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    Hello hello hello,

    Everyone's probably happy to see a familiar face (or profile pic idk)

    I've still got rs3 on the backburner. But with a house move, a new job, and more exams >:( I've been pretty strapped, and free time is a serious luxury. I have a version in the works for minecraft 1.10, and will probably release it as-is (if I can't finish it) with the source code public.

    However, I will try to finish it, and will update you on here. (new site coming soon, old domain expired, and godaddy expiry emails are lackluster to say the least)

    Keep your eyes here for the latest news!

    Thanks for all the continued support!

    Hi guys!
    Sorry I keep giving deadlines which I am unable to meet :(
    I am currently (taking a break as we speak :P) making a web app that will allow you to see when I push updates to bitbucket, and view the outcome/changelog or download the artifacts from each build, as I am using a bamboo server due to it's increased functionality. This should take me no more than a couple of hours to code, and if all goes well, I will let you all know later on, once it has been tested and deployed!
    Rest assured, I AM still actively developing rocketscience, and hope that it will gain more interest, once development builds are made available to the public.
    Thanks for your patience :)

    Everybody Hello again!) So, what is going on? Does the author have any problems? The release was promised a week ago, but nothing has happened... Even on "" there is no news after "the slight delay"... We are looking forward to this great mod! :))

    Hey guys, sorry you didn't get the release last week, I was unable to work on the mod as I had come down with the flu and was bed-ridden all week :rolleyes:
    Just letting you know, I'm now working on those missing graphics, so expect an update soon! :D

    Hello everyone!
    (I know the ssl certificate is out of date, will be renewed before the end of the week)
    Its good to see that interest has flared up, as I am at the point where I can release the mod. Jenkins had been a little dead as I have migrated the project to bamboo, but no worries, development is still ongoing!
    Make sure to keep an eye on the RSS feed at
    Because I'll be releasing the mod by the end of the week.
    I'll let you all know about the release both on here and via my site (RSS) so make sure to check back!
    The forge version will be 1.7.10 latest and the IC2 version is yet unknown (I can't remember :') I'll let you know on release)
    Thanks again for the interest! :)

    Sorry it's been a while, haven't been gettinmg emails about new posts on here :L
    I removed the forum and deactivated the subdomain (
    The subdomain was removed, as it has been migrated to
    I also pulled the forum, as it wasn't really being used, and was full of spam bots :L

    Sorry it's been so long since an update, I've had exams and work, and I've not been on too much.

    There have been a couple of minor drawbacks, for the past week or so I've been troubleshooting with forge, and I've also had to re-code some tileentities due to my bad coding... Oops!
    But, on a side note, you can now smelt regolith into "Moon Glass" - a barely visible substance that does not shatter like normal glass, It also glows slightly... Must've been from all those years of bombardment by the sun's rays!

    Oh, and don't forget - I'm always looking to you, the community, for ideas! I regularly check my PMs and this thread for suggestions! So, if you have an idea that you would like to see in rocketscience, then make sure to leave me a PM on here, or simply reply to this thread! :D

    Hey guys, not given you an update for a while now, so thought I'd let you all know how I'm (the mod is) doing!
    Basically, development has been a little slow recently as I've had a lot of work to be doing for mock exams soon, but i've pretty much finished now, so will be back to programming the mod full time!
    I've fully implemented the cable system, along with the blast furnaces, active shielding, GPS, and the Oxygen collection/transport/usage systems, and I am now working on getting the missiles/rockets working (maybe modular) along with some explosive payloads!
    In case you didn't know, I have a forum that you can sign up to for regular updates, but they will also be posted on here.
    Oh, and for all who'd like to support the mod, you can show these banners if you like! - Light - Dark

    Upgrading to 1.7 is taking some time due to function name discrepancies (and also because I keep thinking of new features xD), and I'm almost certain that 1.8 will be even more daunting :/ Anyways, I have been working on the mod, and I promise that all of you guys here will be the first ones to know of any future release ;)

    My website is available here, and I have created a forum here.

    So, Ive been working on making the realistic reactor system, and have so far implemented:
    Fuel rod containers
    Control rods & Containers (control rod lowering system)
    Lead glass (for the prevention of gamma, beta and alpha radiation leakage.)
    Steam grates (for the collection of steam)
    Fuel chamber interfaces (blcoks that allow the player or things from other mods to access the reactor's fuel and waste and add/remove it()
    I have also added reactor coolant as a fluid alongside steam.

    Now, I'm going to need some opinions on this ://
    Okay, so, do I create the reactor coolant as a classic fluid (i.e water in vanilla MC) or do I make it a finite fluid (i.e water from the "finite liquids" mod)... The finite one would be a lot more realistic, but would also be harder to implement... However, the classic fluid would be easier to implement, but once the water blocks are placed... they would remain...

    Okay, so what I'm going to do is - Make a "tank" system...