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    Btw, about mining tools.

    Gregorius, what about adding sonic wave emitter instead of mining lazer? It could directly turn stone and ores to dust, (dissolving the molecular ties with vibrations) and possibly can be used as a weapon. Using it versus trees can give a sawdust...

    And hasmat suit. It is little wrong to me, to make a rubber suit, paint it with orange and go swimming lava. Why don't you implement "proper" hazmat suit recipe, with asbest mesh, refined glass and so on?

    I know, my jokes and comments sometimes not much pleasant, but i am not the type of guy, who tries to outrage everyone, just to get satisfaction. I am not evil! ) Just trying to communicate. And my apologies, if something is wrong.

    A spambot revived it and you DO THE SAME ??
    Really, it's half implemented now, considering Hazmat Suit + O2 cells allow to breath underwater ... you have no clear vision or normal mining underwater though, but potions and enchants can improve that point.

    Sorry, i didnt get it from the first time, that it is your... OLD POST)))) Right now i am somewhere under the table, lol..... )))))))))))))

    Well, thanx to the SpwnX, i have taked my time to learn a little about thaumcraft. SpwnX, thank you, that was enriching expirience)
    But... Seeing excavation rod and comparing it to the mining lazer almost maked me crying. Why? Why, god, what for?! what did we wrong?!!!!!
    Indeed, that... digging ray looks... diffirent from that little shitty thing, throwed out of... l-a-s-e-r.
    This ray looks.... MAGNIFICENT.
    This ray looks.... THOROUGHTLY WORKOUTED.
    Damn, it's even looks more high-tech, even it is magical.
    Could it be something implemented for mining lazer, looking like this ray? The device could be then one of the mostly favorable toy for IC2-players, i bet.
    Indeed, excavation ray is not stright, it curves and dances like a tesla charge, but it is all in the hands of developer.
    For now i see three modes for such a rifle:

    Continuous fire, that is short-ranged, low damaging with continuous damage and best for mining.

    Impulse mode, that is fires with short bursts of lazer beam (yes, they are instantly rays, from barrel, to the target) what makes impossible to dig,
    but gives a nice damage to the mobs, and it is middle-ranged.

    Overcharged mode, that is not explosive, but long-ranged, fires a single long-ray impulse that does a critical damage to the envirenment, in some short radius around the ray trajectory.

    Implementing something like this to the IC2 could reanimate the mod, giving those nice "fruit of labor" toys, that i am so much talking about...
    And as always - sorry for my english, hoping for understanding)

    I think, that swimsuit is something vital for the game, but it is much more about gregtech, not IC2, cause there is nothing much of importance in ocean biomes in IC2, instead of GT (Sapphires, so on....)
    But idea is great... if there is MO creatures mod, even pneumatic harpoon launcher could be implemented)))))

    Wasching? well thats almost the German Word "waschen".

    Something new in my vocabulary. Well... i wanted to list here words and frases in german, that i knew, (mostly aknowledged by most russians, thanks to... history) but it could looks that, like personal Greg trolling. So, i dont. Peace, people))))

    metal former shoud be reworked:

    name crucible
    use clay molds for different metal things like cells, wires, plates and anything else that can be cast, does not require any work inside it, automatically sink metals from its inventory and create items by current mold.

    it is not suggestion, i will implement my own addon\mod, current metal former is joke.

    Clay molds? What, if meaned, that metal details created by stamping, not by smelting? btw, stamping is mostly used in modern factories now.
    What is realy makes me surprised - the "ore was!C!hing machine". Grammar, pease? )

    NEI didnt showed that way of crafting. Raw, still raw... Thank u, Gregorius, i shoud get it myself)
    B.T.W., Why BDcraft not supporting your mod anymore? hanfox says so... Is it cause your mod updating too fast and too often?
    Is this situation can be solved?

    For now, experimental IC2 is a totally antithesis to the gregtech - with the same hammering ingots to plates, different metal powders output from a single ore, but with a lot more materials output, now 4 iron powders from single ore block, thanx to the therma centrifuge... It is like mod is trying to fight Gregorius influence, for the rights for separate existance) You are a true cultural invader, Greg, hehe....
    And in fact, future of IC2 is not in process of resourses gathering and processing, but in "fruits of labor", different intresting, tools, devices, weapons and armors, vehicles, possibilities.
    Nobody doing nothing about this....
    And enough about communism. The conception was used only at the early USSR, nearly in 1917-1921, about using "labor armies" - what led to the collosal life losses with miinimal efficiency output. All the "social experimentators" (surprisingly - the same, non-slavenian race!... well... you know...), responsible for the 1917 event is dead now. So the communism idea, i hope. So, enough)

    GregTech is open to everyone, you just need to have the will to learn to play with it. If you do, then you truly are the target audience of GregTech.
    NEI is pretty much essential to play with any mod, GT is not an exception. Idk what problem NEI had but it seems that downgrading a version fixes it.

    Wiki is being slooooowly updated (the community one here) . At least changelogs are constantly updated, so you won't miss any changes.

    What valume should i downgrade NEI to?

    Lol, so everything I ever did was good or what? I know that there are probably hundred thousands of people hating me, and I still did nothing wrong Karma wise, as good things always happen to me. XD

    I ofcourse know, that Karma is more of a religious thing, but the way it is getting used nowadays means basically good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people.

    Somehow i think, that when you say: "people hating me" that is all about GT mod, and it's complicity. If it so, remember, that is u r doing nothing really wrong to them, they r free to chose, take your rules, or not - so, it cannot affect your Karma, is they hating you for this, or not. What is really affecting, that is u r too lazy to follow your mod with proper recipe wiki, and that is making your mod impossible for me to play, cause NEI is displaying recipes wrongly. That is egoism, and laziness, and a little greed.... c'mon, greg, GT should be open to everyone))))

    Karma is the idea that if you do bad things, bad things happen to you, good things make good things happen.

    Very close.

    Best is to read some specialised text at wikipedia, or else.

    There is a conception in induism and buddhism, something meant as "destiny", meaning, that your actions, good or bad affects this destiny, making you to be the magnet to the good or bad events. More than that, karma follows your soul from life to life (induism and buddhism are about repeating of births of soul in the earth realm), affecting where you birthing next time, who is your parents, and even human you are, or maggot.
    Totally over 9000 karma value means, that you are going to be sky inhabitant, well, heavens, and so on, you know.....
    Something like that. Gnarly text it comes, but i am not much a native english speaker.
    And still feeling myself strange, that someone knows not the conception.