[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Gravitation Suite v2.0.3!

  • Has anyone else had trouble switching flight modes with the advanced electric jetpack? I can't seem to get it to switch to hover mode. I changed the bind key to "V". I have tried everything, changing the bind key, shifting, spacebar, and pressing the mode switch key. Is this a bug? Or can you no longer switch to hover mode? Any idea how to fix this?

  • Well it's kind of work in progress. Sentimel designated me to do 1.7 port, and I did pretty well (almost everything works), but then laziness came over me and yeah. No 1.7 until sloth goes away.


    John Titor:
    Trouble switching flight modes on Advanced electric jetpacks.

    For switching mode, I changed mode key to 'Y'. Then press and hold left shift while pressing Y to switch modes.

  • The links to the Sphax texture pack patch are broken. I can get to the forum thread, but the download links there are no good, and I can't post there because the thread is locked. Does anyone here have a 1.6.4 version of the patch?

  • Suggestion:
    Add config option to stop charging items when energy level of chestplates drops to some critical lvl (in percentages).
    So if i used too much energy to drill a hole, i will not stay defenseless and without jetpack to fly up from that hole.
    And maybe some control key to turn on/off that "Safe-mode". And of course there must be indicator in HUD too. =)

  • Well it's kind of work in progress. Sentimel designated me to do 1.7 port, and I did pretty well (almost everything works), but then laziness came over me and yeah. No 1.7 until sloth goes away.

    Good day, I understand that too lazy to do a port on 1.7.2, but we
    really like your mod, and look forward to the release under 1.7.2, as it
    is entirely purely on 1.7.2, there are new fashion or updated who are
    no longer under 1.6.4.
    Thanks for your mod!!!, I look forward to when we will have time to release an update under 1.7.2.

  • Is the ultimate solar helmet unavailable if you don’t have the ultimate solars mod? Or was it not implemented in 1.5.2?

  • Nice looking mod! I'm just getting back into Minecraft thanks to Feed The Beast-style modpacks, but I am picking and choosing which tech mods I want to use. I really like some of the "low end" stuff this mod offers. It will be a long time before I have any iridium, but it's nice to see that there are some very appealing upgrades to my gear before that. Thanks!

  • Well, lots of modders are skipping 1.7.2, and the more that skip it and go to 1.7.10, the more that other modder will finally update to the same version maybe before a forge 1.8..

    And lots of mods have a single 1.7.2 build just so there is a 1.7.2 build.. Im pretty sure 1.7.10 is more stable no?

  • All of the good modders have now updated to 1.7.10. Thermal Expansion, MineFactory Reloaded, Applied Energistics, Buildcraft, IC2, Ender Storage, only to name a few.

    This has always been my favorite mod addon, and I can hardly wait until it updates to 1.7.10. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • I'd also like this mod updated to 1.7.10, it's one of my favorites.
    Is there any other mod that does similar things (armor+battery, armor+flying, armor+battery+flying)?

  • Many people asking me about 1.7.2 version. I will write an answer here.
    It is not finished yet. There are still several known bugs. You can help me with testing If you want to have a stable build faster. Last build is on my Bitbucket.

  • Wait, Sentimel is online and has just uploaded a 1.7.10 version >.>

    Help the Official FTB Wiki reach a billion pages! [I had to keep changing it so there ^^]

    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

  • Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Gravitation Suite 2.0.0
    + Ported to Minecraft 1.7.10 and IC EXP 2-2.2.X
    + Added full localization for mod (you can send me your's translate for other lang. I will add it into main build)
    + Added new mode for GraviChestPlate - Levitation mode (You can change it same as Jetpack). This mode give you always flight (not needed to press double space for fly and you can't falling)
    + Decrease power consumption in GraviChestPlate if you on land and gravitation engine is on (now it's only 1 eu\t !!!)
    + Increase boost power in GraviChestPlate (You can fly faster :) )
    + Decrease falling speed in "Hover mode" of Adv jetpack. Now it's more softly. (you can increase falling speed by press "SNEAK" + "BOOST" or increase rise by press "JUMP" + "BOOST")
    + Added new KEY = "HUD display" in game settings. By pressing this key you can disable and enable information status on main screen. Pressing "IC ALT key" + "HUD display" you can change display position of status information in game !

    P.S. Sounds not work now. But i will try to fix it in next build !

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