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    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Gravitation Suite 2.0.0
    + Ported to Minecraft 1.7.10 and IC EXP 2-2.2.X
    + Added full localization for mod (you can send me your's translate for other lang. I will add it into main build)
    + Added new mode for GraviChestPlate - Levitation mode (You can change it same as Jetpack). This mode give you always flight (not needed to press double space for fly and you can't falling)
    + Decrease power consumption in GraviChestPlate if you on land and gravitation engine is on (now it's only 1 eu\t !!!)
    + Increase boost power in GraviChestPlate (You can fly faster :) )
    + Decrease falling speed in "Hover mode" of Adv jetpack. Now it's more softly. (you can increase falling speed by press "SNEAK" + "BOOST" or increase rise by press "JUMP" + "BOOST")
    + Added new KEY = "HUD display" in game settings. By pressing this key you can disable and enable information status on main screen. Pressing "IC ALT key" + "HUD display" you can change display position of status information in game !

    P.S. Sounds not work now. But i will try to fix it in next build !

    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Advanced Solar Panels v3.5.0
    + Ported to Minecraft 1.7.2
    + Added new Quantum Solar Panel (generating 4096 eu\t during the day and 2048 at night)
    + Reworked Molecular Transformer recipes
    + Fixed some bugs in Molecular Transformer
    + Added multi language support

    After long years of researches of a quantum matter we could reach unknown heights in quantum physics. And now we can offer our most perfect solar panel! With the new quantum core, we were able to improve the generation of energy in dark time by 4 times! An energy output at day - 4 096 eu, at night and rainy days 2048 eu!!!
    Screenshot and CraftingRecipe:

    P.S. Thanks to mak326428 for his help in porting addon and bringing up the idea of Quantum Panel !

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    10 RF = 1 MJ
    1 MJ = 2.5 EU
    So, the default energy ratio should be 4 RF = 1 EU
    You should also add a config for loss. (give in %)
    For example, if there is a 10% loss on EU, if you input 100 EU, only 90 EU is converted, the other 10 EU is wasted.

    If you use 4RF = 1 EU, then magmatic engine give you 45 000 eu (180 000 RF). I think it's so bit little cheat for cheap engine. I calculate middle convert value 8RF = 1 EU. When converting energy from different mods can not find the golden mean.
    If you think that default values not good, you always can change convert ratio in config file.

    Once again, we lost you ;(

    I will back soon xD

    Power Utilites !

    I am proud to present to you my new IC addon.
    In this addon i plan to add some new power device for IC.
    Now i present one cool device which convert IC energy to Thermal Expansion and reverse.

    Power Converter !
    This is universal device (all in one) for convert energy of different mods (IC, BC, UE, TE) in future !
    Now this device convert energy of 2 mods: Industrial craft and Thermal Expansion
    Base convert ratio: 8 RF for 1 EU (you can change this value in config file).
    Base IC (input \ output): 128 eu (it's can increase using "transformers upgrade"). Maximum upgrade = 4
    Base TE (input \ output): not limit
    Input \ output side (EU \ RF): any side
    Type of convert can changed in GUI.

    Hey, I saw that in the last version, the crafting of the things using lapotron crystals did not work and you fixed it now.
    I'm having the same problem. Could you please tell me, how you fixed that?
    Thanks in advance.

    Try to use default IC code. Sample:

    public static ItemStack copyWithWildCard(ItemStack itemStack) {
        ItemStack ret = itemStack.copy();
        Item.dyePowder.setDamage(ret, 32767);
        return ret;
    Recipes.advRecipes.addRecipe(new ye(ultimateLappack, 1), new Object[] { "RBR", "RDR", "RAR", Character.valueOf('R'), copyWithWildCard(Items.getItem("lapotronCrystal")), Character.valueOf('B'), Items.getItem("iridiumPlate"), Character.valueOf('D'), copyWithWildCard(Items.getItem("lapPack")), Character.valueOf('A'), "itemSuperconductor" });

    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Gravitation Suite 1.9.9a
    + Added torch place by Advanced Diamond Drill rightclick (like as Diamond Drill)
    + Added 2 modes in Advanced Chainsaw (Normal and No shears) like as normal Chainsaw
    + Fixed crash on shears in Advanced Chainsaw

    Before you go straight to 1.7, would it be possible for you to set up gravisuites to access the inventories in the new 1.6 way.
    Because it uses the older way, If I add battle gear, which allows duel wielding and shield allongside the swords, it makes use of the right clicking to activate the second hand/shield. When gravisuites is installed and you punch an entity with the left hand (right click) at gives this crash:…03-04_19.41.28-server.txt
    Apparently IC2 had this same problem with the mod, but IC2 Fixed it very long ago.
    Very awesome mod. But Gravisuites is also an awesome mod, which is why they should be allowed to work together!

    Ok. I will try to fix it.

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