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    I'm pretty sure you're on about the water pushing the nuke once it's been detonated. My first instinct was to test this with vanilla TNT, and it seems flowing water does not push TNT, or ITNT or the Nuke once detonated in IC^2.

    What about vanilla minecraft? First I'll admit I lied above. The above three are pushed about an eighth of a block before stopping. In vanilla, TNT does not move one pixel.

    Notch-bug, then :P

    They look better :D

    My point exactly!! At the time of writing, I was under the impression that normal torches give out a light level of 12. I am suggesting these Electric Torches should be brighter giving out a light level of at least 13.

    I didn't make this clear in the OP but my suggestion is flexible (obviously Alblaka has any final say). I think that the rarity of redstone is enough to balance out the benefits and doubt that ALblaka will implement charging. We already have infinite burning torches in MC; why not infinite shining Electric Torches in IC2?

    A cheap, effective, industrial way to light your tunnels and mineshafts!

    Either: Charge Redstone Torches in a BatBox or the like.

    Or: Compress Redstone and make more than just one (uncharged) Electric Torch from each Compressed Redstone (Craft these with sticks just like normal torches).

    The electric torches should maybe give off a light level of 13 (assuming this isn't enough to burn mobs; that's 15, right?). And while they should take maybe 50EU to charge, they should last infinitely.

    Alternatively, they could be recharged by right-clicking with a charged battery, but I can imagine the average IndustrialCrafter not wanting to have to go to such hassle.

    Again, if Electric Torches are not to last infinitely, they could be kept charged through some kind of wireless charger (a machine).


    R = Redstone
    RT = Redstone Torch
    CR = Compressed Redstone
    S = Stick
    ET = Electric Torch
    et = Electric Torch (Uncharged)

    RT ----50EU---> ET

    R -----Compressor---> CR

    S -----> et

    et ----50EU---> ET

    Wireless Box Charger Thing (WBCT):

    BB = BatBox
    DR = Dynamite Remote
    M = Machine
    C = Copper Cable

    C DR C
    C M C -------> WBCT
    C BB C


    This is a quite great idea of how to implement easy elevators.
    I could effectively store the data of a whole ladder in the metadata of a single ladder (the lowest block), minimizing calculation usage. And the acceleration itself could be easly coded via collisiondetection. I assume a ladder having an empty pit below it would turn into a high-speed-death-trap, but that's it XD

    What can I say? "High-speed death traps FTW!"? xD

    Sometimes, my tools will not drain energy from the batpack, and other times, the tools do not drain energy at all shortly after removing the batpack. This is usually fixed by removing and replacing the batpack. When this happens, it is not just my electric tools that do not lose energy - all the other standard vanilla and bronze tools I tested did not lose durability while this bug was active, but as soon as I fixed it again by removing/replacing the batpack, all tools functioned normally. While restarting minecraft doesn not help, reinstalling IC seems to fix this bug temporarily, this being my first instinct when I first encountered the bug.

    I've noticed in my mine how excruciatingly long it takes to get up from the bottom using boring old vanilla ladders...

    So how about electric ladders?

    Crafting recipe:

    SBS = Four electric ladders

    Where S = Stick, T = tin, B = battery and E = electric circuit

    Not sure if this is right...

    Anyway, the ladders should function normally unless one ladder block in a long ladder is powered by a cable or MFE or whatever, in which case the whole ladder is powered (not unlike powered rails, but with no limit, or a much longer limit) and the ladder is much, much faster. I was thinking that 1 EU should be drained per segment of ladder, for every time you climb it. It shouldn't drain EU to go down, really. The ladder can maybe be a grey/silver reskin, or something completely different.

    Let me know what you think :)