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    Oh, I also just noticed you are putting your CopperCable into the crafting recipe as an ItemStack. It should be an Item. Just do CopperCable.getItem()

    I am using the experimental API, and it appears you have the CopperCable Item name incorrect. For my version (2.0.157 ex) it should be: insulatedCopperCableItem

    Here is the full code, tested this time:

    ItemStack circuit = new ItemStack(Items.getItem("electronicCircuit").getItem(), 2);
    	ItemStack CopperCable = Items.getItem("insulatedCopperCableItem");
    //      Creates a Electronic Circuit
            GameRegistry.addRecipe(circuit, new Object[]{
                'C', Item.diamond, 'R',, 'X', CopperCable.getItem()

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think that is the correct way to add a recipe. What you are doing (simplified) is this:

    GameRegistry.addRecipe(outputItemStack, 2, intputObjects); That 2 is what is causing your problems. Remove it, and add this line of code:

    ItemStack circuit = new ItemStack(Items.getItem("electronicCircuit").getItem(), 2);

    Basically, we are extracting the item from IC2's ItemStack and then creating our own itemstack with 2 items in it.

    I have not tried this code, but it should work. Let me know

    There's MystCraft for that purpose.
    When I add a mod with worldgen, I always create a new miningworld with denseores and just put 5-6 quarries there. It seems to be a pretty good solution for that kind of problem.

    Some times people don't want, or can't support Mysticraft and a bunch of worlds. Or what about public servers? Good luck finding a quality public server that allows you to make myst-world whenever you want.

    What I was saying with retro-gen is not reappearing ores, but doing the initial generation on pre-generated chucks.

    That is exactly what I want.

    Though it appears the OP wanted reappearance, and that I would agree is one, incredibly OP and I would be surprised if an experience modder would even take a second look at this.

    He might be talking about retro-gen. If you install the mod after you have already explored the world, then it automatically adds the IC2 ores to the already generated chucks. It only replaces stone with the ores on the first load of that chuck and never again.

    It's just a way to add a mod after loading the world so you can still mine around your home and not have to travel to new chucks.

    Seems like an interesting idea. Make sure you mask or implement the previous IC2 economy system, any other mod or add-ons that use the IC2 credits can still function with your mod installed. (Allowing you to buy and sell Original IC2 Credits)

    Interested to see how this turns out!

    Well first of all, how are you implementing recipes in your new machine?

    I would also like to note, I am using one of the newest versions of the IC2 API, so things may be different. But at least this will give you a generic idea

    Second, I would get familiar with how the Java Maps work. A map full of recipes can be found by doing this:

    Map maceratorRecipes = Recipes.macerator.getRecipes();

    I would also check out the BasicMachineRecipeManager class file in the IC2 Source code. From there you can see exactly what is being stored in that Map and how you can extract it.

    If you felt extra-ordinaryly classy, you could try make a little blending action in there. Example four red wool and four yellow would create orange mesh. If they do something like 3 red, 3 blue, 3 green they could get black mesh, etc. It would be a lot of fun to code, all the possibilities and dynamics!

    I can now confirm that sides that can produce sticky resin are pre-determined on tree growth. I just looked in-game and after tapping a rubber tree, sides that can produce rubber have an outline of the rubber left on it, when normal sides just look like darker wood logs.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure after the tree has been grown the side is already pre-determined. I don't have a running minecraft right now, but I am pretty sure if you look closely on the texture, blank sides just look like regular wood patterns when sides that can produce sticky resin have a dull square where the resin would be.

    I would like to also point out that if your input item is in the oreDictionary, I recommend using the RecipeInputOreDict("oreDictNameGoesHere", [optional int of quantity]) for the IRecipeInput section. Once again, example:

    Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(new RecipeInputOreDict("plateTin"), null,;

    or in this example requiring 5 tin plates

    Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(new RecipeInputOreDict("plateTin", 5), null,;

    Unfortunately my recipe tutorials are a little outdated. I would update them, but they seem to be changing all the time. Ergo, I am waiting on it to slow down before I continue making new tutorials.

    As of right now for recipes, (Last I checked anyway), the input is no longer a ItemStack. The input is IRecipeInput. An example on how to use that is as follows:

    Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(new RecipeInputItemStack(itemstackthinggoeshere), null,;

    For more advanced machines that support multiple out put (Thermal centrifuge), the output part is a vararg. That means if you want another output, simply add another itemstack to the end of you addRecipe method. Example:

    Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(new RecipeInputItemStack(itemstackthinggoeshere), null,, another.itemstack, yet.another.itemstack);

    As for the metadata thing. Do you mean like vanilla metadata, aka damage? Or like the recipes requires a certain amount of power to be stored in the item?

    A few things could be the problem.

    1) 1.6.2 broke textures again, so developers have to change things around again. I believe IC2 has mostly updated, but there may be a few (hence experimental)

    2) Optifine. Honesty, Optifine and forge = nothing good. Forge alone speeds up and efficientizes (that's a word) minecraft, without the help of Optifine. At this point in time, the only seemingly good part of Optifine is zoom and hd textures. (And capes if you donated)

    I would recommend removing Optifine, it just causes problems

    I was just about to remind everyone about the bug report thing, but now that I think about it, should we use that for the experimental builds? Under version there the latest is the 1.118.XXX ones, nothing about experimental.

    Is there a better place to be putting experimental bug reports?

    Unrelated, but also related to the Bibliocraft. It is made specificly for vanilla wood, but there are add-on mods for bibliocraft that add wood from other mods.

    As to the actual conversation, if the devs of IC2 don't want to add this, I would be more than happy to make it. I think it is a great idea!