the cell.

    1 diesel cell gives 128k EU in the generator = ~90k EU at 70% efficiency.

    Surplus of about 58k EU.

    So I'm doing something wrong? I'm guessing those base values for each cycle is for the Basic Machines and I need to scale up for each tier?

    (I guess I also don't really need the canner, but my NEI wasn't showing any use for the fuel unless it was canned. I did try the set-up without the canner, and I was still making a net loss).

    I await your words of wisdom. Thanks.

    (Also, any tips for a better source of power at HV. I have a decent tree farm, and turning charcoal into alumentum. I don't have access to IC2 gens).

    EDIT - Of course, EU used is multiplied by 4 for each tier....hence the net loss. Guess fuel is only really viable before it even viable in MV??? Going to have to take a look at these LHE's then.

    GT pipery + pump covers set on import (screwdrive it) + GT multiblock boiler = energy generation.

    Ah, thanks. NEI wasn't showing creosote as a valid fuel for anything other than IC2's semi-fluid generator.

    Also, I haven't had any issues with drain on large steel pipe feeding water into the hatch (we have infinite water enabled).

    Thanks to the others guys for their help too.

    You should try to seach info on wiki first.

    And not finding the info was the reason I asked here. It may be that I placed the drain on the wrong side of the oven.

    Neat problem. I assume IC2 is also allowed.

    Actually, Most of IC2 generators are disabled. There is no use for creosote other than using it to make lubricant.

    Alternately, you can pipe it into a tank (Quantum Tank) and use some automation trickery to remove/blow up the tank. Not sane/ideal, obviously.

    The first tier Quantum Tank requires components that can be made with 480 EU/t....i am still on LV (making aluminium).

    I did try the drain cover attached to a pipe, which in turn is connected to a BC tank (BC pipes are disabled btw)...but that didn't work, Thinking about it now, I did have it attached to the side instead of the bottom of the oven....that may have been the reason it hadn't worked.

    Is there any way with just GT to a) remove creosote oil from RC Coke Ovens without using power, and b) voiding fluids?

    Also, i have the following early electrical age set-up:

    Macerator > Ore Washer > Hammer > Centrifuge

    The purified crushed ore is ejected automatically into the Hammer, leaving behind Stone dust and tiny dust (by-product of the main ore). How can i automate the removal of stone and tiny dust into another chest/buffer with GT alone? Or any other ideas are welcome.

    Help appreciated.

    Playing with Unofficial GT 5 and some other mods:

    Wondering if any of you guys have ever run across a problem where use golems wouldn't plant/place items and chop golems crashed the server (ticking entity error - whilst playing on the Kiraria server or elsewhere....(I know this probably has nothing to do with GT, but you guys might have an idea). Thanks.

    EDIT: nvm ,it was ServerTools screwing with it.


    There is a redstone control panel, not sure what it's called, but it needs a lever and 1 aluminium/iron plate in an assembler. You will also need to configure the pump module with a screwdriver to turn off with a redstone signal.

    The restone control panel is the machine controller afaik (which i have tried)...but i forgot to configure the pump module, so will give that a go first

    Is there any way to disable a pump module, or at least turn it off to stop it using power when there is no fluid to transfer?

    I am centrifuging items for methane, which is fed into a fluid canner with a pump module attached to the centrifuge. Machine controller cover doesn't work, and i'm guessing there's no redstone-controlled circuit breaker.

    Ideas appreciated.

    If you want to know whether or not it is based on realism, I will just state that to make 1 Gold bar worth of iridium at 100% efficiency you would need 1.04435352 × 10^20 joules, or about 0.1 Zottajoule, 1/50 of the worlds annual energy usage.
    So yeah, its not realistic.

    Actually, I was just after a simple ratio :) I'd to balance a recipe in Advanced Solar's Molecular Transformer. (Currently,9 million EU is reqd to transform 1 iron to 1 iridium ore)

    Specifically, how much EU is required (100% efficiency) to make 1000mb of UU?

    (@Sirus: You may have given me an answer to my question, but you've thrown me with Joules)

    Instead of turning off rolling machine completely, I would rather find a way to remove iron and steel plate recipes from it. Does mine tweaker support RC in that matter?

    Yes. it does.

    My colleague (Virezz) and I have been creating our custom modpack for 1.7.10, which launches on Friday. We have a variety of mods, including TE, Blood Magic, Buildcraft, Extra Utilities, etc...and have used minetweaker to alter numerous recipes with the aim of maintaining balance alongside GT. Basically, GT is used as the benchmark in terms of processing and materials used.

    For example, Basic TE machine frames require aluminium plates, whereas the Resonant machine frames will require tungsten plates and an enderium gear. Enderium can only be processed via GT Blast Furnace and Vacuum Freezer.

    If you want to take a look at some of the recipe changes we've made, feel free:

    (sorry, link no longer active)

    For further info, you can check the link for our sub-reddit in my signature...we still have a few things to change, but most of the info will be there in the next couple of days.

    Redstone Flux is generally considered to be significantly easier to acquire in large quantities than any other form of energy. (And this is 'large quantities' relative to the rate at which it is consumed.) Additionally, it has very stringent limits on how much of it can be moved around or stored at any given time, and no penalties associated with its misuse to encourage good engineering or design. Many people in this thread severely dislike it because it is seen as being "too easy" to use.
    I will say the idea of the default Thermal Expansion Dynamos automatically scaling their energy generation and fuel usage based on the drain coming through the network is pretty cool, but then things like Extra Utilities, Big Reactors, Tinker's Construct / Tinker's Mechworks / Tinker's Steelworks come into play, and throw generation rates out the window. (Heck, Extra Utilities even has some really interesting ideas for generators... they just make those ideas way way too easy to build, and produce far more RF than they have any right to. And Big Reactors is also really cool, but with no penalty for screwing up other than reduced fuel efficiency, and with nuclear fuel not being really that hard to acquire... It's too much energy for no risk. Like, the way Big Reactors works is really, really cool, but... there's literally no risk involved in bad design or operation.)
    Another thing that is generally disliked around these parts is the statement FTB made a few months ago that all mods in their primary packs would have to be RF-compatible, and that mods that were exclusive to any other energy system would have to get their own packs, which as we see it, to the larger modding community resigns IC2 to the realm of "dead mods" that other people out there try to make RF-compatible copies of some of its functions. (When this first came up, we were talking about people saying they never used IC2 or disliked the mod, except for X, Y, and Z specific features that actually entailed a fair amount of the mod. The hypocricy was beautiful.)

    I agree that RF power is far too easy to acquire, and poor set-ups are not punished even with throttling. I think part of the reason that RF is seen to be easy is because mod devs utilising the RF API have been lazy and unimaginative. The decision from FTB to single-out RF as the go-to power type is largely down to their modpack devs (primarily Jadedcat), who admitted that she had no interest in playing with IC2, so would see no point in making a pack that utilised much for catering to the community as a whole, right?

    However, with the help of configs and minetweaker, it's possible to make those other mods you mentioned a challenge. I'm part of a community that likes to have a variety of mods, but also want it to be challenging. For instance, Big Reactors can only be fuelled with Uranium 238 or Plutonium 244, with Yellorium generation disabled (and power output reduced to 10% of default), and only GT world gen enabled. So if you want all the RF output, you're going to have to process all that Uraninite with GT machines. Changing the recipes for some of the blocks to require GT pumps etc can bring some balance. The dev is also going to implement explosions soon, so fuel rods need to be carefully managed.

    I have mods ranging from Blood Magic to Extra Utilities, but all require GT components to some extent (and we make lava pretty much useless in terms of fuel)...but i will admit, it appeals to an acquired taste. Most people prefer having infinite materials within the first fortnight, and playing mods that require very little thinking. I'm surprised people don't get bored playing the core part of the game the same every time they start a new map.

    So, we are currently testing 1.7.10 on my server too (based on Kirara settings). Just a heads up, and i'm sure you know of this already (re: Azanor vs CJ on github), but you need to remove the TC API from Railcraft jar to prevent crashing when using Thauminomicon.

    Anyway, how goes Kirara's updating?