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    Cell mockups in the planner work tenuously... you have to know how much heat your 1.5 setup generates, and then find something that roughly resembles it.

    However, you may run into edge cases where the heat simulation in the planner ends up being wrong because there are different cell types emitting different amounts of heat at different times than what you actually want to run. So a setup that appears stable might still fail ingame. I discovered this the hard way.

    So basically, no way to know if a design is going to explode until you try it in game. Well, that certainly makes it interesting...

    This thread is also a month old, much older than FTB 1.1.0 is.

    So be careful when you start saying what FTB does or doesn't have... :p

    And a month ago it was 1.0.2 and was still GT2.90, so I was quite careful thankyouverymuch ;)

    But seriously, I'm having issues finding good reactor designs for the new GT. I miss my 367 eu/t, 0-temp, no-maintenance (except pluto/thor cells), 4-chamber stackable reactor :(

    FYI, FTB Ultimate 1.1.0 is on GT 2.90h

    So be careful when you start saying what FTB does or doesn't have. Many people have moved to 1.1.0 because of the substantial bugfixes in lots of the mods.

    That said ... is there a good 4-chamber reactor for the 2.90+ world of GT? I am having issues finding one, especially since that handy java simulator doesn't work with the new pluto/thori

    With the 1.5.x changes to GT, what are you guys using to simulate your new reactors? v3 of Talonmage's simulator isn't accurate anymore.

    I've tried the GT Cube in game, but it is hard to use and I can't figure out how to tell it how many chambers to use in the reactor.

    Greg, for the record, I LOVE your Advanced Regulator. I haven't had the chance yet to play with the inventory manager (and hoo it is expensive), but I look forward to it soon.

    In combination with an Applied Energistics system, they're pretty awesome. Use an ME Interface to drop the items into the Regulator, and the Regulator puts them in the correct slot for the machine.

    Big kudos from me on them. They are super, amazingly useful for bridging between mods. I use them for BC machines (squeezers, induction smelters), for your Assembling Machines, for nuclear reactor management too.

    So thanks :)

    Anyone have any good designs after the new version of GT with the changes to Plutonium and Thorium?

    I used to have a real nice 4-chamber "stackable" 0-temp design that put out 367 eu/t, but now it only does 150 eu/t.

    Plus my breeder is useless, it'd explode the moment I turned it on if I were using it :D

    I just haven't seen much discussion about new designs using the new plutonium and thorium changes.