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    Translation: Greg is bad, IC2 forum sucks. I suggest playing with DartCraft and Thermal Expansion.

    Nah, translation would be the same I openly say erry time I state my opinion on Gregtech - after the 4.0 version we have a steady decline in mod playability and "fun"(to each his own, of course), unnecessary grind and no finalized versions for years already. Also, I do not believe that we will ever see a finalized and playable gt version done by Greg since he is way to consumed with crops and survivalgrind stuff. Also, I recommended this fellow to wait till winter, since we will probably see some significant development by Greg until then.

    No need to twist what I said for people who can not understand Russian. Not everyone would have bothered to google translate what I said, and some would have probably believed you.

    Разработкой 5-й версии gregtech занимается Blood Asp, тебе сюда
    Реализован и термоядерный реактор и много чего еще.
    А насчет 6-й - хз что автор будет с ней делать. Она в стадии альфы и очень много чего не запилено еще (имхо активная разработка будет по осени, как жара спадет).

    Та не нихуя не будт в 6й версии. Скок здесь сижу, с моей колокольни так мне кажется мод более или менее умер как мод индастриализации. Слишком большой фокус вышел на выживание и ненужный грайнд. Если в ГТ хочется покатать, я бы даже сказал что 5й тож хуйня на самом деле. Старше 4й версии вообще все стало оч уныло. Ну как уныло, просто по-другому. Где то тут на последних страницах были ссылки на порт гт 4й версии, он ниче, мона покатать. А так, да, то что постер в цитате сказал - играй в порт 5, жди зимы если охота играть в 6й. Пока в 6 ток литье металлов и инструменты, сам по себе он пока ток сильно засоряет НЕИ.

    But the fact that I feel sick because of not being able to do anything disproves that. And basic cooling would be Fans, and I do use the Fan when it gets unbearably hot.

    It was hotter than that last week. So yes I know what heat is. And at the risk of provoking the weather: It seems to finally get colder slowly.

    Just get working already :P Screw bugs we need featured

    You guys are boring. How can you not wish for living in a deserted settlement somewhere in the middle of nowhere? With sand and sun being the only thing around you, for miles. I will move to Dubai one day, having comfort, water, and luxury together with the sun and deserts.

    Also, git gud at sleeping - how can you be so picky, srsly :P

    Sorry aka, I am not duing that intentionally. I cannot do any creative things with this stinkin heat around me. And feeling ill (kindof like having the common cold) in the morning whenever I wake up doesn't make it any better. Over the last 9 days I wasn't able to do anything other than mostly afking/chatting in MC and watching Videos/TV, while writing down some Ideas I got. Well and what you see in the Changelog for Version 50.

    I did hope that I could be much more productive this Summer. I need to work more while it is colder, in order to fulfill the goal of adding enough good Features per Month.

    We know that teasing us is not your intention ;). That's why we still love you after everything. Just, you know, for the first time in a few years a complete vanilla GT experience wäre wie Balsam für meine Seele. It's almost worse than ic2 experimental. Shit, I dont even remember when I played the last stable version.

    Just don't go full Eloraam on us, vanishing and abandoning the project.

    If only greg added back the biome restriction again you say hm?
    Worldgen configs would have a new line that would allow us to specify which (base) biomes the ores mixes would spawn.

    Would be nice to have such, because for example mountains then would have a much greater chance to have tin and tetrahedrite since those would be pretty much the only ores to spawn on a mountainous biome.

    We can dream :D

    But something tells me that we are not going to see it in our lifetimes...
    Just as a fusion reactor and proper endgame done by Greg himself...


    What really made you remove all that good working stuff from GT5 and start from scratch? How long do you think it would take to remake the whole mod?

    I dont think that you understand how GT, as an example of good coding approach, really works.

    The most important part of GT are "tools" which Greg provides freely to everyone, the core of his mod, an API. What that basically means, that this is like a big box of Legos - you can take the provided bricks and build almost anything out of it. Greg takes pride (absolutely justified) in his very own "box of Legos" which he constantly improves, making the blocks easier accessible and more optimized. The API was never realm fully deleted, and is always in constant development. If you open what you have downloaded with gt 6 you will see that you actually have all the bricks needed to implement almost everything there was in gt 5.

    Now, what Greg did, is that hr was not really satisfied with the quality of his old constructions, which used the older versions of his API, so he removed them and worked on improving the quality of his said API. When he has done all the changes to the brickbox he thinks are necessary, he can then use it to quickly rebuild all of his old and new ideas.

    Meanwhile, if you really-really want to play with GregTech, you can use what exists with the older API and polished by our glorious forum member, which has almost anything you'd wish for. Otherwise you'll have to wait till Greg has played around with his API enough that he starts reimplementing content again. ;)

    Take it easy erryone, if you don't have a gf you probably don't need one. If anyone is getting desperate, rent a hooker. Having a "gf" is not actually having something, but rather having a partner, for whom you make sacrifices, and who is willing to do sacrifices for you. If you try to force the funding of such a partner, the only thing you will get is nit a gf, but rather a broken heart and headaches. Do what You like to do, enjoy the life, be yourself, keep in shape and stay somewhat socialized, and one day you will find that special someone.

    I promise, and I don't make empty promises ;).

    Yes, rubbers would also be very nice. It just don't bothers me that much because we are not really rubbersependant at all in our crafting/production. More rubber in everything would certainly be more fun, if you include some sort of inhouse rubber tree automation and or oil stuff.