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    Hey everyone! Sorry for being so inactive lately. Been on vacation, new semester has started - been kinda busy irl.
    I will pick up development again when I get back to my programming environment on monday.
    There are some new things coming that I had almost finished and will now be coming soon - well after I finish working through the bug reports :P.
    You'll be hearing from me!

    nice to hear that this addon isn't dead.
    anyway you'd consider making better IC2/RC converters? something along the lines of an advanced steam turbine? The RC steam turbine caps at 100 EU/t for 320 steam per tick which is less than using 8 industrial steam engines and a pneumatic generator but that setup is a hassle. something like having 3 turbine assemblies in it, low pressure (stock steel turbine assembly), Medium (something with mixed metal ingots), and high (uses iridium ore and obsidian dust to make iridium alloy ingots 8:1 ratio then follows the stock steel turbine assembly's recipe). as well as have the output levels adjustable in a config file
    I would do it myself...but my Java skills are....non existent, there's more I'd love done but its all BC pipes using mixed metal ingots and that iridium alloy ingot i mentioned