Suggestion: Shapeless recipes for machines and tools with unique set of components

  • Setting components in "proper" positions is fine, but you may change recipe type to shapeless and simply drop everything in random order and still get your stuff.

    moreover this will allow batch crafting, just put more components and get multiple output.


  • Well, in certain cases this makes sense, but for quite a few of the recipies, I personally think that mere rotated/mirrored recipies would be fine.

  • there is no crossing recipes, any recipe have unique total components.

    setting everything in right order is funny only for first run, later it just pain.


  • At least we need the second recipe for the solar panel. I'm always placing the components wrong...

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  • I agree, we used to have it, but no more :( AND the one we have is the one that doesn't make as much sense, with more coal at the top as opposed to more glass </rant>