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    idk if they even work with the new e net and/or stable on servers so I'm not risking that. Thanks for the suggestion though. Solution to the problem is Engineer's toolbox for MC 1.6.2! As long we can get it in the server nicely without incompatibly errors (the modmaker said himself it's just need the IC2 experimental which we are using!)

    Actually I don't know why, but there is problem with the 2x and 3x insolated HV cable... if you are standing on any type of EU storage block or EU transformer and place it the game will give crash...

    Ahh thanks for the notice. I really want a converter mod to take in MJ and/or steam to be able to run any machines (other than awesome GT machines) without the e net that is really bad right now. I'm going to get McMyAdim to get backups once per 6 hour cycle to only risk up to 6 hours of gaming from the stupid e net. We are almost done with getting that dedicated server up and running though!

    Alight I'll see if we can get a wireless redstone mod of some sort going and also server is down until me and Male is done with getting the Dedicated server up and running. Sorry about that but apparently IC2's "ductaped" e net wanna be extra stupid and crashed the server when someone placed a cable of I believe tin but not sure.

    Not a Bug, 2 Batboxes can also explode a regular Machine due to 64EU/t. EU Packets have been removed entirely.

    Yes, I discoussed about Voltage, Amperage and Wattage with Player, but he denied it. I will however add such a system later, after I figured out Cable/Pipe-Rendering.

    So Greg your mod if installed would override the "ductape" system once you get to/do this? Cause really this "ductape" fix can get power from this :Water Mill: :HV-Transformer: to this :Reactor: with the stupid exploit of transformers. Basically the watermill will emit 0.25/t when in water and then when the transfer is adjcant to it it'll put out EV current. (not every tick but way more power than it's should put out)

    Found a bug :P Immibis's saw conflicts with a forestry bee habitat finder.

    Alright I'll make sure Malevolence looks at your post. But just to be sure you used the dropbox configs instead of the default generated ones? If he can get your email then updating will be easier than downloading every time. So yea as for everybody else just let me know who wanna join then I can add you guys to the whitelist. Also I would like if we can go hand to hand to one another. (ex. I'm doing power so I'll need fuel producers, materials, and etc) However you can join the crew if you enjoy doing the same thing (ex. you want to work in energy "department" no problem just ask then we can work on that together) Therefore we get to see huge super builds of mass production instead of mini bases with one or two automated macerators for ore processing instead why not do a entire factory building for maximum ores yields as a long term goal? Also so chunkloading can be done more efficiently and be close together! This way will get everybody hauls to the maximum usage from rubbish from a quarrying operation for a recycling plant to powering Matter Fabs in a material fabrication factory! Don't want to stay in one place then goes off and gather rare dungeon loots and stuffs for factories that can put them to use. Basically work together instead of "digging a hole and self production of everything " Obviously we all need a macerator and an electric furnace here and there but you should get my idea. TE may be faded but use Enderstorage and/or GT tesseracts to transfer items to one another. (another "career" is right there a item/energy/liquid relay facility!)

    That's where the double belting up comes in. Although tesseracts are still limited to a bucket a tick to a single input if you put it adjacent. Idk what's GT tesseract limit is but at least those require power to run and yes I know you get the pressure from the dam. However like past said it's nearly impossible to put in real hydro electricity generation mechanics in MC. (or at least for now)

    There should really be a spin off reactor addon that uses liquid cooling instead of melting and/or relying on components. There should be a new upgraded reactor that you make that able to accept liquid of coolant of your choice. So you pump in your coolant to put in the reactor than you must pump out what is called Heated Coolant. In order to cool that down, there should be two ways cool it by setting up a cooling pipe line in a special tank of water, the bigger the tank the more effective cooling you get. Or a machine to accept the coolant then cools it and output the coolant again. (just like a refinery from BC) Of course if you decide the water tank cooling it'll be less compact and requires water (the more cooling and the bigger the tank the more water must be replaced). Or you could take a step further and make it entirely realistic by getting steam out of the Heated coolant after running via the tank so you won't get any eu out of th reactor directly. So the more heated coolant is ran and the bigger the tank and pipeline the more steam you get. Then you must run the steam to electric generators to generates your eu. There should be different tiers of everything so you can mix and match to your needs. Then I may actually use these :Reactor: for power then.