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    Please fix behavior with Applied Energistics buses. IC2 induction furnace works perfectly fine with them, but your machines seem to only accept items from the top side of the machine, which is troublesome considering I already have ME Interface in there.

    Umm no your just forgetting IC2's machines input and output sides. Top is Input! While the sides are output and the bottom is for batteries. Anyway while I'm here anyway could you add an advanced recycler? Sick of having to pull 100's of recyclers for my need cause overclockers are now more annoying to use.. (like really 2x the power just for +30% speed??) What would be cool if it's would be multiblock advanced machines instead of singles. So if you had 4 recycler multiblocks together then it's would process 4x per operation (or course a scrap per 2 operation to maintain the 12.5% odd) However I would really love to make Huge multiblocks machines that could process up to a stack per tick. So a suggestion would add the quantity done per operation Then decrease timing. So 64 multiblock of that machine would do 64 per operation then add more for slightly faster timing until your down to one operation per tick. Much more balanced then bam a block that's does an operation per second right off the bat. However cause these would require a ton of space and materials consumption should be the same per item processed. With of course idling energy cost if not used to keep up the stats. Also it's would be cool if these larger machines could take MV, HV, and EV. Depending on how big you make these. So the largest one that process 64 per tick would take EV outright.

    Pumping ? ... this would mean free infinite energy ... I've suggested a detailed system sith dams and tanks on the "Compact windmill" addon Thread if you want.

    You know that pumping water is limited per water line right? (a golden Waterproof pipe is limited to 40mb/t input/output, a TE liquiduct is limited to 100mb/t input/output Per connection) So in theory you wouldn't be able to get infinite power. Cause the mill only have 5 sides so that's only up to 500mb/t or 250eu/t worth of water. (a bucket of water gives off 1 eu/t for 500 ticks) To even balance it better have side(s) that are allowed to be pumped in and just that. Also you could limit how much water get into the mill per tick so to prevent any "super" water pipes that may exists later. As for cell inputting, that's is simple to prevent spammers just have the mill consume one whatever you feel like is balanced (say one per 2 ticks). Pumping in water is somewhat is real life water power. Pumped water=pressure and that drives the turbines. However turbines are limited at pressure or else they'll break. So the LV mill would example can't be pumped with much water on the other hand a HV one could goes a little more crazy.