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    i think that this should be more useful when you have a lot of tight, cramped wiring, because an electrical arc can only span so far without millions of volts (lightning is an electrical arc) this should be short-range wireless so you dont have to get confused with painting and re-wiring, a scaled down lightning particle could be used and spans the area between 2 tesla's, which, if you walk through, shocks you for about 2-4 hearts and loses all the EU/t passing through the wire

    KInda, but i was thinking this one would be more focused of equipping you with the right armour and tools for the job. with that idea, its more of a slap-up inventory, when you can place it down wherever it's convenient and get the items that you put in there. i think i would put this item in a more base-oriented category, because it needs power to work, as well as a redstone signal, which is slower to produce and put down then a simple block. looking at that thread, i will change the suggested craft recipe as well.

    this came to me while watching direwolf20: why not have a block which swaps out it's inventory for yours including armour etc., in exchange for EU?
    i think it should cost somewhere between 1000-5000 EU. it could be used in a room with lines of them, all with different suits for different purposes e.g. lappack, torches, forestry backpacks, rubber boots, food, diamond drill and potions of health and fire resistance for mining etc.

    i thought i might try making it myself, but i would fail miserably because i dont have the slightest clue about working with java ;(

    but even if the IC devs themselves take it up, maybe someone with knowledge of java and the forge API could make an addon for it.
    if that happens, then my selfish inclinations are telling me to ask for credit for the idea, but who really cares who had the idea?

    crafting recipe(s) could be:
    :Bronze Helmet: :Refined Iron: :Bronze Chestplate:
    :Glass Fibre: :Energy Crystal: :Glass Fibre:
    :Bronze Leggings: :Refined Iron: :Bronze Boots:
    :Nano-Helmet: :Electronic Circuit: :Bronze Chestplate:
    :Matter: :Energy Crystal: :Matter:
    :Bronze Leggings: :Glass Fibre: :Rubber Boots:
    or even:
    :Matter: :Nano Saber: :Matter:
    :Energy Crystal: :HV-Transformer: :Energy Crystal:
    :Matter: :Nano-Leggings: :Matter:

    P.S i won't have much time to reply soon as i am 13 and school is starting again soon, grumble grumble year 9 grumble grumble

    sorry if i'm a bit of a thread necro, but for storage of antimatter you would also need a vacuum. maybe a vacuum pump could be made of an :Empty Cell: some :Energy Crystal: an :Advanced Machine: and a :Batbox: . you would need it to make vacuum chests and pump antimatter from the mass fab into vacuum tube where 16 are made with :Glass Fibre: (glass panes) :Iridium: (to reinforce the glass) an :Empty Cell: and some :Gold Dust: (for lulz).


    or hate me for being a necro :S

    in industrialcraft i can see a few tiers of technology: batBox, MFE, MFSU; Bronze armour, NanoSuit, QuantumSuit; Bronze Pickaxe, Mining Drill, Diamond Drill etc. why not have antimatter as a 4th tier?

    i thought of this literally about 30 seconds ago, but IRL, 1 gram of antimatter costs $65,000,000,000,000. of course we cant have it being that expensive but it could be made using a new machine in a process with UU-Matter.

    one issue is storage. when antimatter comes into contact with any type of matter (air, iron, anything else) the result is complete annihilation which turns the matter and antimatter into pure energy, a sh*t-tonne of pure energy. (maybe i should change my name to human_encyclopaedia) the point is, you cant store antimatter unless it is suspended via. electric charges in a vacuum. alblaka could add a special pipe for this but that would probably cause issues with BC and RP2. you would also need special chests to keep it in.

    i cant think of many uses for antimatter except for tools and weapons, maybe new cables even. in real life, there arent any practical uses for antimatter, but hey.

    forgive me if i'm going on a bit, but im recovering from an operation and i dont have much to do with my time.

    P.S. well done if you read the entire thing

    EDIT: doh! i see someone has already beaten me to it

    all these are great, but I might want more, because I have sooooooo much uranium.

    I have 18 uranium ore which is 8 blocks worth of ingots

    I have about 5-6 more uran in my deep mine because I was bored of uranium mining

    in other words: sooo much :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium:
    (thats actually how much I have)

    all this talk about marks and heat/cool surpluses makes me faint. could someone give me a simple 2-3 chamber reactor that I can run NON-STOP without having an explosion or having to carry round 5 buckets of water with me?


    maybe they should add some fixes to the jetpacks for instance: hovering should be toggled by the activate suit key (lctrl) rather than me hurting my hand trying to reach for h

    hovering should be able to be toggled on the floor

    the electric jetpack should not be limited to a height of 85, cos i fly up, then fall down, then fly up etc.
    otherwise, it should have an improved hover mode, where you dont lose height gradually, move up with space, and move down with shift

    any thoughts?

    i know about batboxes, but making that much batteries is a pain in the ar*e

    LV transformers seem the best option at the moment then, but they only accept input from one side unless i use gold cables and transform it down at the end :LV-Transformer: *yessssssssss! theres a LV-Transformer emote!*

    here are some tips for installing IC2

    IF you are going to install mcforge you cannot use mcpatcher on your .jar until after you have installed it
    get your vanilla minecraft.jar

    install modloader, modloadermp, MCForge and IC2
    install any other mods you want
    run your minecraft and close it again, if you havent used mcpatcher, this should work
    delete minecraft-1.8.1.jar (this is a backup that mcpatcher makes)
    use mcpatcher

    all should be well
    if it isn't, make a reply

    your helpfully, human_dictionary :thumbup: