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    If you have a piping system (e.g. Ender IO) with round robin settings you can use that. Personally I just clog the system up with 128 cells though.

    Edit: ok round robin doesn't work because of the different processing times of the machines. I've never tried it but I've seen people recommend logistics pipes if you have them installed.

    If you have extra utilities you can use transfer nodes with hyper rationing pipes.

    Hey there! I'm not sure if this has been suggested (or if it's already implemented somehow) but I was wondering if it would be possible to use data sticks to save locations for the gt teleporter. I use it a bit and manually changing the coordinates each time is a little annoying. Maybe shift right clicking with the data stick saves the coords and right clicking with one with data saved sets the stored location? It would be really neat to be able to name them as well or something.

    Also on the topic of heating coils for the pyrolyse oven I like the idea the multi smelter uses where it'll process in the same time but maybe use more input for more output. Nichrome is double the logs for double the heavy oil output. I just enjoy having machines that can be made earlier on and then progressed later on. Nitro diesel set ups can still produce 6k eu/t with a large engine and oxygen with lpg, naphtha,and methane as bi products for large gas turbines as well.

    Greetings! Neat update, I made a tutorial that's currently uploading for the Assembly Line. I think I may have found a bug though, all the items in the input buses stay in the buses with a quantity of 1 after the machine is done. For example if a recipe calls for 6 circuits, after the machine is done there will still be 1 circuit left. If it calls for 1 gear, that gear will still be in there. I'm uploading my video and it shows the glitch as well.

    Edit: Here's the video. Apologies for the lack of editing, just made it after work because I was a bit bored.

    How about a multiblock "Pressurized Vacuum Furnace"? Very expensive end game item that's able to do basically what the blast furnace does (but instead of compressing gems it actually melts them and they form into the gems basically) without needing industrial tnt but costing quite a bit of EU.

    Also is it ever a plan to have metals have a fluid form at all that can be stored or pressed into ingots or anything? Or is that something that's not going to happen in the future?

    The torch thingy would be cool ofc (I even remember Mojang saying they would implemen that ^^) but it would have one major issue:
    If you have to put 1 timer per torch, assuming you put easily more than a stack of torches an hour, don't you think your game would become incredibly laggy ? ^^

    Aren't there a lot of things with conditionals continuously being checked based on time systems though?

    So I was thinking of making a little add on mod but I figured I'd see if you'd rather take it as a suggestion and put it on your to do list. Basically make torches burn out over time. You can have a second tier of iron torches made of iron rods and when they burn out you get the iron rod sticking in the ground and have to replace the coal. Eventually when you get electricity you can make light bulbs and light blocks that run on EU. Different lights use different amounts of EU depending how bright they are. Eventually you can make solar panel torches and stuff as well.

    It's simple enough that I can make it as an add on I think but if you would Rather have it in grègteçh itself that would probably be cooler. What does everyone think of this? Too annoying?

    Ok so I've compiled a mod pack based around Gregtech, all of the mods are completely up to day (as far as I can tell) and I'll try to continuously update them at least daily. This server is being provided by

    and is currently being hosted on a 8gb, i3, 100 gb upload and download, 2 TB hard drive dedicated server. All the mods are going to be kept up to date via drop box, so if you would like to have that available so you're completely up to date, please post or pm me your email and I will link you to the folder. Currently the mods are the following (I will most likely not keep this up to date with each small update to the mods, but that may change):

    Advanced repulsion systems 56.0.0
    Redstone in motion
    Applied Energistics rv 13b
    Bibliocraft 1.4
    BiblioWoods (Biomes o' Plenty v1.2)
    Bibliowoods (Foresty v1.2)
    Biomes o' Plenty 0.6.2
    Chicken Chunks
    Chicken Core
    Compact Windmills
    Ender Storage
    Extra Cells 1.3.9
    Forestry IC2 Experimental Version
    Galacticraft 1.39.567
    Ganys End 1.1.0
    Ganys Nether 1.2.0
    Ganys Surface 1.1.0
    Garden Craft 5.0
    Gregtech 4.02h
    Immibis Core 56.0.3
    Immibis Microblocks 56.0.4
    Industrial Craft Experimental v133
    Iron Chests
    MicdoodleCore 1.39.567
    Mystcraft 10.6
    Power Boxes 1.02
    Redlogic 56.0.3
    Twilight Forest 1.19.0

    Come and build a community! This mod list is left up for critiquing btw, it's not set in stone.

    Edit: Also basic rules: No griefing, no spamming or being annoying and try to be nice. Rules are subject to change but it's relatively lenient.'

    Mods will be here

    See but that is why I recommended some sort of Chemical Reactor that could be multiblock and made with some sort of Osmium recipe due to how caustic the materials being output and processed would be. And to get the Osmium you would have to go through processing Iridium or Copper through a Machine which would give it in little outputs (it would be made only with an output of the fusion reactor, hence my description of it being the machinery made after the reactor). After you get the Osmium through a lot of EU usage and processing a bunch of materials, you would be able to make an Electrolysis Machine which could process Osmium (and possibly other rare Elements) much more efficiently (so much so that this would be the first machine you would want to make with Osmium). And with Osmium you can also craft these other new Machines, such as the Advanced Chemical Reactor (which not only could combine the much more caustic products, but also have its own built in cool down method as some reactions do need this), some sort of Advanced Alloy Smelter which could be used to make the Osmiridium and other alloys that require extreme acids produced by the reactor. You could also make a Dissolution Machine that could possibly take the output from the Electrolysis Machine (which would be Mixed Osmium Dust or something which could be put in a blast furnace and directly make Osmium) and process it into osmium, iridium, rhodium and ruthenium.

    And with all of these new Elements you can start to build your futuristic and space age toys or whatever he has planned. It could be the connecting factor from what we have currently, and the star gate idea he has for the future.

    Okay, explain to me this: What will spending Greg's time to make your advanced alloy furnace provide to gameplay? How is it better then, say, nuclear boilers? Or the whole assortment of first-tier bronze machines which Greg is currently working on? Or whatever else Greg has planning for the near future? What will your alloy furnace do, other then energy efficiency? Considering that the alloy smelter already consumes pathetic amounts of EU, this is a rather weaksauce reason to add a new machine. If you want it to add new alloys, why not use the blast furnace? Just kick the alloy's heat requirement up to 11, and that's basically exactly the same challenge to the player as adding a new machine, but with much less work. Are there any other reasons for it?

    "multiblock Alloy Furnace for processing certain items (such as putting in Iridium and Osmium and then some Aqua Regia to get some Osmiridium)."
    Not necessarily just for smelting, perhaps it has a slot for a strong chemical which is processed from another machine I suggested. Again these suggestions I make would come at a level after making a fusion reactor, to continue being able to make machinery that does more powerful things and are more complicated.

    So I was thinking more about my previous idea about the next stage of Gregtech (which could actually be getting closer to the space stage) and perhaps there can be things like an Electrolysis Machine for processing some of the rarer items. With these you may need a multiblock chemical reactor that can handle very corrosive things (such as creating Aqua Regia or other extreme acids) or a multiblock Alloy Furnace for processing certain items (such as putting in Iridium and Osmium and then some Aqua Regia to get some Osmiridium). With all of these high tech and powerful machines perhaps this can start to be the bridge to creating devices that are able to be used in your futuristic plans.

    I would like to know if I should continue giving these ideas for this next level or just stop (if I'm just wasting my time haha).

    GregTech T6 will probably handle space sci-fi tech.

    Malevolence :By the way, you have been accepted on the wiki, long time ago.
    Feel free to make pages documenting stuff. Use the other pages as an example, if you don't have any idea on how to start.

    Well then perhaps be considered a T5.5, I feel like there are a lot of legitimate tech machines that could still be created and add a whole lot to the mod before going into futuristic sort of things.

    And awesome, working on uploading something right now (trying to figure it all out haha).