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    Well, I can hear some sarcasm on that sentence.

    Worldgen isn't 100% done yet. That is all I have to say. I don't say I plan to work on Worldgen soon, but I will do it sometime. Maybe I will add Oil Blocks, maybe I won't ever do that.

    Surprisingly contrary to my usual full-of-sarcasm posting it was a genuine compliment. And I almost never give compliments.

    Regarding oil - when playing the older Gregtech versions, when there were no pipes yet and stuff, I think it was around 1.4.7 or maybe even earlier, I found oil to be a very handy midgame source of power, which was very well balanced due to rarity/transportation/refining and having to spam diesel generators to utilize it.

    I think with the gt 5.0 system with coal being the earlygame power, nuclear late game and fusion supposing to be endgame, I think that a bigger oil industry would be very fitting to your current vision of the mod.
    I imagine the energy tree the following way -
    1.Obviously no-power tier, which you currently focus on. Simple automatisation, almost no machinery, heavy focus on manual production.
    2.Steam, I guess, unless you want to implement something with rotary power from wind/watermills before that. Small automation, simple machines, first "longlasting" tier where you can stay for quite a while, as it was earlier.
    3. Electro-steam age - using steam-powered generators-turbines, maybe the multiblock lava boilers + turbine as you had them before, coal multiblock boilers. I think here could be the first simple usage of oil - just dump a bucket in burning boxes, or maybe some unrefined oil boilers+pumps as a overworld alternative to nether pumping?
    4. Electroage-late with nuclear power, solar power and possibly advanced oil processing(?), maybe adding refineries which could do refining akin to factorios refining system - producing heavy oil, diesel and gas, maybe including "cracking" of heavy oil into diesel, etc, different tiers of generators with different efficiency - so that heavy oil is used for stationary multiblock boilers, which take a while to heat up, diesel for single-block generators and gas for gas turbines. Also it would be interesting seeing plastic production tied to raw oil instead of ic2 rubber stuff.
    5. Endgame, probably with fusion, huge spammed power plants (see the famous windmill farm by spwnx) etc.

    Is that vision somewhat alligning with the one you currently have? I miss the old oil/lavapumping days so much, give me hope please.

    They can avoid these laws easily, guess why they are sued that often.

    Muh paranoia and evul corporations

    We totally see how electronics break down because of cheap parts and timed life, not because the average consumer is marketed towards buying a new one. Just take a look at the average phone/laptop/car/house hold item name here user.

    Just a heads up to Thylacraft players, the SSD just died. Yeah, lovely.

    I'm rebuilding today's 2pm CST backup on the main HDD for the time being and will be installing an old pair of 1TB HDDs tomorrow in RAID0 as a stopgap measure until we can afford a new SSD. So, until tomorrow, it's gonna be really slow. Tomorrow, i'll be a bit slow, but not as bad. Once we get a replacement SSD, then things will be back to normal.

    Sorry for the inconvenience that the fragility of brand new, high-speed technology causes these days.

    How did you manage to kill the SSD? I mean, sure, performance degradation is a thing, but completely killing an SSD? How?

    the most likely intended fragility of it, that is. if things don't break down, companies lose a customer everytime they sell something. might not apply that much for computers and stuff, as that's old in a few weeks, anyway, but it still applies.

    Load of bollocks, having "selfdestructung" or products with timed life is a PR suicide for any manufacturer. The thing is that most of the time the customer refuses to pay for the extra reliability, is informed of his decision and is therefore sooner or later buying a new product. Like with HDDs - you can buy a datacenter-grade HDD, there are no restrictions for you not to do so. It's just, are you willing to pay the price for it?
    Same goes to cars, clothing, everything, basically.

    sorry if that sounded like a rant, but i really don't understand how to do it. and all help i get is is "whatever is in the crucible is not fluid if you can't get it out". ya know, i'd guessed that, and heated copper ore(and pyrite, to try if that works) up past it's melting point. I'd read somewhere that you just have to heat pyrite past sulfur's boiling point, and you'd get iron or something. And there just is no documentation about it.

    Oh, accept my apology then, internet stranger! YOu sounded exactly the opposite, implicating that you know it all and we peasants need the manual. I pull back my last statement. It was merely a miscommunication