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    Hm.. and the alkaline/nicd cells are made with either steel or hsla steel wires, but the cells and batteries list their content as iron and will smelt/shred back to iron according to NEI.

    Smelting/shredding individual steel wires will give back steel so I suspect that's a bug.

    That aint a glitch, thats GregTech generating decorative Rocks of Chisel.

    I see, thanks.

    Then here's a real bug (hopefully):

    If you shift-click items in an unset ore-dict prefix filter then the item will enter the filter slot and get voided instead of being picked up as the prefix to filter for.

    I haven't tested it on a minimal instance without InventoryTweaks and whatnot, so it might just be some other mod that's interfering.

    Speaking of world gen glitches..

    I've sometimes seen gregtech generate (part of) its layers with chisel stone. Or atleast limestone layers..


    That's chisel limestone on top, and gregtech limestone below it. Obviously all chisel worldgen was off before the world was even created.

    This was with with my own compile of chisel 2.9.5 (to make optifine multi-core chunk loading work again), but I doubt chisel is at fault.

    Hm, breaking any type of gt stone (including cobblestone and brick variants) in the test version drops the normal smooth/'natural' version.

    But I guess that's what the ''do not report bugs'' warning is for; what I'm thinking is a bug might just be debug code that was left in there, so don't bother writing a reply if I'm wrong.

    That one Chunk missing is because you are close to a region file border and MC fucks up saving the data to the file properly.

    As for the random Blocks, that is a general world corruption issue. Happens when you add or remove Mods usually.

    I see it every other vein on a redstone-ready flat map. Meanwhile I tested a random older ver (6.03.01) and every vein I came across was nice and uniform with no obviously missing chunks. So you'll have to forgive me for thinking there's still some bugs lurking in the generation code you are using now :P

    As for the corruption:

    In this case I was checking out the diorite/andesite gen in the test version, so it was a newly created world that had not experienced any mod additions, updates or removals. Could of course be some other mod's worldgen that is causing the problem.

    The other times I've seen these corruptions they've always been reproducible. A newly created world with the same seed would show the same corruption at (or close to) the previous coords. I've just bothered investigating it properly.

    Hey Greg.

    Is the worldgen code broken, or is this working as intended?


    Very often you'll find veins with some chunks completely or almost completely (at most a few rows of ores, usually at the lower x coords) devoid of ore blocks.

    I got thinking about it while trying to figure out some kind of world gen corruption where one chunk of a gt redstone vein had generated as iron blocks and tnt while some surface blocks (gt stones?) were turned into blocks from another mod..


    Hey greg.

    The setting for small rock worldgen seem to be broken. They'll still spawn even if set to false in WorldGenerationNew.

    I didn't bother checking when it broke, but they would not appear if you disabled them in 6.05.32.

    Also item barrel/mass storage rendering is a bit broken for me.


    Place a barrel and put in some thing that render as a flat item (rather than as a 3D cube), and any GT chest placed after it will render black (as long as the barrel is in your view).

    It also messes up TESRs from other mods that are after it in the render list, like Enderstorage tanks with fluids and MoreInventoryMod boxes.

    At first I thought it was just optifine or fastcraft so I didn't bother reporting it, but now I noticed it was reproducable in a pure Forge+GT6 instance..

    EDIT to add: Also, going to the nether without a firestarter might be tricky!

    As long as IC2 Universal Fluid Cells exists you can easily both build and light up nether portals.
    Remember that lava will make things catch fire, and fire is what is needed to open the portal.
    Lava, a piece of burnable material and some patience is all you need, really..

    I see, thanks for the answer.

    Indeed, if I turn off the TC integration in gregtech I don't get the lag..
    But I also lose the shard recrystallization and other research, which sucks as I disabled TC oregen and opted to use
    GT's worldgen to gen small infused ores.

    Any chance we could get a separate config for the research added by GT, and aspect registration?

    I hadn't played with thaumcraft in a long time, so I decided to do a magic/tech world.
    But boy is gregtech killing my fps for some reason..

    I set up a fresh profile, added IC2/GT6/TC4 & fastcraft. Turned off sound, disabled vsync and set fps to max/unlimited.
    Created a superflat redstone-ready world, hit F3 and waited for the world to settle down (memory alloc rising by dozens of MB/s rather than hundreds of megs).

    Standing still I get ~600 fps with or without GT. Not a problem.
    Scanning sandstone and then watching it through the thaumometer I get ~500 fps w/o GT and ~55 fps (!) w/ GT (and memory alloc is rising by the hundreds again).
    That's below my refresh rate.. And if I hold down the right mouse button (to try to scan the already scanned block) it further drops to a slide-show at ~24 fps. That's old movie-era framerates, and does not happen w/o GT.

    Now I know GT can be a bit heavy, but I still feel like something is seriously wrong here..

    Is anyone able to replicate my findings?

    Greg. Is not being able to pick up greg chests quickly with a wrench (like you can with vanilla chests) a bug or on purpose?
    And it doesn't show the overlay alltho I think it should, since you can atleast rotate them with wrenches.

    Oh, and if you place a lone steam turbine and monkey wrench the front face the texture changes into the active one (e.g. the rotor spins) for some reason..