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    @Sirus: Just realized I forgot some part in the density explanation ...
    Did I really read you've written something implying that Electrons are making the mass of the Atom ? LOL. They're participating to what we could call it size, but it's a complicated Quantum Physic Phenomenom which I don't know so I won't tell about ... But as for mass, given the fact the mass of an electron is about 1/1000 of the mass of a Neutron/Proton (are they "Nucleon" in english as well ?), we can assume the mass of Os is only nucleus-related ^^.

    Also, density also depends on the "compactness" of the crystal (Volume "occupied" by atoms/Volume of the considered crystal, gives something lower than one because of obvious hole you'll get trying to stick severals balls ...), but it is roughly the same for PURE Metals I guess, aka the most compact possible ...(If it's an alloy it's a lot different, cuz the balls haven't the same sizes) at least with normal conditions of pressures and temperature. (Tin for example, is known for having 3 differents solid structures depending on the Temperature, whom one is even, according to some historians, one of the reason why Napoleon failed to conquer Russia ...)
    I feel a bit away from the topic now, lol.

    Yeeeees.... let us blame tin in Napoleon fault)))))
    The true problem with wars in Russia is that it is a headless amoeba, who, beheaded, cutted by pieces, still biting and kicking... And delayed by this surprise any invader siddenly discovers that.....
    Winter comes)))))))))))))
    About density and the specific weight of materials. AMOUNT of electrons orbiting in atom makes the weight of specified matherial, cause somehow atoms in every matherial having the same spread dispense, thanks to some law, i dont remember)))) And densitied material, is the material where atoms somehow stabilized in much more closer positions to each other... That is what i remember from the school course.

    Still asking.
    Gregorius, don't you going to implement your own oil deposits? Buildcraft seems unnesesary with your own transportation system and oil deposits is critical.
    And: If i have a suggestion about GT, where shoud i put it? Here, "suggestions GT thread" that seems, no one reads, or put it back to my...
    You know)

    He is actually my friend, he just spawns loads of shit, and I've had enough of it. He is usually fine, its just occasionally he can't be bothered to wait like everyone else. I've told him I will delete whatever is spawned, no matter how big or small.

    In fact i just get it, that it is not a problem at all. If the guy have no patience to wait for ore processing and crafting recipes, then it looks like he is totally out of willpower. What means, that if you will be insistive with spawned stuff deleted and proving your ideas about gamplay, the guy shortle gives up and takes your rules. So, there is no need to rape his dog and nucke his wife. Just prove , u r right. )
    too bad... no assasination at all... :D

    He says he is too lazy to craft stuff, so he deletes the base ingredients, and spawns in the finished items. Sometimes he will delete stacks of items, and spawn in stacks of the crafting output. Sort of defeats the purpose of putting TIME into a server.

    The guy is a wallet, but not your friend or companion. He thinks different. Well, it is your choice to play with him or not: if you find out a way to stop him spawning, he will be too bored to play with you then. You cannot change people, even if you can, you shouldn't waste your time with that) Much better to find someone sharing your ideas)
    Or just kick the guy out of server, change passwords, cut in new locks, set machinegun turrets around the base, and feel yoursef a true villian)))))

    He isn't that smart XD. I do all the behind the scenes stuff, he just pays for it and provides creative input.

    Edit: we ALL pay for it, but we give him the money, and it comes from his card.

    Kill the guy IRL, take all his money, mobile, house, rape his wife, children, dog, drop a nuclear on his town.
    Or, if you are lawful, kill the server, and start your own) Money is not the most important thing in the world, only emotions matters in virtual...

    Btw, about mining tools.

    Gregorius, what about adding sonic wave emitter instead of mining lazer? It could directly turn stone and ores to dust, (dissolving the molecular ties with vibrations) and possibly can be used as a weapon. Using it versus trees can give a sawdust...

    And hasmat suit. It is little wrong to me, to make a rubber suit, paint it with orange and go swimming lava. Why don't you implement "proper" hazmat suit recipe, with asbest mesh, refined glass and so on?

    I know, my jokes and comments sometimes not much pleasant, but i am not the type of guy, who tries to outrage everyone, just to get satisfaction. I am not evil! ) Just trying to communicate. And my apologies, if something is wrong.

    Well, reading here about german language i can't stand it, so... if someone have a sense of humor, he will get it. If not - my true apologies....

    The joke is russian.
    Some guy from Russia goes as a tourist at Berlin. After his return, he meets his friends in a bar.
    "So, how is it goes? - they asks"
    "Well, the city is beauteful, excellent beer, nice women... but still a little problem, that disturbs me all the time, ruining my vacation..."
    "What? What was wrong there?" - friends asks
    "Well, you know pals... it is a strange disturbing feeling, when you are waking at morning... and understanding comes... that GERMANS IN TOWN...."

    Humor is specific, i am not much in pretense for understanding)

    A spambot revived it and you DO THE SAME ??
    Really, it's half implemented now, considering Hazmat Suit + O2 cells allow to breath underwater ... you have no clear vision or normal mining underwater though, but potions and enchants can improve that point.

    Sorry, i didnt get it from the first time, that it is your... OLD POST)))) Right now i am somewhere under the table, lol..... )))))))))))))

    Well, thanx to the SpwnX, i have taked my time to learn a little about thaumcraft. SpwnX, thank you, that was enriching expirience)
    But... Seeing excavation rod and comparing it to the mining lazer almost maked me crying. Why? Why, god, what for?! what did we wrong?!!!!!
    Indeed, that... digging ray looks... diffirent from that little shitty thing, throwed out of... l-a-s-e-r.
    This ray looks.... MAGNIFICENT.
    This ray looks.... THOROUGHTLY WORKOUTED.
    Damn, it's even looks more high-tech, even it is magical.
    Could it be something implemented for mining lazer, looking like this ray? The device could be then one of the mostly favorable toy for IC2-players, i bet.
    Indeed, excavation ray is not stright, it curves and dances like a tesla charge, but it is all in the hands of developer.
    For now i see three modes for such a rifle:

    Continuous fire, that is short-ranged, low damaging with continuous damage and best for mining.

    Impulse mode, that is fires with short bursts of lazer beam (yes, they are instantly rays, from barrel, to the target) what makes impossible to dig,
    but gives a nice damage to the mobs, and it is middle-ranged.

    Overcharged mode, that is not explosive, but long-ranged, fires a single long-ray impulse that does a critical damage to the envirenment, in some short radius around the ray trajectory.

    Implementing something like this to the IC2 could reanimate the mod, giving those nice "fruit of labor" toys, that i am so much talking about...
    And as always - sorry for my english, hoping for understanding)

    I think, that swimsuit is something vital for the game, but it is much more about gregtech, not IC2, cause there is nothing much of importance in ocean biomes in IC2, instead of GT (Sapphires, so on....)
    But idea is great... if there is MO creatures mod, even pneumatic harpoon launcher could be implemented)))))

    @offtopic : Wanna forge a sword "Diamond" Sword from Minecraft ?
    If we had these things in our MC workshop to forge swords and tools, it would be nice :3

    Brrr... that thing is dangerous.. it has classical "flaming" type of cutting edge, to my know, rejected by catolical church: guys using it... they where anaphemed, cause no armor saves from this blade, and wounds do not healed... O.o
    If you having the point about comparing real life and fiction, i got u'r idea, and fiction is nice. What makes me mad, that some guys REALLY thinks, that sime devices could work IRL... Intill we all knows it's a fiction, it is ok)

    1: If you properly install NEI and its plugins (mistaqur), you can check IC² recycler blacklist by pressing "L" (default key) when inventory is open. It will show all mod recipe lists and some information lists (like IC² recycler blacklist).

    GregTech is (usually) meant to be played in conjunction with tech mods (and one magical mod, TC3). A bit of TE , BC, forestry, RC, won't kill its difficulty, just soften it a bit. Just don't forget to disable redundant ore generation and use the "hard recipe" modes in them, when possible.

    ThaumCraft 3 is a good mod in my opinion that doesn't alter GregTech difficulty by a bit, while adding some to the "techmaturgy" feel when both are installed [Magic converter/absorber].
    Just be careful to not drain your entire atmospheric magic energy (vis) while producing energy, it is a "kinda" of limited source :3

    Thaumcraft is nice mod? do u reccomend it?

    ARGGGHHHHH. Stupid, idiotic, not paying attention mistake, and I fall into lava, and lose my rubies (which I was gathering for chrome). I wanna punch myself. Needless to say, my matter fabricator won't be happening tonight.

    On a side note, I love the fact that the recycler doesn't allow you to turn cobblestone into scrap, but it does lead me to two questions: 1) Is there somewhere I can find the complete blacklist of items rather than just trying things? 2) What do you people do with all the cobblestone you end up collecting? I can't really think of a good use for it, so I suppose I might just dump into lava.

    With the bronze blast furnace, steel is much more easy to get... so craft a mining drill, build industrial miner, and get any rubies, you need, without accessing depthes of underworld.)

    Just said in fact. In Russia we say: "put the hand up...... Now, throw it down, saying, Aaaahhh it all" ))
    Btw, superheated steam boiler, you mentioned in description, to my know is nuclear reactor-powered steam boiler, like those... on the nuclear submarines.
    So, 1300 celsius is not a coal fueled temperature, hehe.... Ahhhh, it)))))

    Ah... heck it. I forgot. It is STEAMPUNK))) Taking situation too seriosly, sorry.
    Then, i demand steam golem, steam-powered armor and steam rifle)

    If Steam is under pressure it can in fact be hotter than 100°C, so guess how it works. The Boilers themselves can have a Temperature of up to 1000°C, so think about that.

    How is it phisically possible, to smelt an ore then, not the boiler to be smelted with such a temperature? And Cofficient of useful action losses? How much coal needed to make hypesuppressed high-temperature steam, and how much ingots can be smelted with that amount of coal?
    Bronze Blast furnace is great. Playing with this toy with all my pleasure)