How do you start a new world?

  • How do you Start a new world/server 66

    1. 1 Macerator, Electro Furnace, Extractor (40) 61%
    2. 2 Macerator, Electro Furnace (3) 5%
    3. 1 Macerator, Solar Pannel(s) (7) 11%
    4. Other (Post below) (16) 24%

    Kinda wondering, there is a few different paths you can take on that first bit of machinery (first 3+Generator). How do you start?


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  • I go,
    Regular Generator
    Solar Panels/Geothermal Generator (Depending on abundance of nearby lava)
    and so on.

  • I start with a Generator (coal), then place a Charging bench next to it (Troll, the add-on), then a macerator, extractor, then all of the other stuff.

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    I actually endevor to tech up to advanced machines as quickly as possible. I spend a good amount of time mining, and then quickly build:

    Generator, Macerator (2x), Electro Furnace (2x), 1x extractor, 1x compressor

    Then, I hopefully have enough resources to go

    A couple solars
    2x Induction Furance (Upgrade the 2x electro's above)
    2x Rotary Macerator (Upgrade the 2x macerators above)
    1x Adv Extractor
    1x Adv Compressor.

    I'm impatient when it comes to macerating :).

  • for me its ussaly a gen, macer, 3 bat boxes, 5-8 solar electo furnace, 2 bat packs +drill (Ddrill if i have enough coal/diamonds)


    It's the idea of playing with atomic power, I am not perfect, same as any other human. Therefor, human = mistakes, mistakes = bad things, bad things + atomic fusion = very bad things. :cursing: :Nuke TNT: :cursing:


  • Macerator, Electric Furnace, Generator (MEG) is a pretty standard 'build order' for most IC play... You usually don't tech into Solar until AFTER you have an initial reserve of energy to grind coal with and a way to keep your 'excess' energy in storage as it comes along...

    There are exceptions. On my 'Let's Play', I did do a GExM build (Generator, Extractor, Macerator) due to the fact that the low amounts of rubber that I was coming across required it. Another build (but semi-inefficient) that you can try is EExG (Electric Furnace, Extractor, Generator) if your initial ore count is higher than expected, and EU demand is relatively low (I find that this really only works on RedPower worlds with 'common' gems that have diamond level usage and expendable durability)...

    But afterwhich, you do want to tech into at least one of each starting machine (Maceator, Extractor, Electric Furnace, Compressor, Bat Box), just for the sake of efficiency. But the order at which you approach this Tech 1 tier of play can vary by resource demand/need...

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  • Single Player > Create New World



    Macerator, Extractor, Generator is pretty much the minimum machinery to not 'waste' any resources. My second priority would be to acquire a drill. I usually stick with a simple generator for a long time, because trees are able to be replanted and Charcoal is cheap, and so are a bank of vanilla furnaces.

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  • I've only made one IndustrialCraft world (still relatively new to it), but I do recall starting with the furnaces, then generator, batbox, solar panel, macerator .. Then I cut straight to Induction Furnace .. I was unable to power it for the longest time :D. Somewhere in there I concentrated on making a miner, so I didn't have to frolic around in caves. This resulted in a lot of lava cells, and resources, and expanded rapidly into trying everything IndustrialCraft has to offer. Still doing it, and still loving it. :love:

  • 1. Mine mine mine!
    Generator -> macerator + extractor + el. furnace

    2. Mine mine mine (find bigass lava pool)
    drill hole with BC miner, make miner into bc pump, huge ass tanks of lava filling generators
    travel nether->grab glowstone
    grab alchemist stone
    Generator -> geothermal
    el. furnace -> induction furnace
    More macerators, more macerators!
    4x quarry 32x32 (screw nature)

    3. wait for profit!
    EE: energy collector, get insane amout of coal

    4. and they lived happily ever after!

  • Generator, Macerator, extractor, Batbox, solar panels(5 to start)(with a generator for emergency power), and work my way up to a MFS as quick as I can(I go on LONG mining trips, so storing extra power is good for my setup), and auxiliary Batboxes for even more power(plus I use 1 gold cable with two rubber to make it somewhat safe between the MFS and the LV Converter thing before my chain of Batboxes).
    I rarely use batteries in things other then tools.

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  • As I know of no way of generating initial power that doesn't require first building at least /one/ generator to put inside something else...

    Generator (always first item, irrespective of anything else).




    I will -typically- build an electro furnace if I have a lot of resources; but if wood is easier to come by than iron I will plot along with the old stone furnace for my fuel and smelting until I've built a miner and mined more iron. A pump is next.

  • you dont macerator without energy source, you cant use redstone directly for machines in IC2 (last time i checked only storage consume redstone)

    1) Generator+upgrade to lava
    2) Extractor
    3) Everything else

    stupid poll, there is no reason to make macerator first, you can mine hurge amount of ore in no time, rubber is unlimited at start of new game.

  • I generally go the route in the Wiki - first I make a generator, then an extractor, then a macerator, then an electric furnace. From there, a lot depends on what I've got to work with by then.

    Eventually, my "ideal" workshop has 2 Rotary Macerators, an Induction Furnace, Singularity Compressor and Centrifuge. Yes, I like my advanced machines. :)

  • Generator -> Macerator -> E-furnace -> Extractor -> Adv Macerator -> I-Furnace -> Locally ideal generator-type

    Then i go for the holy Grail.... the Nano-forge. also known as the Creation engine.

  • I started a new world last night, currently gathering ores (need tin, got buckets of everything else required to start). Had some difficulty finding rubber trees, after much searching, finally found one, took it down got 1 sapling, brought that home and nurtured it .. Now I've several rubber trees. :)

    Next step will be to either go through a nearby abandoned mine for tin, or dig a hole straight down.

    Think I'll go for wind power this time, I thought about popping them on top of the rubber trees for that little extra bit of height. Then, batbox, then macerator. Woo! :D

  • Those RP2 Rubber trees do make nifty initial houses. Fuel and after an extractor rubber.

    They're slow as sin to grow because of anti-griefing nerfs though.

  • Macerator->Electro furnace->Generator->Extractor is what I find works best with the mod combination I use, which is pretty large, but with it I have plenty of redstone. When playing IC standalone I go Macerator->Generator->Electro->Extractor since I can't get redstone from charcoal and/or sugarcane.