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    Thank you, friuendly stranger! It helps a lot.

    Another question - all of sudden, my cobblestone recipes stopped working. Any idea, what could be the issue? They're working in SIngle Player, but stopped working on a server. I didn't change any config files.

    UPD: Ahahaha goddamit am I stupid. I'm trying to use cobblestone monster eggs which someone had in a chest))))))

    Are gregtech gem spawn rates deliberately low because of rp2 spawn rates? The real question is: will gt spawn rates change if and when rp2 is excluded from official 1.6 packs?

    Actually, if you read Greg's recommendations, you're supposed to turn them off, so there are no rp2 gems at all. So yeah, ruby dust is and will be rare :D

    Btw which books? Are they in 1.4.7 version in yet?

    Greg, sorry for being annoying, but it seems the plutonium ingots are missing in the faithful pack. And some others. Do I understand it right, that you do not have any influence on their development?