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    if it work fine with 1.337, should you edit the main topic to announce that it capable to run on 1.337 too?


    lol, i just notice he's not OP, i though he was OP so that why i ask him.
    well i got my answer, it work on 1.337 then i'll go on :love:


    geez, do we still talking about Solar Panel or what? it's seem OP gone from his own topic like 2-3 pages now.

    you guy keep drag up your own logic and try to make other people accept your logic while they not accept it and want you to accept them too.
    if OP doesn't happy about SPanel being nerf in this patch, can't we point him to how to fix the file so he can edit his own output to his pleasure?

    it gonna be very hard or impossible to code them to shoot unless you make it work light tesla coil, shoot anything that come within range.
    so you may need to make remote control or some kind of special device to disable it.

    i not gonna force you to do it but if it possible i'll be the happy cow MinecraftCow
    damn, i like those barbed wire :thumbup:

    *i just notice if i didn't use Diamond Drill to break it, it took damn long to break it down. can you lower their resistance?

    This is a wonderful mod and so useful for me...
    However, no mod can stop me from accidentally wrenching a machine when it's in operation! Inconvenient is when it's done to a Miner, and then I have to go down the hole breaking pipe (and lose the pipe head). But TRAGIC is when I'm abesntmindedly holding a wrench and I click on my MFSU to see if it's finally gotten to 10 Million. ;(

    that why i never place wrench in my hotbar, i even take it out when i done my business with it.
    after i screw up my own Miner and MFSU.


    that very bad luck

    wow shit, the business against MC mob now get serious, we have original defense system like water, lava, trap door and now we going to modern defensive to fightagainst them?
    now..........add some SENTRY!!!
    so i could create Military Base :thumbup:

    Tested, worked perfectly. With electric wrenches, too, that's cool.

    Such a relief, not holding my breath every time I wrench something. Thank you!

    i was laugh at you guy how unlucky you're since mine never break anything.
    i went back to my own factory for adjustment and BAM!!! 13 Machine in row!!!!

    goddamn Karma ;(

    now i need this SUPER WRENCH too!!!

    Yes, if you use your same seed with a new generated world with a mod installed, some of the blocks will be replaced with the new ones. You don't need to create a new world though, if you explore new chunks of your old map, you will find the mod ores there.

    oh i see, if the chuck that already load it will not contain any new block in new mod right? then i need to explore out to make MC update new chuck and valla!! new ore

    that save me lot of time to rebuild everything since i was playing with my friends, now the only thing we need to do is expand out.

    thank for answer :D

    yeah this have nothing to do with IC but it's still MC :thumbup:

    so i just install other mod that included new ore / block, so i need to generate new world in order to have them in my world
    now the question is if i use same world Seed will it generate new block into that Seed too?

    The BatPack works just fine with the diamond drill. It doesn't work with the laser, but it does work with the diamond drill.

    since i never use Diamond drill before but right now i using with bat-pack, work fine :thumbup:
    also isn't Elec wrench also usable with bat-pack too? since i wear it all time and the E-Wrench power never worn out.

    *seriously we need Tier2-3 bat-pack for Mining Laser, you know.....i mostly use them as Laser Rifle lolz
    worn nano suit but using bow for range attack isn't feel right.

    You might also want to ask yourself if it's even worth using CF in a place where it's not exposed to light :)

    One layer is already blast proof to anything but a nuke/meltdown, so you don't gain anything there. You can't see it, so the paintability doesn't matter. And it's more time consuming to manufacture/place.

    Consider leaving it hollow (gotta put the wires and pipes somewhere, right?) or using a cheaper fill material.

    i have habit to create whole building with same material :love:
    but now i use those foam for wall since it's creeper proof, for inner wall i use other material like Cobble or Stone.
    also since it's paintable that why i like to paint my building :D

    so should it drop down the pipe to suck up liquid into it like BC too?
    maybe we need to add pump pipe, just like mining pipe but this one for pump only.

    also should we have something like scanner that can set range how far / deep it will drain? this will be useful for suck up lava.

    Why would Someone, Pump lava from the nether?
    The only way to get it back to the overworld is through bucket travel.

    It would be better to get teleport pipes.
    Hopefully, They have updated it to BC 2.24 :D

    P.S Where can i found a IC2 Painterly texture pack Add-on?

    for lava cell of course :)
    it wasn't my idea though, my friend set up the Portal and he got this idea, since Solar System cause major lag to us (each person use like 50-75 Solar panel) so we want other energy source.

    i heard about Bucket Filler BC, does it useable in SMP???