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    With ore processing, you pay 2 eu/t for macerating, but 48 for the Centrifuge. I am working (slowly) on a custom pack that makes energy much harder to get, but the high cost of the centrifuge kind of throws off balance.

    If you are handing mining I guess you owuld want to maximize every ore. But, if you are hand mining but allowing automated ways to get power (tree farms, solar panels, etc.) then you end up with a lot more power than you need, because you dont have a lot of items to process.

    If you use quarries, you now need a lot more power (for the quarry, and more power to process all the stuff). This makes the centrifuge require more power, simply because it is processing more ores.

    the thing is, once you move to automated mining, the energy cost of a centrifuge isn't worth the extra tiny dust. 48 eu/t is 192 rf/t which is pretty good speed on a quarry. I would think it would be more efficient to just make another quarry and use that energy to dig more ores up, than it is to get extra tiny dusts.

    Any ideas on solutions for this? You cant set power consumption per machine in the ic2.ini, so the only thing i could think of was to change the macerator to only put out one crushed ore. No boost in production, but a necessary step to get more production out of ores. Then again, it almost makes ore processing not worth the time, other than to set up machines.

    I kind of wish the macerator put out just an extra tiny dust or two, but only ONE crushed ore, and then the centrifuge doubled each purified ore into two real dusts. this would make getting the most expensive and powerful machine really worth the investment. A macerator is super cheap and requires no power, so it just gives you a couple extra tiny dusts.

    There is no way to change the macerator to put out tiny dusts, but is it possible with minetweaker to have it only put out crushed ores, and then have the centrifuge do the doubling?

    Is anyone updating the official ic2 wiki? HOw would I go about helping out with that? It seems there is a huge team of gt people working on the gt wiki, but IC2 has a bunch of 'new' things that dont have much documentation.

    Specifically, ic2 crops are still pretty rare knowledge. Today I set up some crops and had ALL of my potatoes yield poisonous potatoes. Then later, somehow they all turned to weeds. In 2 years of playing, i have never had this happen. So the thing is, there is really nowhere I can go to find out of new mechanics were added to ic2 crops. One guide I found said that they needed to be in direct sun light to grow, but I am growing them fine by torchlight.

    Is there some way to get solid information or do people have to just post here. Is there anyone else here interested in updating the ic2 wiki with me? Or is it restricted to only certain people...?

    It says EU to RF is at 3:25 ratio?

    I just wanted to point out that even though this works comparing a steam dynamo to a generator, TE machines are muchmore efficient. A Redstone Furnace uses roughly... 230 EU, at the 3:25 conversion rate, to smelt one item. An electric furnace uses 390 eu.

    I know in I think 1.5, there was a big deal about fuels being changed, apparently by ic2, forestry, railcraft, and bc, to all be kind of a 'standard'? At the time many people complained, and I remember lemming saying he was making his dynamos follow the standard, but offering a config for people who wanted to set things back to the old way.

    The thing is, what does it matter if a dynamo makes 32000 rf and a generator makes 4000 eu, if the RF machines run almost twice as efficiently? An electric furnace will smelt 10 items, a Redstone furnace smelts 17.

    Personally I wish 1 charcoal even in an electric furnace only smelted 4 or 5 items so it made tree farms not so OP, I just wanted to point out that the conversion ratios don't seem to matter if the machines that use each form of power are noticeably more or less efficient.

    Item Ducts are simple? Seriously? You know how incredibly difficult they are actually? Items need to reprocess their Path for every Block moved, because they don't move in an instant. That and the microblock checks for the Duct Connectivity are the Main Lag Sources. There is nothing simple in that, it just looks simple to the End User.

    Actually the server admins I talked to said it was due to itemducts being 'Stuffed'. You had to edit the config to make the itemducts basically destroy items that were Stuffed in them, to reduce lag. Specifically the main Beyond Reality server had this issue when I was playing there.

    Funny part was that it made itemducts like BC pipes... if they 'overflowed' you lost items.

    Why would I say they are simple? Well I am not a modder so obviously I meant simple in how they are Used. They can't over flow like bc pipes, so the user can't lose resources. You only need to carry one type of pipe, not diamond pipes, iron pipes, etc etc.

    Surely you agree that your machines, that waste energy when underpowered, are not as 'simple' as a TE machine, that never fails? Even if the TE machine required harder coding, I am just a Player, so obviously I am tlaking from a player's perspective.

    Asie has been doing some good stuff with BC and lag/stability. I think pipes are gonna become multithreaded soon…ft/commits/threaded-pipes

    Yeah asie just said on reddit that many people have contributed to buildcraft over the last two years to make it cause less lag. He claims it runs better than most of the new "low lag" mods.

    That reminds me, after TE released itemducts Player said here that there was a lag issue with a year later itemducts (1.6) are well known to cause lag and are yet to be fixed.

    Just gives an example showing that just because something is simple does not prove it actually reduces lag.

    I could be waaaay off here, but it sounds like LV is a big complex web of machines and cables, and an HV machine is small, neat and compact, but less efficient?

    So im supposed to not go the route of big complex engineering challenges, and instead make one neat block that does it all compactly?

    Sounds to me like when people tell me to get rid of my buildcraft pipes and instead use Ender IO. Im supposed to just do more boring crafting to get a machine that requires LESS engineering challenges?

    full disclosure: have yet to make anything beyond bronze age in gt5, the people I play with mostly avoid gt.

    That is exactly what I think is insane. WHile everyone is screaming for automation (we even got industrial potion brewing now

    But still, most of the guys prefet manual mining. THere literally is 0 progress made on any contraptions useful to identifying/searching for ore/ore extraction.
    I remember the times of building RP quarries, damn, that still were only quarries but it was so much fun. With this new "reinforcement" on rail usage, I am propably going to use the ic2 miner again with 2 anchors, 1 for the miner and 1 for the train driving the ressources to my base and providing the miner with energy. Hell, I will make an ore processing factory + station.

    Are you agreeing with me? Not sure I understand.

    My idea to make it hard to carry ores is to use a mod that restricts your inventory slots and then only allow forestry backpacks but not the miners backpack. So imagine you can only see 8 open slots in your inventory. You can use backpacks for supplies but it's impossible to carry ores around. This would let you carry tools, pipes whatever but not ores. This promotes rail lines.

    Does gt5 promote rail lines? From what I saw people were just backpacking ores home.

    So then why does it seem more GT players are for hand mining only? I would think that automating a rail line to move ores to your base is more fun than doing it by hand (like just filling up backpacks and hauling stuff back manually).

    Also I'd argue that the contraption has to be challenging to make. Simply automating things is no fun for me. Compare a pipe system made with BC vs ender io pipes. There is no challenge with enderio.

    Then again a BC quarry vs a redpower frame quarry shows BC also has it's share of Easy blocks :)

    That is just lame, more fake dificult only, also i can see that it will cause some problems with machinery too, where some recipe that requires more than 15 materials arent going to work, also, if such thing exist on the pack, people will use and abuse other mods to compensate this TCT (Time Consuming Task).

    I actually like the idea of promoting minecarts for mining. THe 'difficulty' is in making the rail line and automating it to save time, in my opinion.

    Just curious, what do you think of the gt mechanics like the plates for iron tools and 2 planks per log? Is that also fake difficulty and 'tct'?

    My thinking is that you can't really ever design a game to not have any tasks that are pretty simple, but just take time. And gamers love it because everyone can win when a game is set up like that. Is making recipes out of plates instead of ingots really adding difficulty?

    Not really disagreeing with you, Im curious to hear more of your opinion.

    Whoa that is nice. So it always sucks up source blocks then? That makes a modpack with the only pump being from BC and IC2 pretty interesting, no way to just make an infinite source of water and pump 10 gazillion buckets out of a 3x1 pool. (BC has to be configured to suck up source blocks though)

    I ran a miner (at 9x9) probably a dozen times and never had the pump suck up liquids. I checked underground and saw the mining pipe just go through water.

    Does the miner not need a pump anymore?

    Also the info on the wiki for the advanced miner seems old, does it just do a 9x9 faster or is it 14x14 like I heard in a video? I also read that it needs no pump. Maybe all miners were changed like this?

    The HV ones are supposed to be less efficient. The whole point is compactness and easyness. You can just slap an HV Generator on something to make it work quickly or you could build a bunch of LV Generators for Efficiency.

    Also has anyone of you actually tested if the HV Engines are less Efficient than those Clusters after Cable Loss? Remember that Transformers are lossy too!

    Who cares about compactness? Every single player I know LIKES seeing huge lines of machines. And 99% of them will always go for the most efficient option power wise and resource cost wise. Its human nature.

    I added Reikas Rotarycraft and Reactorcaft only 2 days ago to my server... Allready building a Fission Reactor and preparing materials for an Fusion Reactor. It's somehow simple compaired to GregTech.

    Reika is not a fan of 'hard' mode playing. Try Dye Trees mod.

    On the ftb forums awhile ago he was complaining about 'sadistic' server admins that forced other players to deal with changes taht made the game harder.

    And EE? Was it in ultimate?

    Yes but just the minium stone as choco said. Which was enough to make ultimate pretty easy.

    The other big OP mod in that pack was Soul Shards, i was surprised Soul Shards reborn wasnt in it. The verion in Ultimate had a bug though, you could use the anvil to make tier 5 soul shards easily. Day 2 of a world, have a spawner that runs while youre offline, dropping 20K blaze rods into storage for you. Sucked.

    Oh... MPS was also super great and super op in that pack, it used vanilla recipes for some reason. But the flight was better than anything today, and the speed... my god the speed!

    Just teseted around a little in Rescurection and it seems like they disabled most of Thermal Expansion and a bit of MineFactory Reloaded. Actually on the first look the pack looks pretty promissing.

    Are they trying to balance the pack? Ultimate wasnt really balanced... and the pack has EE3 in it. 0_o

    TE can be balanced vs gt pretty well IMO, without any minetweaker. Enable steel and diamond recipes, then increase fuel usage for dynamos. Bam, double triple or whatever energy useage to make RF power, and you need steel to make machines. This way TE machines are simpler and easier, but less efficient, to balance that out. Not that any of this matters lol.